Beautyscopes: April 2018

Warmer weather, longer days and blooming gardens are finally upon us. Take the time this month to stop and smell the newly blooming roses and to try out these amazing products picked specifically for you! Happy spring!

This month is all about opportunities and excitement, Aries. You will find satisfaction in all of your hard work. Now that spring is in full bloom your career and social life will take off! Mingling and networking will become one in the same and you’ll find yourself surrounded by new, amazing and intelligent people.

With a month as momentous and exciting as yours we believe that adding Bliss Skincare’s A+ moisturizer, Ex-GLOW-sion, to your daily routine is 100% necessary. This moisturizer claims to be super-rich and packed with Vitamin C and Shea butter leaving you with a dewy and glowing complexion. The pearlescent cream has a soft lavender scent and melts right into the skin upon application. Adding this product to your daily routine will be one of the best decisions you make this spring season. Working on your glow now will only make your summer glow that much better, so what are you waiting for!?

Bliss Ex-Glow-Sion | $20 | Bliss

Taurus, this month is all about replenishment and revitalization. You’ll head into the month with a clear head and relaxed body. After being cooped up all winter and feeling a bit lost in life you are finally going to come to a place of comfort and guidance for what’s next. With this newly cleared mindset you will see your worries melt away. Friends and family will be drawn to your peaceful state and actually look to you for guidance in their own lives.

Connecting with your soul and leaving your worries behind will put you on track for a very successful few months ahead. Proenza Schouler, a fashion powerhouse, launched their first fragrance, Arizona. Arizona, they claim, is a state of mind, a dream and a connection with the earth. It embodies “a sense of unbridled freedom”. The warm, earthy and spicy fragrance is inviting and intoxicating. It draws people in, causing them to want more. This fragrance is perfect as you spend the month soul searching and digging deeper in order to give more to those around you, Taurus.

Proenza Schouler Arizona | $100-$130 | Proenza Schouler, Saks Fifth Avenue

Happiness is something you create from within, Gemini, and this month is all about discovering your happiness. April will be spent finding the good things in your life and taking the necessary moments to appreciate them. Take the time this month to find things that you love. Focus on finding new hobbies or pickup something you may have given up on a while back. Find it in you to worry less about what others think and just live your life, as you want to live it.

Living in the moment is an important task for you to work on this month. Let go of your worries from the past and anxiety for the future. Get outside; enjoy the sunshine and blooming gardens. Take a walk, explore your surroundings and just LIVE. Nest Fragrances Wisteria Blue is literally a cool spring morning wrapped up in a bottle. Upon first whiff, the crisp, floral fragrance transports you to a vast French meadow. It takes you to simpler times, allowing you to relax and enjoy the little things. This month is all about you finding your inner happiness and pushing aside what others think makes you happy. Get lost in the moment, YOUR moment, Gemini.

Nest Wisteria Blue | $27-$72 | Nest, Sephora

Drama may be in the air for you this month, Cancer. You will head into the month with full confidence in your career and finances. However, it’s your social life that is in need of some attention. Having found so much success in your work these past few months, your friends and family have been feeling a bit neglected. It’s time for you to set aside your job and worry about mending and strengthening your relationships. Rather than looking for a quick fix fast, look for a way to grow and nurture your friendships to be even better than they were before.

Similar to your social life, your skin may also been feeling a bit out of whack. A change in the weather hardly ever goes unnoticed and can send your once clear complexion into a bit of a frenzy. What was once dry is now oily and what was once radiant is now fatigued. Clarins has come out with a collection of 6 SOS Primers to combat these issues. Each one works to fight a different finicky skin problem that you may be facing around this time of year. As you work to mend the relationships in your life, Clarins is working just as hard to give you the radiant skin you deserve. Treat your friendships just like all the flowers needing to be nurtured in order to bloom, after all April showers, bring May flowers!!

Clarins SOS Primers | $39 | Clarins, Nordstrom

Get your glow on, Leo! This month you will radiate and shine, brightening the lives of those around you. A little bit of sunshine and warmth will do wonders for your body and soul resulting in one heck of a social and career life. Your vibrant personality will bring you new opportunities, friendships and adventures. Take advantage of all that is sure to come your way!

It almost seems that the change in seasons just magically flipped a switch for you, Leo. Speaking of Magic, Honest Beauty’s Magic Balm is a great (if not the best) product for you to test out this month. The all natural and all purpose balm not only moisturizes but adds serious glow to whatever it touches. Our favorite use? Using it as a highlight on our cheeks! A little bit goes a long way and stays for hours without needing touch-ups. When worn as a highlight we received endless compliments from family, friends and strangers. With a product as wondrous as this one it’s absolutely necessary you add it to your life, especially in a month as fun-filled and exciting as yours!

Honest Magic Balm | $18 | Honest Beauty Co., Target

Virgo, this month is all about kissing your stresses and worries goodbye. For so long you have been holding on to certain things that you may or may not have realized are slowing you down. Throughout April it is important that you take the time to identify them. Ridding your life of physical and mental clutter will do amazing things for you personally and professionally. You will find so much more success when you shed the extra baggage. Look to family and friends for support and advice, it’s important to know that you’re never alone in this crazy thing called life.

As you work to spring clean your life and reset it on a better and brighter path let It Cosmetics help you say buh-bye to fatigue, dark circles, pores and uneven skin-tone. Their newest addition to the ‘Bye Bye Collection’, Bye Bye Foundation Full Coverage Moisturizer with SPF 50, is clinically proven to moisturize and improve your skin. As it conceals imperfections it is actually working to heal them too, leaving you with better skin by the time you take it off! Spring-cleaning your skincare is just as important as spring-cleaning your life. Clear skin and a clear mind will give you the confidence to take on whatever tasks are thrown your way. Hey Virgo, you’ve got this!

