Beautyscopes: February 2024

February’s stars bring romance and new beginnings to light. The Year of the Dragon enters with a roar, encouraging a take-charge attitude toward the middle of the month. Use this energy to revitalize relationships with the people and places in your orbit. Leap Day closes the month, giving you extra time to get ahead on tasks or take a well-deserved break.

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Danielle Cappolla

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Aries, sometimes you need to stay in place in order to move forward. It’s time to unwind and recharge. Spend some time reflecting on what that means to you. Do you recharge around people? Do you feel renewed when you devote time to hobbies? The answers to these questions will lead you to some much needed self-discovery. Maybe some old-fashioned rest and relaxation is in order.

The stars are serving up some homemade cookies on your plate this month. Doughpamine is a new gourmet cookie dough company headed by pastry chef Jessica Entzel Nolan. Jessica named her company after the dopamine rush you get from a fresh-baked batch of cookies. Doughpamine Salty Chocolate Chunk cookies have cozy nostalgia wrapped in each decadent bite. Chunks of milk chocolate and dark chocolate melt into a scrumptious medley of flavor. When eaten warm from the oven, the cookies have crisp outer edges and a center texture so gooey it melts in your mouth. The salted flakes intensify the chocolate and add a new layer of texture. Bake them for your friends and family, or keep them for yourself. Besides Salty Chocolate Chunk, customers can purchase Blueberry Corn, Rhapsody Road, and Miso Peanut Butter flavors. These twists on old classics are the perfect cozy accompaniment to your Netflix queue this winter.

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This month the stars encourage you to focus on the things you love, Taurus. As an earth-bound zodiac sign, you have an uncanny knack for finding beauty. Look for beauty in the empty spaces of nature this winter. Those blank spaces leave room for you to imagine and explore. Look at the magic Taylor Swift made with Blank Spaces…

The Beauty Matcha Latte from Kroma Wellness will give you the drive and focus you need this month. Its ceremonial-grade matcha has a creamy texture that will leave you eager for your next cup. Ingredients like L-Theanine, bovine collagen, ginger, turmeric, maca, and goji, give your latte a unique balance of sweetness and spice. One cup gives you the energy perk you need to show up for your days without the jittery aftershocks. This versatile drink can be enjoyed iced or hot. If you want to continue your matcha kick this month, try some matcha-inspired lip balm.

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Your social activity will climb this month, Gemini. Invitations are abundant, waiting for you to check yes. See the cold weather as an invitation to get creative with your social gatherings. Game nights, movie nights, and even old-fashioned slumber parties are on the docket this February. The stars are blazing with social connections. Let their light ignite yours.

Finding versatile, comfortable fashion that meets all of your needs can be a challenging endeavor. Shapewear can often be uncomfortable, bland, and restrictive. Julia Haart’s +Body Collection solves all of shapewear’s problems. This shapewear collection is comfortable, stylish, and versatile. It’s easy to wear under your existing clothes and has the glamour to stand on its own. +Body’s Powerbond™ 2.0 technology comes in a variety of colors and maintains its shape when stretched. The current line offers versatile choices in color, fit, cut, and style. Each item in the collection adapts to the wearer’s body shape over time, making the fit a personalized experience.

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This month there may be some discord between your desires and the desires of those around you, Cancer. While it’s good to listen to the wisdom of others, let your intuition be your compass. Make choices that resonate with your being. This is not the time to make decisions based on majority approval.

The Dragon Queen Collection from Le Mini Macaron is the perfect choice to complement your confidence this month. Le Mini Macaron allows you to have a salon-quality DIY manicure at home in 15 minutes. The collection includes shades of red, gold, and pink to celebrate Lunar New Year. The Pomegranate polish has a deep scarlet hue that evokes joy and luck. Swipe on the Golden Elixir shade to attract abundance. Your inner ballerina beckons with Camelia’s delicate pink. The kit also comes with Lunar New Year-themed stickers, so you can elevate your manicure with luck and style.

