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At first glance, the cosmetics industry might seem…well, a bit “cosmetic”. All about the surface without too much depth. I mean, we’re just talking about lipsticks and mascara…right? Wrong. More and more of your favorite brands are making a difference and putting profits into action by supporting their favorite charities. So, in an industry where so many products do the same thing, only with different designer labels, many consumers make their final decision on which to purchase based on what charitable organizations benefit from their revenues.

Peacekeeper Cause-Metics is an amazing line founded just last year by Jody R. Weiss. Peacekeeper is the first makeup company in history to donate ALL of its profits, after taxes, to women’s organizations. Through sales of 12 Lip Paints, 4 Lipglosses, and 10 Nail Paints the line not only supports women’s health issues such as breast cancer and depression, but goes on to human rights issues including honor crimes (thousands of women are murdered, burned with acid, or maimed every year by husbands, fathers, or brothers who believe these women have brought shame upon the family – UNICEF, 2000 –, female genital mutilation (at least 140 million women worldwide have been forced to undergo this painful and demoralizing procedure, with another 2 million annually at risk – United Nations Population Fund, 2000 –, and gender inequality just to name a few. The products are never tested on animals and the Nail Paints are toluene and formaldehyde free to keep your nails from turning yellow. It’s a little thing to buy a lipgloss but it’s remarkable to think what would happen if we all did. You can get more information about Peacekeeper Cause-Metics at Peacekeeper’s V-Day Lip Gloss is a deep red and 100% of the proceeds, after taxes, go to the charity.

Peacekeeper also participates in V-Day which stands for Victory, Valentine, and Vagina and as you might have guessed. V-Day was founded by the author of The Vagina Monologues, Eve Ensler. Its purpose is to end violence against women and girls. Peacekeeper’s V-Day Lip Gloss is a deep red and 100% of the proceeds, after taxes, go to the charity.

Another company involved is Paula Dorf who has a product called V-Day Lip Color that is a watermelon pink lipstick and a portion of the proceeds go to V-Day. Dorf also has the lipcolor Gilda which was named for comedienne Gilda Radner. Paula was inspired by Radner’s talent and created an “everyone can wear” shade best described as your natural lip color, with a kick. A portion on the proceeds goes to Gilda’s Club Worldwide where people affected by cancer can go for free social and emotional support in a homelike setting. To learn more about Gilda’s Club Worldwide go to and to purchase Paula Dorf cosmetics

Cargo Cosmetics partners with a list of celebrities including Debra Messing, Star Jones, and Courtney Cox Arquette as well as Hollywood makeup artists to create their Celebrity Artist Lipsticks and there is a shade for everyone. $2 from each sale in North America is donated to the national efforts of the Children’s Miracle Network. Founded in 1983, the Children’s Miracle Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds for 170 children’s hospitals throughout North America. To learn more about Cargo and the Children’s Miracle Network go to and

Skin cancer is the most common of all cancers and Jerrod Blandino, founder of Too Faced Cosmetics, introduced a new Juicy Jewel Liquid Lipstick and Gloss Wand called Love Lisa to honor his sister, Lisa Blandino, who was recently diagnosed with melanoma. Too Faced is donating 100% of their sales from Love Lisa to the Skin Cancer Foundation. The shade is a soft opal pink liquid lipstick with a shimmery clear gloss containing English Cucumber for moisture and White Lily to prevent wrinkles. To learn more about Too Faced and the Skin Cancer Foundation go to and

The Gift of New York is a non-profit group that supports the families of those who died in September 11th by providing access to theatrical, artistic, cultural and sporting events in the New York area, free of charge. Tarte founder, Maureen Kelly, created two candles in memorial and tribute to September 11th after having lost her husband in the attacks. A $5 donation from each sale goes to The Gift of New York. The candles are named after Tribeca, whose fragrance contains citrus, jasmine, warm milk, and powder and Battery Park, which is has notes of apple leaf, raspberry, freesia, and sandalwood. They come in purple leather boxes, and are reminiscent of New York City’s skyline. To learn more about Tarte and The Gift of New York go to and

Men are getting in on the game as well with Anthony Logistics for Men. The animal friendly line’s objective is to help men look and feel great which they accomplish through face and body needs as well as donating a percentage of all of their sales to charities in support of the Fight Against Prostate Cancer and prostate cancer research. Rarely will the men in your life saunter down the aisles of Sephora and find a face wash, now you can find a good one for them and know that your money is going to a cause greater than cleansers and toners. To learn more about Anthony Logistics for Men go to

In an industry where looking good is not an objective, it is THE objective, these companies are making a difference and giving us the opportunity to FEEL good about our purchases, as well. So who said beauty is only skin deep?

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