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Jasmin Guleria, Health and Fitness Editor, “I used to try different uber expensive facial washes-and would always end up with breakouts-then I started using plain old Dove soap- and it cleared up and brightened my skin. I swear by it now!”

Ashunta Sherriff, Alicia Keys’ Personal Stylist and Make-Up Artist has a few tips: “To keep feet smooth all year round, I apply Bag Balm Salve, and then cover my feet with heavy socks. This is a salve for horse shoes, which has been around for nearly 100 years, and works wonders on human soles, keeping skin super smooth. It cuts down on pedicures too.”

“I make a great exfoliator with honey, raw brown sugar and Vitamin E oil. I mix ½ cup of honey, ¼ cup of brown raw sugar and drop 10-15 drops of Vitamin E oil and mix together. Then apply it where needed. It can be used on lips to exfoliate lips. If used warm it can also double as a natural hair removal. Just apply it let it dry and peel off. Skin is left soft and supple.”
“Whenever I got a skin blemish my mother would apply tea tree oil and Rose Hip oil from the health food store directly on the spot. The next day my pimple was gone. This doesn’t work for acne but for occasional breakouts.”

It's Summer...Lighten Up!
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