Beautyscopes: August 2023

August may be hot and humid, but this month your horoscope will help you find ways to cool down by focusing on self-care, boosting your mood, and keeping you looking and feeling fresh.

This August, Aries will find that your career endeavors reap rewards and your goals are finally met. It is a month of celebration for all you have achieved, and that means being camera and red carpet ready at a moment’s notice. Well, maybe not literally, but you will be on display at events and other festivities.

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Taurus, it is important to keep a cool head this month with all of your relationships and avoid confrontation. It is more important than ever this month to relax and find ways to de-stress whenever possible. Take this as an opportunity to pamper yourself and indulge in self-care, for your well-being is just as important as your outer appearance.

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Gemini, this month you need to focus on your health and well-being instead of worrying about others so much. Self-care is your mantra for August. Take time to be present and in the moment every day. This month, you might find yourself dealing with stress that impacts your overall well-being. Stress-related issues, like hair loss, may manifest as a result. It is important to take breaks, practice relaxation techniques, and do things that bring you joy.

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Cancer, August is one of your favorite months because of the warm weather and vacation time. Be adventurous and plan a trip abroad that will take you out of your comfort zone. It is time to escape and give yourself a change of scenery so you can return refreshed and relaxed. You have worked hard this summer and deserve a break.

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Leo, as the summer sun continues to shine its vibrant rays upon you, August brings an opportunity for you to seize the spotlight. This is the time to let your natural charisma shine brightly and mesmerize those around you. Your magnetic personality will attract people in all areas of your life this month, including your love life and career. If you are in a relationship, this is the perfect time to add some spark and excitement into your connection, with a romantic getaway or surprise for your partner. For single Leos, this month there is an excellent chance to meet someone special. In your career, the stars are aligned for progress and recognition, so take the initiative, and showcase your leadership skills. Your innovative ideas will be noticed and appreciated by your superiors.

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Virgo, you like to have everything precise, neat, and orderly, but this August your schedule makes it difficult to maintain that routine. Make sure to ask for help so that you can still keep some semblance of order. In the midst of this slight chaos try to do what you can to look cool, calm, and collected.

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This month Libra finds life a bit off balance and not the way you typically like things to be. You usually prefer to keep an even keel in all aspects of your life, but this month is a struggle. In order to keep a clear head, it is vital that you get enough sleep.

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Scorpio, this month you will have many opportunities that can bring change in your life, so you need to make a lot of choices. Some of these choices are overdue and others will pop up and need to be made quickly. It is a busy month, and you can end up feeling stressed, so it is important to bring it down a notch and make sure to take extra care of your sensitive skin which can be affected by stress.

Treat your skin with kindness this month by using the Coats three step Skinsentials cleansing, toning, and moisturizing products. Start with the Gentle Hydrating Cleanser with niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid that helps prevent breakouts but protects the skin barrier. Follow with the Gentle Hydrating Toning Milk, that gently exfoliates and hydrates with Mandelic Acid, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid. Finally, apply the Triple Moisture Water Cream with Ceramides, Vitamin E and Polyglutamic Acid, for all day hydration and skin protection.

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This month Sagittarius will be in the mood for love, but finding it is a challenge. Stay positive, and keep your expectations realistic, so you exude good energy, and your connections can blossom. Looking good is a priority for you, and this month you will have more energy for working out and maintaining your fit physique.

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Capricorn, this August the weather and your life are hotter than you like, but you can be in control of both without feeling overwhelmed. Your mood will suffer this month if you spend too much time in the heat, so be sure and plan for evening outings and weekends in the North or near the shore if you can. This month can bring conflict in both your love and work life so staying cool in more ways than one is the goal.

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Aquarius, as the stars align this August, a wave of celestial energy is sweeping through your life, empowering you to embrace your natural beauty and radiance. Your practical nature and steadfast determination will be your guiding light this month, helping you to achieve your goals and enhance your self-confidence. Your social life will be exciting throughout August, so come from a place of “Yes,” and attend social gatherings and networking events, as they might lead to valuable connections.

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Pisces, you are the compassionate and imaginative soul of the zodiac, and this month will bring a delightful blend of comfort and style into your life. It is important to pay attention to the little things that can enhance your well-being and daily experiences. Amidst your dreams and aspirations, you need to be grounded and find joy in the small details.

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