Beautyscopes: April 2022

This month is looking to be a beautiful April, filled with lots of warmer temps, sunny skies and of course our favorite 12 skincare and makeup products chosen just for you! Read on to discover just what the stars have aligned.

This month is all about putting yourself first. Focus on the things and people that bring you happiness. Learning to take control of your life will grant you all the power to shape it the any which way you want.

Your face wash can make or break a flawless complexion. Finding that holy grail formula can be a daunting task especially when faced with so many options. Kiehl’s new Ultra Facial Hydrating Concentrated Cleansing Bar boasts 2x more renewable squalene and ethically sourced glacial glycoprotein which provide a luxuriously moisturizing lather. Additionally, you can feel better knowing that the bar is 99% biodegradable and uses 5x less water than traditional cleansers.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Hydrating Concentrated Cleansing Bar | $18 | Kiehl’s

Take time to think about where you currently stand this month in your relationships and career. Figure out where you can improve and then work on a plan to do so. Self-reflection and improvement are two key factors in guaranteeing your success.

Add some nourishment to your skin this month as we transition into the spring season. Cold winter climates and dry indoor heat can wreak havoc on skin. The Good Oil from The Organic Skin Co. is a spa worthy oil that is formulated using effective natural ingredients. Lightly scented with honeysuckle, simply massage a few drops into the skin to rejuvenate your natural glow and prepare a solid base for the makeup to follow.

The Organic Skin Co. The Good Oil | $34.95 | The Organic Skin Co.

Rely on friends and family this month. You may face some confusion over some big decisions you have to make. Take the time to think and talk over your options with someone who you can trust. Remember that when the time comes to make a change that you stay true to yourself and the things you value. A good friendship provides warmth to your life. Like a good friend DedCool’s Layering Fragrance Milk provides an intoxicating aroma. Blending amber, white musk and bergamot the alluring spray can be worn alone or used to enhance and layer over another. Simply spritz on for a radiant finish as you head out the door.

DedCool Layering Fragrance “Milk” | $90 | DedCool

This month will be one of new successes bringing with them more room in your budget. Take some time to evaluate your financial situation. Look into things that can stretch your money further. Seek guidance from someone who can teach you different ways of investing. Even just the smallest amount can turn into something much more!

Fenty Beauty creates products that grant us a peek into the glamourous life that Rihanna lives. The Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil highlighter comes in 3 ultra-radiant shades. The jelly-powder formula melts into the skin to create a 3D glittering veil that never looks gritty or powdery. Indulge in this illuminating highlighter this month to add the perfect luminosity to all your makeup looks.

Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil | $40 | Sephora

Communication will be key for you this month, Leo. Open communication will help you through the issues in your life and will bring with it clarity and stronger connections to those around you. Your loyalty and passion are two of your strongest qualities that keep people coming back to you.

Smooth things over in your relationship with your hair this month. Olaplex No. 6 Bond Smoother Reparative Styling Crème is a revolutionary leave-in treatment that strengthens and protects strands from all the elements. The smallest amount promotes faster drying time and offers up to 72-hours of frizz control.

Olaplex No. 6 Reparative Styling Crème | $28 | Sephora

This month brings with it a few bumps along the road. Preparing ahead of time will give you the strength to handle the situations better as they arise. Look to friends and family for support during the next few weeks. Their additional help will fuel the motivation to keep you moving forward.

Staying ahead of time will help slow down the appearance of aging when it comes to your complexion. Pili Ani’s Ageless Concentrate combines Pili and Elemi oils to combat signs of aging while nourishing, plumping and hydrating skin for an instant dewy, never oily, glow. Pamper your skin this month by giving it the nutrients it deserves!

Pili Ani Ageless Concentrate | $40-$72 | Pili Ani

Your relationships will grow stronger this month as you begin to trust and share more of yourself. These stronger relationships will not only benefit your life, but your radiant personality will brighten the life of others. This is set to be a very good few weeks for you, Libra, so make sure to enjoy every minute of it!

