Beautyscopes: November 2017

Happy November! This month you have lots of things to be thankful for, like friends, family and YOUR natural beauty. Read on to find out what the stars have aligned for you this month to give you your most radiant month left!

Happy November Aries, this month will be one of great achievements. Your career and personal life will be on the up and up! During the month of November it is important that you take advantage of all the opportunities headed your way, but what is even more important is that you show the proper gratitude towards them. While you are typically used to working and achieving things on your own this month you will be more successful if you take the time to work with the people around you. In some situations two brains are better than one! Take the time to get to know the people around you on a deeper level this month it will not only benefit your life but you’ll enjoy these relationships even more. Just like the opportunities headed your way this month IT Cosmetics came out their Chic in the City 5-piece brush set that works together to give you the level of perfection you want and deserve. Not only is the collection pretty and soft but also all the brushes work together to give you the perfect complexion! Take the time this month to appreciate all that is soon to come your way and also all the people that are there to help you achieve all that you desire!

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Taurus, I hope you are ready for a jet setting November! This month you’ll be hit big time with the travel bug, don’t try to ignore it but rather embrace it! Your career will allow for more flexibility than normal. Take that extra time to book a trip to a place you’ve been meaning to go, whether it’s catching a flight home for the holiday or escaping the early winter chills on the beach, you deserve this much needed break. During October you may have been feeling a bit overwhelmed and worn from work, this month is all about bringing the balance back into your life and spending quality time doing the things you love with the ones you love! A schedule full of trips and socializing can definitely take a toll your skin but, with Sunday Riley’s Power Duo: Total Transformation Kit you can keep the dark circles and bags at bay. At night massage 2-3 drops of Luna Overnight Facial Oil in skin and let the retinol work its magic while you sleep. Then, in the morning rub a pump of Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid serum into freshly cleansed skin. Together this duo works to boost elasticity, even out texture, remove dark circles and plump fine lines and wrinkles. The only bags you should be worrying about this month are the ones you’re packing for your adventures!

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Friendsgiving anyone? This month, Gemini, your phone will be blowing up with all the people in your life inviting you to get together for a good old turkey feast. November will be one social event after another for you and honestly, what could be more fun than that! You may feel a bit overwhelmed this month in your career but those are all normal feelings as the holidays are approaching. Your friends and family are there for you this month to lean on so make sure to confide in them when things start to feel strained. With the holidays just around the corner make sure you are prepping your skin in order to put your best face forward. Elemis’ Pro Definition Eye & Lip Contour Cream works to firm the delicate skin below your eyes while plumping and smoothing your lips. With all the get togethers and parties this month make sure your lips are liquid lipstick ready and that your concealer just conceals and doesn’t crease!

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This month is all about compromise for you, Cancer. Don’t look at it as a bad thing but rather a learning experience. Compromise has never been easy for you so this month is sure to test you. Both social and career decisions will need to be made simultaneously so, make sure you weigh your all your options before making a decision. Your friends are there for you this month and truly value the time they get to spend with you. It would be easy to seclude yourself when the going gets tough but you’ll find that being with the ones you love is extremely beneficial to your overall health. Stress and worries don’t just take a toll on you mentally but physically as well, keep skin clear and blemish free with Dr. Jart’s Dermaclear Micro Gel Cleanser. Not only will this wash fight to keep you clean and clear but it’s also gentle enough to be used during these colder months and won’t strip your skin of it’s natural oils and moisture. It’s easy to get caught up in your worries this month, but take the time reflect and be thankful on all that you have and all that you’ve accomplished thus far.

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November is all about adventure for you, Leo. Last month your stress was through the roof due to work and social commitments; finally, this month you will have the time to take a little break and catch your breath. Friends and family will be excited to see you and even more eager to hear about what you’ve been up to. Schedule a little weekend getaway with friends or spend the day playing tourist in your hometown. Take advantage of your newfound freedom by doing something daring whether it’s a new haircut or a sweater in a bright color that you’ve been eyeing. Laura Geller’s Iconic New York eye shadow collection in Uptown Chic is the perfect product for giving you all the options to go from a subtle no-makeup makeup look to a daring smokey eye. Allow yourself to let your true colors show this month, after all that’s exactly why everyone wants to be around you!

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Virgo, November will give you a plethora to be thankful for. You will start off the month with new opportunities that will not only benefit your career but will make you much happier in the long run! These new experiences will require you to take on a new set of skills and will feed your desire to learn. This month will lead to a lot of emotional satisfaction. During this time of new experiences you will want to make sure you are putting your best face forward. IT Cosmetics’ Your Skin but Better CC Cream with SPF 50 gives you exactly that, a your skin but better look. This month is all about experiencing all that is new in your life while still embracing your natural beauty.

