Beauty Insider With Sam Lennon: A Lighter, Cleaner Makeup Bag


This month, our Beauty Insider (East Coast) columnist Sam Lennon decided to do a little spring cleaning. If you really want to put a spring in your step, do it with a lighter, cleaner and more organized makeup bag. Take it from Sam, a real-world makeup artist, who knows how to consolidate for shoots and for going out on the town.

Here’s this month’s Beauty Insider, in Sam’s words:

Well, it’s that time of year again. Spring is approaching, the winter layers are starting to come off and the desire to start going out and enjoying what the city has to offer is here. You look at what your makeup kit has accumulated throughout the year and you think, “I don’t even use all this stuff anymore” or “l wish I had all new stuff!!” Well, I am going to give you a few tips on how to look at your current kit in a whole new light, as well as introduce you to a few of my favorite new products you can incorporate into your kit this spring.

First, dump all of the current makeup you own onto a paper towel or an area where you don’t mind a little makeup mess. If you have anything broken or unusable, now is your time to throw it out. Go ahead. Let go. It might be hard, but think of how much lighter your bag will be.

After a while of carrying your makeup around in a little bag, some eye shadow spillage or powders can get all over the place. Subconsciously, when your kit gets like this, you generally do not want to go anywhere near it!

This is what I have found while working with many clients for makeup consultations. Go to your local dollar store and buy some cheapie makeup remover wipes in advance to clean off all of your products. The reason why I suggest the .99 store is that regular makeup wipes can cost up to $10 and you should not waste that much using it for that purpose. Save the pricey ones for that beautiful face of yours and use the inexpensive ones for tasks like cleaning your bag.

After you are done wiping down everything in your kit, make sure you dry it off with a paper towel, and begin organizing your glosses, shadows, etc. If you have tons of stuff, you might want to consider only carrying what you use on a daily basis and organize the rest with zip lock bags.

How much makeup do you really need to own? You can refer back to my very informative post here. Aside from your normal every day stuff, I do advise incorporating a few new fun things into your kit every season.

Now, for the fun stuff. Here are a few products I love for Spring 2012.

Nars Larger Than Life Lip Gloss” in Place Vendome: Spring this year is all about a pop of color. What better place than on your lips! These are my favorite lip glosses on the market, creamy and a bit sheer, and there to stay.

Cargo “Beach Blush“: Bronzing is also extremely in for the spring. This bronzer mixes the bronze with a blush and a glow… could anything for the face be better???

Giorgio Armani “Eyes To Kill” Intense Shadow in Champagne: This beautiful color mixes the golds and silver metallics we are seeing all over the runway this spring. This is an easily wearable trend that would be a great addition to your kit, with its sleek cream to powder(ish) form.

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