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Luck comes in droves this month, Leo. While luck’s favor can be fickle, the stars are lining up to make magic happen for you. This is a time to take risks, buy lottery tickets, and dream without boundaries. Keep your heart, mind, and environment open to the good things that are headed your way. This is a great time to donate or throw away unused items to let the universe know you’re ready for abundance.

Be bold this month with The PLASMA Lip Compound Tinted (in Shanghai) from U Beauty. Founder Tina Chen Craig created the alluring crimson shade to honor Lunar New Year and her Chinese heritage. The color red symbolizes luck, which will be the theme of the month ahead. All eyes will be on you with this bold statement color. It harkens to the iconic sirens of Hollywood past. The PLASMA Lip Compound conditions your lips, creating a soft, pillowy effect. Its moisture properties protect your lips against the harsh winter elements, while the volumizing effects last throughout the day. This product transitions easily from day to night, making it your go-to accessory this month. Keep one in every purse and try some of the other captivating tints in The PLASMA Lip Compound line. And for dazzlingly regal and hydrated skin, try this superb Fresh moisturizer.

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Set the stage for romance this month, Virgo. Your planetary energy is at its peak for building partnerships. If you’re single, open that dating app and start swiping. If you have a partner, lean into spontaneity. Connections are made under unexpected circumstances, so be open to new ways of bonding with others this month.

Lélior’s Le Bonaparte and Le Monet diffusers are sleek, efficient tools for adding that certain je ne sais quoi to your space. The L'Étoile Diffuser is one of the latest to lineup, and it’s about to become one of your favorite wireless gadgets. This diffuser can disperse your favorite Lélior scents across an impressive range of 600 square feet. The secret to its powerful mist lies in its cold air diffusion technology. The L'Étoile Diffuser goes the extra mile of solving problems that typical diffusers present. Its water-free design makes it easier to take care of than your favorite plant. It’s designed for durability and ease of use, making it an investment that will last into the next year and beyond. If you’re on the go a lot this month, the L'Étoile Diffuser has a handy automatic shut off function, so you won't waste a drop of your favorite essential oil. If you’re looking to turn your home into an island oasis, try Lélior’s Capri Fragrance Oil. In just one deep breath, this blend of citrus and musk will transport you to a chaise lounge on the Italian island that inspires its name.

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Libra, this is your month to shine bright like a diamond. While icy winds may rage, they won’t dull the fire of your spirit. Winter is a time for regeneration, and you may be rethinking some decisions you made last month. Let them play out as fate intends and take the lessons that are given. They are gifts in disguise.

The Good Youth Retinol Sleep Serum from Sweet July Skin is the potion you need to emerge from slumber with smooth skin. The latest addition to the brand joins The Essentials Set and Castaway Cream on your vanity. Founded by Ayesha Curry, Sweet July Skin has been making waves in the skincare industry with ingredients inspired by Curry’s Jamaican roots. All of Sweet July Skin’s products have dreamy scents and the latest addition to the lineup fits right in. The Good Youth Retinol Sleep Serum has a soothing blend of lavender, papaya, and turmeric calming your skin and your mind as you settle into sweet dreams. The retinol and hydroxypinacolone retinoate gently polish your skin as you sleep, without leaving redness or irritation in its wake. Upon waking, you’ll be greeted with a bright visage to match your inner glow. Sweet July Skin’s products are effective and double as a tropical perfume. When you can’t go to the beach, why not bring it to you?

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Use the energy from this month’s New Moon to shed the things that no longer serve you, Scorpio. Take stock of your habits and update them according to your new goals for 2024. Sometimes the tried-and-true ways are the best course of action. However, intelligence lies in knowing when to pivot. Be open to changes and you will meet more fruitful outcomes this month.

Shed your layers this month, literally. While the cold, dry air can wreak havoc on your lips, Ghlee has a natural solution. These ghee-based lip products are game changers. Polish dead skin using the Lip Scrub. This three-in-one product can cleanse, exfoliate, and condition lips in one delicate swipe. The decadent scrub has a buttery, sweet scent that feels like the first breath inside a bakery. Indulge your dry lips with ingredients like Vitamin E, omega fatty acids, and antioxidants. Ghlee has the much-needed moisture your lips are seeking this winter.