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Libra, this month you will have a strong desire to make a difference in the world. You realize that not only is it right to be thankful for all that you have but also to give back to others who are not as fortunate. With the holidays starting this month you will have all sorts of opportunities to volunteer and make an impact. It’s important for you to not only help others but to care for yourself as well. Your skin can suffer when the temps drop; luckily Kiehl’s has been dominating to skincare world since 1851. Their cult famous Crème De Corps Whipped Body Butter is luxuriously moisturizing and keeps even the driest of skin soft and supple for 24hrs. This year, for their 9th Annual Limited Edition Charitable Holiday Collection they are teaming up with Disney and releasing a limited edition grapefruit scent in the iconic Crème De Corps. Not only will this product benefit you, but also you can be comforted in knowing that 100% of the proceeds* will be going to Feeding America, the nation’s leading domestic-hunger relief charity. Every bit of help is needed and appreciated during the holiday season and Kiehl’s is making it easy to make your mark! *Kiehl’s will donate 100% of profits up to $100,000. Every $1 spent provides 11 meals equaling to a total of 1.1 million meals being provided to families this holiday season.

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This month, Scorpio, will be one of good health, great adventure and new friends. As we roll into your time of year you will find that the stars have aligned in your favor. You will want to put your career on the back burner this month and focus on finding yourself and discovering what you truly desire. Take the time this month to set out on an adventure and to open yourself up to new experiences. Your whole goal this year has been to find your true inner happiness and coming into the 11th month of the year you will realize you’ve made great strides. You will find that this month you are instilled with a new and strong sense of confidence, make sure you exude this in all aspects of your life. Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau de Parfum is the perfect scent for you. With a base of cedar wood and patchouli and middle and top notes of mandarin and orange blossom it is the ideal sultry, sexy and confident scent that will take you from one celebration to the next! Happy birthday November Scorpios, this is your month to thrive!

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Say hello to some new friends this month, Sagittarius. November will be filled with new relationships, old relationships and broken relationships. You will find that your career is no longer your first priority and that in this time of giving and family that you are more focused on forming, keeping and mending all the different relationships in your life. You will also be pleasantly surprised that when you aren’t so focused on perfecting your career that the things you are so desperate to achieve will fall into place. This November will be an epic one for you and it’s important that your makeup is equally as stunning. Marc Jacobs’ The Wild One Limited Edition Eye-conic Eye shadow Palette is filled with 20 pigment rich shades that will suit any look you’re hoping to create this season. Enjoy the time with all those in your life this month, it’s sure to be unforgettable!

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Capricorn, you are in for a month of soul searching and emotional healing. November will be the month for you to take the time to reflect back on all that you have started this year but have yet to complete. You have a newfound desire to complete the projects that you may have worn you out or left you in a funk. You will come into November with a clear perspective on what it takes to get what and where you want in life. While you’ve been so busy these past few months you may have failed to realize that certain relationships are waiting to be formed. People are naturally drawn to you and this month you will finally have the time to focus on forming new friends and maybe even meeting someone special! Butter London’s Glazen Eye Glosses are the perfect hybrid eye shadows that start out as a glaze and morph into a powder long wear texture upon application. These shadows are the perfect and easy consistency that make them quick to apply for a smoked out everyday look that pairs perfectly with your alluring personality and will easily take you from your project ridden days at work to nights out with your friends and special someone!

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Time to get to work, Aquarius! This month has some career oriented surprises in store for you! As we are edging towards the New Year you will be instilled with a new sense of urgency to complete all the goals and resolutions you set back in January. Pay close attention to the work you’ve accomplished as it will guide you to the exact next steps you need to take next. With longer days in the office it’s important to listen closely to your body and make sure you don’t overwork yourself. Dr. Jart is a Korean skincare brand that aims to perfecting complexions. As you work to completing your yearly goals this month allow Dr. Jart’s Ceramidin Gel Cream to protect you from dropping temps while replenishing your dull and dehydrated complexion. Taking the time this November to accomplish your goals and prep your skin will not only result in extra time for celebrating the holidays in December but you’ll be able to end 2017 with a glowing, fresh and perfect complexion!

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Pisces, this month is all about the work hard, play hard mentality. You can expect your career to flourish and for your social relationships to thrive as long as you are willing to put in the work. You can also expect to be presented with new opportunities that you should absolutely take advantage of. Understand that changes are headed your way and to embrace all that they bring. November will be a month of personal and professional growth and good things will be high in supply for you. You will be filled with happiness and when things are going so well for you it’s important that you exude that happiness in all ways possible. Iconic London has perfected the liquid Illuminator, which adds just the right amount of shimmer and shine to your look. Mix it in with your foundation for an all over glow or dab it strictly to the high points of your face for a targeted spotlight. As your relish in the good vibes this month it only makes sense that you look like it as well!

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