Add a subtle but impactful glow to your beauty looks this month with Giorgio Armani’s Fluid Sheer Glow Enhancer. For an all over glow, add a few drops to your moisturizer or foundation prior to applying. For a more blinding glow, dab onto cheekbones and high points of the face until you reach the desired shine. The liquid formula is easy to blend and melts into skin for the most natural, never gritty, ethereal highlight.

Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer Glow Enhancer | $38 | Sephora

These next few weeks will be filled with clarity and soul searching. Taking the time to listen to your inner desires will do wonders for your mental state. Dedicating this time to yourself now will in turn allow you to strengthen your relationships and give your very best to others in the future.

While you are doing some soul searching this month, remember to nourish your body as well. The Dream Slip Overnight Lip Mask insures you wake up each day with plump and moisturized lips. Natural oils, hyaluronic acid and konjac root work while you sleep to nourish, soothe and condition your lips. Chamomile, honey and vanilla add a calming touch of flavor as you drift off to sleep.

Sara Happ The Dream Slip | $34 | Sara Happ

Meeting and mingling this month will bring with it all sorts of exciting new connections. Letting new people into your life will open doors to new and positive experiences. While change can be daunting, try to stay positive and excited about what’s headed your way in the new few weeks.

Upgrade your everyday makeup this month with ITEM Beauty’s Blushin’ Like Cream Blush. Created by TikTok star Addison Rae, the ultra-pigmented blush adds the perfect pop of comfy color to the cheeks. The vegan formula applies seamlessly over makeup and melts into the skin for an extremely natural flush. If it’s a monochromatic look you’re after, the formula can be applied to lips and eyelids as well, making it a great compact to toss in your bag for touchups throughout the day.

ITEM Beauty Blushin’ Like Cream Blush | $16 | Sephora

Dedicate your time to the things you truly value this month, Capricorn. A lot of our days is often lost to menial tasks that need to get done but, in the end, don’t contribute to your own health and happiness. Allowing yourself to indulge in the things that bring you joy will lift your spirits and supply you with the motivation to keep moving forward.

Spring is officially here, and temps are starting to rise. Spending time outside will become something of the norm. Make sure to protect your skin with Nude Stix Nudescreen Daily Mineral Veil. Unlike SPF in the past that created white casts or interfered with the way the rest of your makeup applied, this new formula comes in 3 different tints that cater to light, medium and dark complexions. Oil-free and lightweight, this vegan formula not only protects skin from the sun, but it also aids against free radicals and blue light as well. We are all unique and beautiful in our own way and Nude Stix realized that a one-size-fits-all SPF just isn’t going to cut it anymore!

Nude Stix Nudescreen Daily Mineral Veil SPF 30 | $35 | Sephora

Expect to make a lot of memories this month, Aquarius. Your social calendar will be booked solid, and you’ll find yourself bouncing from event to event. The more the merrier, so make sure to bring along a friend that you know you can count on to have a good time. Honestly, Aquarius make the most of this month because it is sure to be a good one!

With a packed month and barely anytime for beauty touchups after you head out the door, make sure you’re using your favorite longwearing products. When it comes to brows, keep them locked, fluffed and loaded with PaintLab’s Brow SculptSoap. This universal clear gel not only fluffs brows but keeps them from moving without looking or feeling glued down. Simply fill and fluff your brows as you normally do and then sweep this on in an upwards motion to set them for the day!

PaintLab Brow SculptSoap | $19.99 | PaintLab

Focus on your friendships this month, Pisces. When you look back to some of your major life events, you’ll remember that most of those moments were shared with friends. Sometimes we get caught up in the hoopla of our careers and love life that we neglect the relationships with the ones we’re closest too. Life is short and making sure to enjoy it with the ones you love is what’s going to make it fulfilling.

Plan a night in with friends. Keep the wine flowing and the gossip coming as you relax and catch up on all that’s going on in your lives. A staple to any girl’s night is a face mask and Hyper Skin’s Fade and Glow AHA Mask is going to be the one that reverses all the stress and years from your complexions. The exfoliating formula uses mandelic acid to visibly brighten and smooth while easing fine lines and erasing stubborn dark spots. Perfect for all skin types, this mask is sure to be a step up from the early 2000’s masks we all used to smother our pores with at slumber parties.

Hyper Skin Fade and Glow AHA Mask | $48 | Sephora