Beautyscopes: April 2023

Happy April! There may be showers this month, but it will not put a damper on your lives, especially with these products especially selected for your sign. Lift your spirits and soothe your mind and body with these products to get you through the soggy month of April.

The stars are not always aligned for you this April, Aries, and there are challenges ahead, but you will meet them head on. Never one to shy away from difficult tasks, Aries surmounts any issues that come her way this month.

We know you like to be in control, Aries, and this month you can do that whenever you go out and socialize and want to have a cocktail or drink. Control how you feel the next day, by taking Myrkl, a scientifically tested, patented formula supplement, before going out on the town. Using Myrkl does not mean you can binge drink, and not get a hang over, but it will allow you, to have a few drinks and still be able to feel bright eyed and headache free the next day. Whether you are a young professional, a parent or even a grandparent, Myrkl can be a great way to drink and feel more normal the day after. It works by breaking down 70% of alcohol within 60 minutes. Just take two pills within at least one and up to 12 hours before drinking. Myrkl contains a proprietary mix of high performing bacteria enriched with L-Cysteine, and Vitamin B12. Enjoy your socializing this month, Aries!

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Taurus has a rollercoaster month of change ahead, along with the new spring season. Some of this change is welcome but be prepared for adjustments. You are resilient, Taurus, and bounce back in no time.

This month, Taurus is feeling vulnerable in most parts of life without really knowing why. Your intuition is always on high alert, so listen carefully to your gut feelings. It is important to feel safe and stress free when you can. Personal safety products from SABRE are just what Taurus needs to complete her self-care for April. Try the 2-in-1 Personal Alarm with LED Light and Snap Hook, that looks like an ordinary key ring but offers peace of mind in any situation. Choose from a variety of colors and carry this personal alarm with you everywhere Taurus.

2-in-1 Personal Alarm with LED Light and Snap Hook - $14.99 - Sabrered

There may be two sides of you, Gemini, but this month is all about taking care of the whole you. The winter was rough on you, inside and out so it is time for a reset. Be prepared for what is coming the rest of this year, by creating a body and mind that can handle anything.

The Isagenix 7-Day Wellbeing Reset helps you to reset your health, routine, nutrition, mindfulness and more. This one box has everything you need to lose weight, burn fat, and do a cleanse, as well as enhance energy and improve your mood, all in one week. The instructions are so easy to follow, and you can eat a healthy dinner on the days you are not cleansing. It is the perfect way for Gemini to regain balance without having to commit to a long-term routine.

Isagenix 7-Day Wellbeing Reset- $206 - Isagenix

Cancer, this April is your time to shine, and get out of your comfort zone. There are opportunities awaiting, but you will not discover them unless you venture beyond your front door. Winter hibernation is over, and travel is in your future.

Although you are a home body by nature, with spring in the air, you want to get out of your cocoon. Since Cancer will be on the go this month, bring along the 1SAVES20 Refresh Body Collection, with two biodegradable packs of Body Wipes, and a Body Mist for an easy and waterless way to freshen up while traveling. The Body Wipes are made for all skin types, and include charcoal extract, Vitamin E, and salicylic acid. The Body Mist is formulated with aloe and rose oil, to hydrate your skin after cleansing.

1SAVES20 Refresh Body Collection - $16.99 - 1saves20

This month Leo will have to make some hard choices with relationships that may have come full circle. Spring is a time for new beginnings and there is no shortage of places to go and people for Leo to meet.

This month Leo has a full social calendar, and bad hair days are not on the schedule. Bombay Hair Rose Gold Flat Iron comes to rescue Leo’s crowning mane to ensure shiny, and straight locks will show up at all social engagements. This flat iron is kind to Leo’s precious hair, which is one of her best attributes. It is gentle, while still creating smooth, shiny styles, and extremely light and compact, making it perfect for travel.

Bombay Hair Rose Gold Flat Iron - $55 (on sale) - Bombayhair

Spring is here, Virgo, and you feel like it is time to refresh everything in your life. Getting busy with purging the old things in your closets is a priority this month. If you decide to purchase any new beauty products, make sure they are better for your health than the ones you throw out.

