Beauty Insider With Kerry Malouf:
Love is in the Air


Our monthly columnist, Los Angeles based makeup artist, Kerry Malouf loves romance and is passionate about color. Her obsession this month? RMS, an organic, color cosmetic line that is based on living and organic principles.

Kerry is here to offer some tips on keeping the romance alive, simply by taking five extra minutes to create a playful, sexy look!

“Here are three RMS colors that will stay and last when you’re in the throes of desire. The “Un” Cover-Up is a concealer that hydrates and softens your eyes. It leaves your skin looking radiant and is the best organic formula I have found.” Additionally, Rapture, a brick-red lip and cheek color, called Lip2Cheek by RMS, “actually stains your lips and doesn’t come off. So when you give that special someone a kiss on Valentine’s Day, you don’t have to think twice about it” Imagine that!

The ability to lay a smooch on your beloved and to not have to worry about leaving a lipstick smear on his face/lips/cheeks or about completely and totally messing up your well-manicured pout! The metallic, taupe Magnetic cream eye shadow has silver undertones and Kerry exclaimed, “I love this unique color! It work with everyone’s skin tone.” Furthermore, it’s excellent for editorial and photo work, too! Kerry also said, “In photographs, it reflects the light beautifully! You can wear it alone or smudge it over black eyeliner to create a more dramatic, sexy eye.”

For more information on RMS, visit their website,

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