BeautyADDICTS Cosmetics: (Finally) Beauty Made Simple

There is a man in New York City who cares about women’s needs.

Astounding, I know. But when BeautyADDICTS founder and CEO Adam Gerstein, former mechanical engineer, toy developer and Internet entrepreneur, saw the struggles women faced with cosmetics, he heard a very different industry calling him. Makeup, Adam discovered, had a massive gap in its market.

In discussions with friends, Adam was shocked to learn of the bewilderment women faced at the makeup counter. “I was amazed at how complicated the process was. It seemed to be designed to keep women confused and continually searching for the ‘right’ colors,” Adam says. But the ‘right colors’ were constantly changing based on complicated color theory, season, and the latest fashion trends. Why not a simple, streamlined system that made a woman feel beautiful and allowed her to throw a few compacts in a bag and be out the door?

Out of this “beauty made simple” philosophy BeautyADDICTS was born. A luxurious brand with foolproof packaging, BeautyADDICTS encourages any woman to pick her palette depending on her mood. For a night-time date, there’s the rich and mysterious Seduce. For brunch with the girls, she might go easy-breezy with Glow. Adam says, “Women shouldn’t have to struggle to find the right colors at the right time.” He designed four easy color systems with versatile shades for the lips, eyes, and cheeks to suit every woman’s every occasion. The result is always a beautiful finish with compliments in the bag.

This summer BeautyADDICTS launches five new products including a foundation, lipliner, and mascara (all BA products are enriched with natural ingredients and nurturing vitamins and are not animal-tested). Our fave? Try the DoubleDeception Concealer for velvety-smooth, flawless coverage.

Find BeautyADDICTS at select spas and retailers across the country, or for a limited time visit for an exclusive 20% subscriber discount. (Discount taken at checkout when you use the link above)

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