LaJeanell has a great Multi-Purpose Lip, Cheek, and Eye Shadow in five shades, that provides a solution for busy lifestyles. LaJeanell products are vegan, fragrance and preservative free, so you can ensure that the make-up on your skin is pure. The shades are amazing and look great on any skin tone. Virgo, you can wear these shades daily, as lip, cheek, or eye colors, and feel comfortable knowing there are no toxic dyes or other chemicals to worry about.

LaJeanell Multi-Purpose Lip, Cheek, and Eye Shadow - $28 - LaJeanell

This month Libra finds renewal of old friendships as well as new relationships on the horizon. It is tempting to do too much, with so many invitations to socialize, but be mindful of your health this month.

Keep Libra’s scales balanced by replacing those in between meal snacks with an amazing, tasty, and healthy chewy gummy snack. Pac Pac Snacks are handy vegan, gluten-free, gummy chews that come in two flavors, Matcha, and Peach and Chia Seed, with only 20 calories each. Ingredients include beet sugar, and konjac, an herb grown in Japan. Take these snacks with you, wherever you go, Libra, so you are never hungry while on the go.

Pac Pac Snacks - $7.29/$8.99 - Pacpac Snacks

Love is in the spring air for Scorpio, and new relationships are on the horizon. Be wary, and take things slow, but be prepared for anything this month. That means your head to toe looks must be on point, as usual. Do not neglect your sexy hands, Scorpio.

Even if you have no time for a manicure, the Bare Hands Dry Gloss Manicure Kit, will make your nails shiny and well groomed in no time. This cute kit comes in a vegan leather case, with a glass polisher and cuticle oil that conditions cuticles and adds a natural shine to your nails. No polish is needed because your nails will look healthy and shinier than ever.

Bare Hands Dry Gloss Manicure Kit - $42 - Barehands

This month will find Sagittarius front and center in your work life, with more responsibilities and opportunities for the spotlight. Pace yourself outside of work and create a haven at home to relax so you can shine when you need to. Getting a good night’s sleep is also paramount this month.

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics has Sagittarius covered. The newly launched Deep Sleep Epsom Salt Cube, and Deep Sleep Magnesium Massage Bar, both chocked full of magnesium and lavender, will have Sagittarius relaxed and calm in no time. The combination of these products is also hydrating and soothing to your skin.

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Deep Sleep Epsom Salt Cube and Sleep Magnesium Massage Bar - $7.50/$14 - Lush

Capricorn, your career is taking off, and there are signs that you should heed if you want to remain on top. Slow down and observe your environment so that you can adapt to new developments. It is also important to take extra care of yourself this month.

The luxury Hungarian skincare brand, Omorovicza, has a decadent face oil made just for you. Queen Oil has Capricorn’s name all over it. This oil is just what you need to rejuvenate and repair your dry winter skin. Ingredients include three sources of omega, and vitamins C, E and K. There are several rich oils, including Camelina Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Raspberry Seed Oil, Chia Seed Oil, and Prickly Pear Oil. This is truly the Queen of face oils, and a little goes a long way.

Omorovicza Queen Oil - $160 - Omorovicza

Work will be rewarding this month, as well as full of long days, so it is key that you make sure to pamper yourself when you can. Although you are a success at what you do, Aquarius is always striving for bigger and better things, which can lead to burnout.

Aquarius needs some help to keep up her stunning looks this April. Uncle Yogi’s CBD Eye Cream will give Aquarius more refreshed eyes no matter how hard you worked or played the night before. With 200 mg of CBD, and other high-quality ingredients, like coconut oil, shea butter and rosemary, this eye cream feels like a luxurious spa treatment for your under-eye area. It is the perfect antidote to your stressful month.

Uncle Yogi’s CBD Eye Cream - $75 - Uncle Yogis

This spring it is all about you, Pisces, after taking care of everyone else’s needs. It is time to focus on yourself in any way you can. No excuses Pisces, you are worth it.

What could be better than revitalizing your hair with products custom made for you. Prose hair products are a unique way to finally customize hair products for your type of hair. Prose wants to change the hair care industry to create a more individualized approach to products designed for hair. The process begins with a personalized survey that recommends specific products for your individual hair type and issues. Pisces, your customized Prose shampoo, conditioner, and hair oil, will totally transform your hair. Prose can also save you money by making your hair healthier, needing less heat to style it, and making it easier to style at home. Pisces, you will love not spending hours at the hair salon to look great when you can get the same results at home.

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