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation Full Coverage Moisturizer | $39.50 | It Cosmetics, Ulta

This month is all about refreshing your goals and looking for a new approach. You may feel as if you’ve been treading water while trying to achieve certain things, that’s okay it’s just life telling you it’s time to find a new method of operation. Your career and social life are in need of a little makeover. Stepping back and taking a deep breath will help you to see things in a clearer light. Refocusing on the end goal will help you to map out a new plan of action.

At the end of each day it’s important that you wind down and reflect on all that you were able to accomplish that day while allowing you to look forward to what lay ahead. Clarins wants to help you in this time of unwinding with the new release of their SOS Masks. Each of the three masks works to fight common skin concerns, leaving you with a fresh and radiant complexion. Refocusing and refreshing every aspect of your life will do wondrous things for you and it will set you off on a strong path for the coming months.

Clarins SOS Masks | $34 | Clarins, Sephora

Uncertainty and self-doubt may be looming over you this month, Scorpio. It’s important that you do everything in your power to stay positive and heading in a forward direction. You have always had the issue of becoming overwhelmed with everything at once. Take the time to focus on the one thing you really want to accomplish this month.

Learning to control the controllable has always been hard for you. You are such a strong, fierce and independent individual but realizing that asking for help won’t make you any less of a person is vital in achieving your dreams. Asking for help from family and friends will push you in a new direction you may not have seen from your perspective. Miriam Quevedo wants to be that new outside perspective but for your skin. The Black Baccara collection is somewhat of a ‘smart’ skincare system. Black baccara is a rare but effective ingredient that works to achieve what your skin needs most. It’s adaptive and works differently for everyone while still providing amazing results. Sometimes, putting your faith in others will help you to see everything from a new perspective. Scorpio, you love being the one to offer your help, but this month it’s time for you to be on the receiving end and we can promise that it will all be worth it!

Miriam Quevedeo Black Baccara Collection | $55-$150 | Miriam Quevedo, Space NK

Spring is here and it’s about time you take that much needed break, Sagittarius. Winter, while great, was a busy and exhausting few months. As you head into April you may be feeling exhausted and yearning for the simpler times. This is all normal; it’s your body telling you to just chill for a bit.

Simplicity is something so many people strive to achieve. Going back to the basics not only empties your life of stress but it allows you to refocus on all that you want to accomplish in your life. Bliss understands the importance of simplicity and proves it with their Makeup Melt Gentle Jelly Cleanser. This gelous and milky consistency removes all signs of makeup while simultaneously cleansing the skin all without stripping the good stuff. Rose water is a main ingredient in this product, creating a soft floral scent and soothing any redness or irritation. Achieving great skin doesn’t always require a million steps or products and the same goes for creating a fulfilling and happy life. Take the time this month to find yourself, Sagittarius, it’ll be so worth it in the end!

Bliss Makeup Melt Gentle Jelly Cleanser | $9.99-$12 | Bliss, Target

Life is heating up for you this month, Capricorn. You will feel a sudden boost to power through life at high-speed. While this is newfound motivation is great, you also need to make sure you aren’t overlooking the small details. The worst that can happen is for you to look back on this time and wish you had done it all a bit better.

Learning to control your desire to get it all done and to get it done now will insure that the work you produce the goals you accomplish are up to your high standards. At the end of each day it’ll be important for you to unwind and reset your mind for the coming day. Bliss’ Hot Salt Scrub Self-Heating Body Polish is the perfect product to help you find that sense of calm and peace. The inviting scent of eucalyptus and rosemary will transform your bathroom into a spa oasis while the course scrub exfoliates and warms your skin upon first touch. Learning to take the day off is a key strategy in creating a successful life. Taking care of yourself will benefit you and your goals in the long run. Good luck, Capricorn!

Bliss Hot Salt Scrub Self-Heating Body Polish | $20 | Bliss, Ulta

Aquarius, this month is all about family for you. April will bring about strong desires to reminisce with the people that matter most. Taking this small break from your hectic life is necessary and important to maintaining a happy balance in your life.

Strengthening the bonds with family and friends will bring about a new sense of motivation to go after your goals and ultimately to crush them. The Platinum and Diamonds collection from Barcelona based cosmetics company, Miriam Quevedo, is a volume-building, root-strengthening and anti-aging group of super products. Diamond and platinum powder, marine collagen and orchid are the super ingredients that power this exquisite line. Each product works to restore hair to its most natural and beautiful state. This month is all about heading back to your roots, Aries. Strong roots make an even stronger you!

Miriam Quevedo Platinum & Diamonds Collection | $50-$65 | Miriam Quevedo, Space NK

Pisces, this month is all about staying positive and keeping your eyes set on the goals that truly matter. You may head into the month with questions and self-doubt, wondering if you’re truly doing all that you can to succeed. Don’t allow this air of negativity affect you. Listen to the advice of family and friends, as they are the ones that know you best.

Sometimes hitting pause on the big things can lessen your overall stresses. Taking time to focus on step 1 is not a step back but rather a refocus on the foundation of all your dreams and goals. Honest Beauty wants to help you focus on your first step in your beauty routine with their Everything Primer. Packed with Hyaluronic Acid and botanical peptides it fights fine line and preps skin for a flawless makeup application. Heading back to your bases can do wonders for your life. Keep on, keepin on, Pisces, you’re doing just fine!

Honest Everything Primer | $27 | Honest Beauty Co.