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I’m totally in love. With my dude, who I don’t post about on Facebook, of course, since a lady can keep some things close to the vest and private, and also with treStique’s portable, travel-friendly crayons and sticks. I am on the go almost every weekend, so these are godsends and mean that I don’t have to pack my usual makeup bag that normally lives under my vanity and is, like, nine pounds and decidedly not travel-ready.

First, about those brow pencils, the angled tip of which I adore, since I can better fill in the sparseness that defines my inner corner of my right brow.

The Color + Contour Cheek Stick has the color on one end and a brush on the other! Dab directly on to the skin with the color end, buff with the brush, and dunzo. It’s self-contained and takes up minimal space.

The Tint, Moisturize, and Blend Stick is my new BFF. The texture is so dreamy and blendable, and it’s all-in-one. Can you hear me squealing with glee over here?

There are mini shadow and lip crayons too, since little usually equals adorbs.

And all of the pieces are designed like actual pencils. In this digital world, a pencil is a tool of art. I feel like I am ready for art class, with my face as the canvas.

Merle Norman’s All Things Chic Eye Color Palette, which was designed with summer in mind, expertly pairs six shadows, including an oceanic green, aka “Sea-Quins,” with sparkly gold, chocolate brown and cocoa for all sorts of island-inspired, beach-ready eye looks. I mixed the three neutral brown shades on the lid and used the green as the lower lash liner; it brought a little bit of hazel in my brown eyes. Two-toned eyes, indeed!

Ulta is really making a play for my heart with its new 12-pan natural eye shadow palettes in Ulta Gilded Gold and Rose Gold. Gilded mixes mattes and shimmers in bronze shades for sunset smoky eyes, which is a summery take on a classic that I pretty much talk about all the time. Rose does much the same, but with lighter neutrals. Together, you have 24 shadows, several finishes, and infinite possibilities. I may pack these in my weekender and use them on Saturdays and Sundays when you are feeling creative and have a little more time in front of the mirror.

Be sure and use the Ulta Eye Primer, which has a sparkly, champagne tint and allows for staying power and adds a little pop of shimmer with the above-referenced palette shades. The tube is a triple threat, actually, since you can use it as a highlighter on cheekbones or in the inner corners, along with its role as a primer.

It may be summer, but your lips still need lots and lots of protection, and that’s where ChapStick’s Tropical Paradise Collection comes in. It boasts delish flavors like Mango Sunrise, Aloha Coconut, which is my personal favorite, and Watermelon Splash to keep lips moist and protected. Lips still need love in the murderous heat of summer. Yummy x yummy x yummy.

If the only makeup you plan on wearing is lips that look just-smooched or like you were biting on them while staring at your crush, then you can get away with a low-maintenance, minimal product, and high-impact lip, thanks to NYC’s Expert Last Lip Color Lipsticks. Colors are bright, like a fruit basket. These shades stay put. They won’t dry out your pout. Proceed to pucker. Smooth Beige and Creamy Mauve did it for me.

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