Beauty Insider With Kerry Malouf: “Stay Golden”


“Seize upon that moment long ago
One breath away and there you will be
So young and carefree
Again you will see
That place in time…so golden

Still away into that way back when
You thought that all would last forever
But like the weather
Nothing can ever…and be in time
Stay golden

But can it be
When we can see
So vividly
A memory
And yes you say
So must the day
Too, fade away
And leave a ray of sun s
So golden

Life is but a twinkling of an eye
Yet filled with sorrow and compassion
though not imagined
All things that happen
Will age too old
Though golden”

Recognize those words? They are the lyrics of Stevie Wonder, who left an indelible impression with his words. “I was inspired by these lyrics by Stevie Wonder and by the designers who created the design company Fauxtale,” Beauty Insider columnist and celebrity makeup artisan Kerry Malouf said. “Their line couples expressive couture pieces that are each handmade with intuition, care and love. This shoot featured Fauxtale original designs. combined with high-end one of a kind pieces pulled by stylist Jessica Cain, hair by Anton David, makeup by me, of course, along with photographer Andre Lansel. Together, we created photographs that are pieces of art that we are all proud to share with you. Although the conditions were cold and the animals gave us only a few minutes, we still managed to create magic and to remind you and ourselves to always stay golden.”

As far as the shoot’s beauty goes, celebrity manicurist Melissa Bozant applied Minx in Black on the model’s fingernails and toes and the end result was amazing.

Malouf also said, “I’m really passionate about the RMS makeup range because it’s specifically designed to help your skin, rather than just cover it up. It’s also one that takes your whole well-being into account.”

RMS Beauty is a pure organic make-up. Malouf explained, “Their philosophy is not only free of harmful chemicals, but can actually heal and nourish the skin as you make yourself beautiful. Which is why it’s described as a skincare with mineral color. I cannot say enough about this line of natural and organic cosmetics.”

Unlike other concealers that are too heavy, too dry, or don’t stay “put,” Malouf said, “The ‘Un’ cover-up is formulated to reveal and enhance healthy skin all day long. It’s 100% natural, and packed with organic ingredients, so the ‘Un’ cover-up can be used as a light foundation, in addition to providing flawless coverage for blemishes and brightening the under eye area. This is what I used on Alyssa’s skin.”

Malouf is also admittedly obsessed with RMS eye shadows, namely their Beauty Cream Eye Shadows, which double as eye cream to nourish and moisturize the eye area. “They are also 100% natural and packed with organic ingredients. You can use your favorite black eyeliner and mix it with RMS to create a smoky eye. That’s what I did in this shot,” Malouf said. Malouf also used the shadow on the model’s skin, admitting, “There really are no rules when it comes to makeup except to keep it as clean as possible, inside and out.” Spoken like a true naturalist.

Alyssa’s lips are “naturally the perfect pink,” so Malouf opted for a colorless RMS lip balm, which is also multi-tasking and usable on any place in which you need moisture. Malouf said, “This balm has been carefully selected for its traditional healing abilities. Superior food-grade, biologically active ingredients support the skin’s natural functions, leaving the skin looking and feeling healthier which we all aim for.”

Malouf also said her “must have” addition their natural makeup kit is the RMS No Glitter Luminizer, which is a highlighting balm for the inner corner of the eyes, under brows, along the collarbone or anywhere else you seek a sexy and subtle glow. She used that product throughout this golden shoot.


FAUXTALE was created by Toree Arntz and Kate Thompson is a design company that couples expressive couture pieces with all the kinetic energy and artistic wisdom of the natural world. Each piece is hand made, with the same care and intuition as an oil painting. The crowning intention of this line is to outwardly express our inner instinctual connection to the natural world and the animal kingdom.

Each piece is unique, organic and unexpected, much like a wearable work of art. Materials used range from faux fur to porcupine quills to hand dyed feathers, creating tantalizing textures and patterns. the designs are provoked and inspired by the primal beauty and natural secrets that this earth holds, and honors this by using solely the best quality faux and recycled products.

FAUXTALE tells the folk lore, new and old, of this planets natural and most beautiful muses. the creatures. and asks us to weave our own tales.

They offer faux fur clothing and accessories, feather and faux fur headdresses, jewelry, hair accessories, shirts, body suits, capes, booties, tails, formal wear, costumes and custom design.


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