Beautyscopes: May 2023

Aries, be prepared to shine at work this month. Some projects will likely face delays, but you’ll still come out ahead, especially after the 20th. Family, as well as personal financial matters need to be handled delicately to avoid conflict, so be cautious in that area.

Whether you treat yourself or someone else, The Million Roses will make anyone smile. These are real roses that have been treated to last just about forever. Imagine, roses that never wilt! Magnificent arrangements that run the gamut from an elegant single rose to an over-the-top arrangement. The Million Roses come in just about any color including red, white, pink, turquoise, purple, yellow and gold.

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It’s a month of love for you, Taurus. Married couples will experience couple happiness, and if you’re single, be open to new romantic possibilities that are likely to come your way. Be cautious about your health this month and be sure to check out any unusual symptoms.

Show your skin some love too. By now you know that vitamin C is essential for great skin, but did you know that not all vitamin C serums are created equal? Most use water based ascorbic acid, the least effective form. To get the most benefits, you need lipid based vitamin C, as it’s the only form that can penetrate the dermal layer. Truth Treatments Transdermal C Serum is lipid based and contains tetrahexydecyl (THD). And while most vit C serums contain 1-5% vit C, this one contains 75%. So get hydrated, watch dark spots fade, and get gorgeous skin.

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Gemini, family life may become chaotic this month, so be aware of outsiders that may want to disturb the family harmony. If you’re a student, there may be some unexpected challenges. The good news is that your health and finances are looking very positive for May.

Chaos and stress can easily show up on your skin. So while you should do everything to relieve the stress on your mind, you should also take care of your skin. After all, you know you feel better when you look better. Treat your complexion to Phytomer Pionniere XML Supreme Cream. Phytomer was one of the first brands to use natural and marine based ingredients and has many devotees. This rich and elegant cream melts quickly into your skin and contains marine sugars the help reduce the look of wrinkles, adds firmness and lets your complexion glow.

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Lucky Cancer, the stars are aligned for you this month. Finances and career growth are on the upswing. Married couples will share much joy and you single folks just may find your perfect match, so get out and meet people.

A great at-home facial peel saves time and money spent at the spa. This enzyme rich NuPeel by Theraderm does the trick with ingredients such as aloe, pineapple, grape seed, cucumber, and green tea leaf. Simply apply the gel to dry skin and in about a minute start gently rubbing. It’ll come off in small beads and reveal a radiant complexion that’s as soft as baby skin.

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This is a great month for you to travel and/or start a new project Leo as your success is in the stars for May. If you’re looking for a love relationship, rev up your energies for the last week of May. Families may have some stressful times, so be cautious not to involve your kids in any family drama. Your career plans are looking upward.

Whether you’re traveling or not, you’ll want to order fragrance from MicroPerfumes. This website sells over 500 perfumes in travel sized atomizers. Just about all your favorites: Tom Ford, Parfums de Marly, Burberry, Dior, and Chanel, just to name a handful. Perfect for going through TSA security, or just to keep handy in your pocket or handbag. It’s a must for fragrance lovers who like to switch things up and wear a wide variety of scents without having to buy full bottles.

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Virgo, Mercury is in retrograde and you could be negatively impacted, so it’s best to take things easy and slow this month. May will have its ups and downs so proceed with caution and don’t make any rash decisions.

We all know that a great hair day can sometimes be simply the best pick-me-up we need to put us in a better frame of mind. Use the IonLuxe 4-in-1 AirStyler to create that great hair day any day. It’s pretty, lightweight and most importantly dries hair quickly and smoothly – even very long, thick hair. Need some extra oomph? Use the air wrap curling barrel that automatically wraps your hair around it to create volume, waves or curls. The boxed set also includes a diffuser for beautiful bouncy curls, and a concentrator for shiny perfection on straight hair.

