Beauty Tips and Career Inspiration From Olivia Culpo: Do What You Love, and Love What You Do


We caught up with Olivia Culpo to get some of her beauty tips, as well as her thoughts on being a fashion and beauty entrepreneur. Culpo will be in New York City this weekend for the 2015 Simply Stylist Fashion & Beauty Conference on Sunday, October 25th. Catt Sadler of E News is the host of the conference, and Culpo is one of the Keynote Speakers.

Who better than Culpo, a former Miss Rhode Island, Miss USA and Miss Universe, to give us her makeup and skin care tips? We wanted to know how Culpo keeps her makeup looking fresh all day. “Urban Decay makes a hairspray for your makeup basically. It’s really great. Once you finish all of your makeup, you put on your powder, you spray it on your face and it really does help the makeup last,” Culpo said. “It’s a setting spray. They even have it in a travel size,” she said. I don’t know about you, but I am ready to try this All Nighter Setting Spray immediately.

“The other trick is blotting paper. It’s small so it fits in your bag. You can use it throughout the day so when you see oils coming out, or when you see shine, you just blot those areas lightly and it will get rid of the shine,” Culpo said.

She also told us some of her favorite makeup products for eyes and lips. “I really love the Hourglass shadows lately. They have beautiful shadow colors. And then, I’m a big fan of Charlotte Tilbury, always. I love her eye shadow palettes. And then for lips, I like Laura Mercier colors for daytime. She has great nude liners and nude colors.” For darker lip colors, Culpo likes MAC, Charlotte Tilbury and Nars.

As for skin care, it’s hard to imagine that Culpo has ever had a pimple, but she had some words of wisdom for young girls with acne problems. “Well, I think that for girls it can be really tough to maintain perfect skin all the time, especially when your hormones may be out of whack. Everybody has breakouts. My biggest piece of advice would be just don’t over pick your face. Try to let it run its course. It’s so hard not to pick. I’m a picker too,” Culpo said.

“Another big piece of advice is: Don’t touch your face,” she said. Culpo also believes it’s important to clean your phone since it’s near your face. In addition, she recommends using Witch Hazel to cleanse your face. Culpo said that she travels with it.

We imagine that travel is a big part of Culpo’s life right now, with all of the projects she is involved in. “As of now I’m doing a little bit of everything, as everybody can tell,” she said. She recently hosted on the Red Carpet at the Emmy Awards, where unfortunately, the 100-degree heat made her nearly pass out. “I’m totally OK after that. That was an experience,” she said. Culpo also writes a column in the Celebrity Beauty section for Byrdie.

Although most of Culpo’s projects involve beauty and fashion, she told us that she is also involved in acting. “Just trying to bring what I love to what I do. Lucky for me, organically that’s happened in the beauty and fashion space because I do really love both of those areas. I love sharing tips, inspiring people and also getting inspiration from other people.”

Culpo believes that it is important for women to inspire one another. “I think that we need to build each other up. It’s a new generation. We really are making strides, especially in the entrepreneurial space. Women have come so far. I think we’re also learning more than ever now to support each other and stick with each other, and not be catty; not always go to men for advice and expect them to take the lead.”

“In terms of beauty and fashion, which is clearly what I really enjoy, you can kind of mold your own, and social media has made it so easy for people to get themselves out there and promote products, and inspire one another to come out with new ideas. I would say that you can just do what you love and love what you do.”

If you want to find out more about what Culpo thinks on the subjects of beauty as well as fashion, check out the 2015 Simply Stylist Fashion & Beauty Conference. For more information visit,

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