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February will inspire you to be more optimistic, Sagittarius. Picturing the glass as half full gives you opportunities to be flexible. See interruptions to your regularly scheduled programming as opportunities to think creatively. Think of new ways to repurpose or reuse old items. Just like there are nuances in words, objects can work for you in new and helpful ways.

Kindly Yours Colorblock Day & Night Short Sleeve Tee and Short Set is a versatile fashion choice to take you from day to night. The Kindly Yours brand is exclusive to Walmart, offering lounge and sleepwear that’s both affordable and comfortable. Kindly Yours crafts clothing using plant-based materials, putting sustainability at the forefront of their mission. The Colorblock Day & Night Short Sleeve Tee and Short Set has a chic versatility that makes it work as pajamas or loungewear. Vibrant colors and animated details make this a fun, playful fashion choice. The set has a relaxed fit, allowing you to move comfortably. A scoop neck and cuffed short sleeves have are simple in cut and design. The shorts have a drawstring closure, so you can adjust the waistband to your personal comfort level. Convenient pockets allow you to keep your personal items near. This set is the perfect outfit to change into as you relax and unwind from the day.

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Bask in the healing properties of nature, Capricorn. Nature’s abundance can be celebrated in all of its seasons. Let brisk winter air invigorate your body. Taking time to look away from your screen slows your mind and heals your soul. Think of all the things you miss when your mind jumps from item to item on your to-do list. Nature has a way of speaking to the soul, slowing the mind, and letting you breathe a bit more deeply.

If you can’t go to the mountains, bring the mountains to you. Outdoor Fellow’s candles aren’t merely scents–they’re travel experiences. Outdoor Fellow’s Mountain Forest Scented Candle is the springtime walk in the woods you’ve been dreaming of all winter. Its fragrance captures the rugged landscapes of the mountains and valleys in the Adirondacks. This candle captures the essence of the woods from the crisp air to the burbling brooks. Its top notes of orange blossoms and herbs tickle the senses, giving the candle a gentle complexity. Middle notes of leather, rose, jasmine, violet, and greens harken to sun-dappled cottages and fairytale gardens. The base notes of neroli, musk, patchouli, and cedarwood round out the blend, giving the candle a sense of rugged mystique. You can detect sweetness upon the first whiff. The other fragrances work in harmony to bring about a floral, woodsy finish. You can close your eyes and imagine the rustle of pine needles and snap of twigs as you make your way through the verdant forest. Continue the journey with Outdoor Fellow’s other nature-inspired scents.

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Aquarius, celebrate your comic birthday this month with a little indulgence. Treat yourself to a meal from your favorite restaurant or pick up a bouquet of flowers. It’s okay to take a break from daily routines to pause and honor where you are. Birthdays are new beginnings that give you opportunities to share your accomplishments with others.

This zodiac bracelet from A Littles & Co. is the perfect symbol of your cosmic sign. It honors your intelligence, curiosity, and your desire to make the world a better place. Wear your zodiac symbol with pride. This gorgeous piece has a gold disc engraved with the water-bearer symbol and adorned with cubic zirconia. Gold-tone beads encircle your wrist, catching the light in a dazzling display. For Aquarians who would like to honor their moon and rising signs, A Littles & Co. has an entire zodiac collection to choose from. Even the stars would agree, this is an easy decision.

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This is the month to show off your style and flair, Pisces. Romance is in the air and you can capture its magic in the space around you. Update your wardrobe, vanity, and closets. You may decide to redecorate your home and work spaces. These spaces hold energy. If you feel the energy around you needs a makeover, consider this permission to zhush up your space.

If you’re ready to change your space but not sure where to start, Redecor has everything you need. This home design and decor game lets you try different styles before you commit to new cushions and furnishings in your space. Impress your friends, interior decorator, and Instagram followers by curating simulated rooms. The simulations let you try different colors, textures, and prints so you can become a pro at interior decorating. Learn how unlike patterns and textures can meld together to create the room of your dreams. The game has new design challenges each day, encouraging players to match their style and wits. If you’ve ever wanted to star in your own HGTV show, this is the perfect segue.

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