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Life may throw you a curveball this month, Libra. Love prospects and family issues could cause stress, but your health is stable and in good shape, so you’ll be just fine after some rocky incidents. This is a perfect month to take a trip, so keep your eyes wide open for some great “me time’ possibilities.

Keep those eyes bright and feeling comfortable, and those selfies picture perfect with these two products from Bausch + Lomb. Get rid of redness with Lumify, the safe drop that works in one minute and lasts for about eight hours and makes eyes brighter and whiter. Dry eyes are so uncomfortable, aren’t they? Get those peepers feeling refreshed with Biotrue which is instant moisture for dry and/or irritated eyes. Created with hyaluronic acid (naturally found in tears) and a protectant against free radicals, Biotrue is created without preservatives and gives instant moisture for dry, stressed and irritated eyes. You wear contact lenses? Not a problem!

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Career wise, you’re in the driver’s seat Scorpio, so keep your eyes open for opportunities to be the company rockstar. Things at home, however, might be a bit unharmonious and some unpleasant family issues could affect your health. Work on keeping the stress down and focus on finances as those look quite favorable for this month.

Scorpio, try something new. Love on a Plate, the Gourmet Uncookbook by Cara Brotman & Markus Rothkranz, combines vegan and raw food techniques and gives you recipes for some very delicious meals and desserts. Think pizza, Thai curry, unChicken tacos, kung pao unChicken, crème brulee, cheesecake and other tempting dishes. Even if you’re not a devotee of vegan or raw food, you’ll find some absolutely scrumptious dishes to add to your repertoire and make you a rockstar in the kitchen also.

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Sagittarius, this is not the month to invest money in new projects as they may not turn out as profitable as you had hoped. There could be some stress at work and with family as well. Your relationship with your partner is strong and you can rely on them to support you in getting through some of the issues this month brings.

Let the Ivy Health Tracker keep you on the road to good health. This good-looking bracelet tracks your heart rate, your sleep cycle, menstrual cycle, and offers mediation & bio feedback tracking. The Ivy Health Tracker calculates your respiratory rates and generates feedback and suggestions. Choose the color that suits your style.

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It’s a good month for Capricorn. Rejoice in harmonious family times and enjoy loving times with your spouse. And singles, this is a good month to put yourself out there to find that special someone. Your health is good this month and your career is stable.

A good night of sleep is worth its weight in gold, and a weighted blanket will help you fall asleep quickly and soundly. Nodpod takes it a step further. Not only do they make effective OEKO-TEX certified, stylish, and effective weighted blankets, check out their weighted sleep masks that allow you to fall into a restful slumber. Buy the set or individually in colors to match your décor. Nodpod wants to sleep with you, and if your partner gets jealous, get him/her their own set!

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This month has its ups and downs for you Aquarius. Finances and career could be challenging, so proceed with caution and don’t bet on any longshots. Health is good, therefore it’s a perfect time for some well deserved travel. Do make plans to get away, but nothing too pricey.

Taking care of yourself also involves your skin care routine, and Borghese has been keeping complexions radiant, healthy and soft for over sixty years. This four piece set will keep skin glowing. It contains three products for daily use – Crema Saponetta for cleansing, Curaforte Moisturizer Intensifier, and Crema Ristorativo 24 Moisturizer – and a weekly Radiante Revitalize & Firm Gold Mask. A great gift for yourself or a special someone.

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It’s a great month to be a Pisces as everything is looking perfect for you. Marriages are harmonious, and prospects for love are good for singles. Careers and finances are on the upswing, and Pisces who are students will do well. Travel isn’t your best bet, so perhaps enjoy a staycation and save the travel for a better time.

Are you a plant lover, or know one? This three piece set from Be Rooted is the perfect gift for yourself, a host/hostess, bridal party, your child’s teacher, and of course mom. It’s a lovely ‘thank you’ gift for just about anyone. The set includes an adorable ceramic planter with the words “Never Stop Growing”, a 160 page lay flat journal, and a stylish blue pen. Check out all their adorable stationary and affordable gift ideas.

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