Beauty Secrets from Celeb Makeup Stylist Belinda Moss


Celeb makeup stylist Belinda Moss has made up the fabulous faces of several big-name Hollywood and music industry players during the span of her career, including Renee Zellweger, Eva Longoria, Scarlet Johansen, Beyonce and Jessica Simpson. She’s done editorials for numerous top fashion and beauty magazines such as Allure and Premiere. She’s also been instrumental in several big shows on television as the makeup artist for A&E’s “Live by Request,” VH1’s Fashion Rocks 2005-2006, the Grammy Awards, the Daytime Emmy Awards 2003-2005, and so much more.

So we thought she would be a great source for Beauty News to get the inside scoop on how to get the looks we love and what it’s like working with the people many of us aspire to be.

BN: Tell us a bit about your background in celeb-makeup styling. What has been the most fun about it, and the most challenging?
BM: I’ve been working with celebrities for years. There comes a time when you have to be a wonderful friend as well as a fabulous artist. When you know someone well, you know what they want without them telling you and that makes it so much easier for both you and your star. I love to walk in the room and you can see their face light up knowing that they fully trust your judgment on what to transform them into on that particular day. Having lots of laughs doesn’t hurt either. And the only challenges that come with the job are the hours. (Oh, and the jet lag!) A music video can take a big toll on a star and their makeup. Keeping them “fresh” on a 28-hour shoot, well, that’s what we have to do!

BN: What are some insider tricks/tips you can give us that you apply to celeb clients during the change of seasons? (For example, how do you translate a warm, wonderful winter look into a sizzling, hot spring to summer?)
BM: The change of seasons sometimes do not apply. I try not to have my clients looked “dated.” I go with the outfit, the event, and the mood they are in. Clean, fresh, and dewy cheeks, as well as beautiful lashes are a must. Do the unexpected in winter, wear a white shimmer on eyes and glossy lips, and you will stand out next to the person matted down with dark lips. You can reverse that for summer, when everyone is dewy go for a dramatic look.

BN: What are some of your favorite products that help achieve celeb-style makeup?
BM: I am really loving the new shades of glosses from Bibo Cosmetics, Pulse & Glow. They can be used on cheeks and eyelids to brighten even the dullest complexion. Brown mascara is a must for fair skin and of course lots of black for everyone else.

BN: What things in your life inspire your creative use of cosmetics?
BM: The first thing you notice is a person’s skin complexion. What inspires me is when someone has really bad skin due to diet, sleep, or just genetics, and I am able to transform their skin into a flawless complexion. The smile on their face says it all.

BN: What are some makeup trends to take note of right now?
BM: Some great trends right now are colored eye liners. You don’t have to go out and buy one, you can always achieve this colored liner by using your favorite color of eye shadow. Wet an angled brush and dip into your eye shadow, then draw a close line right into your lashes. It is fun to put a little of the color on the tips of your lashes while the mascara is still damp. Instant drama!

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