Beautyscopes: November 2018

November is all about making choices that will set you on a successful path through the end of 2018 and into 2019. Your work and social life will be full of events and meetings, make sure to utilize these opportunities to network and expand your circles. This month, you have all the power to create a clear and concise path.

Go into the month with a fresh perspective and have great hair while doing it. Drybar’s Prep Rally Spray protects hair from the harmful heat brought on by hot tools, while also giving a beautiful boost of nutrients and shine. Rather than waiting for your fresh start in 2019, take the few weeks left in 2018 to give yourself a head start.

Drybar Prep Rally Spray | $23 | Nordstrom Drybar

After a long and busy October, your social calendar will finally start to slow down before speeding back up right before the holidays. Try to be present and offline as you gather with family and friends for Thanksgiving. November is your month for catching up, spending time with loved ones, and gathering the energy to kick off the fast-approaching new year!

Don’t let the idea of spending time with family overwhelm or stress you out. However, sometimes the stress is inevitable, so masking is necessary in order to combat signs of fatigue and exhaustion. The 24k Gold Anti-Aging Mask from Hard Night, Good Morning by D’Andra Simmons is the ideal choice for achieving a bright, moisturized, and youthful complexion.

Hard Night Good Morning 24k Gold Anti-Aging Mask | $18 | Hard Night Good Morning

How is it already November?! The year has flown by and you have so many accomplishments to show for it. This month will be full of new opportunities and experiences. Keep your eyes and ears open as you never know just what may come your way.

With new experiences and last-minute opportunities, you will find your calendars becoming busier and busier. With a hectic schedule comes lack or loss of sleep. While you may feel tired it’s important that you at least look awake. The Reinvention Cream from MDNA can be used as a cream or serum and will keep skin looking youthful, bright, and revives texture and tone. For an added bonus keep the Rose Mist on hand for a refreshing midday pick-me-up.

MDNA Reinvention Cream & Rose Mist | $75-$120 | Barney’s New York MDNA Skin

This month, it’s time to act on the things you’ve been pushing off. Your work and social life has kept you busy the past few months leaving you with little to no motivation to work on your hobbies and side gigs. With slower weeks ahead, you will have the time to really focus on what may have been lacking in your life, whether its spending time with family or finally binging the TV show that everyone has been talking about.

Speaking of finally getting around to the things you’ve pushed off, let’s talk about your anti-aging routine. We get it, life can get in the way and skincare can fall to the wayside. Just because you’re not seeing any physical wrinkles or lines, doesn’t mean you have time to slack off. Jafra Royal Revitalize Pore and Line Serum is the perfect proactive solution and adding it to your daily routine will take less than a second. Packed with sea kelp for instant tightening and royal jelly for natural anti-aging, your skin will receive vital nutrients to keep you looking younger, longer!

Jafra Royal Pore and Line Serum | $42 | Jafra

While October is usually a crazy month, it’s actually November that is destined to be wild for you, Leo. As the holidays kick into gear so does your social life. All kinds of fun events are headed your way, so keep an open mind and schedule.

You may find yourself heading straight from work to a night out on more than one occasion this month. Making sure you have a reliable makeup look that lasts from morning until night will be vital. Lancôme’s Le Monochromatique Shadows are perfect for giving you the pigment you need. Whether you use one or you layer multiple shades. you’ll achieve beautiful depth and dimension. Toss the petite compact in your bag for on the go touchups. All shades are versatile and can be used on the eyes, cheeks, and lips.

Lancome Le Monochromatique Eyeshadows | $25 ea. | Lancôme Macy’s

Reflection is key this month, Virgo. Take some time before the holidays to look at all you’re still hoping to accomplish this year. Figure out a plan of action that will allow you to confidently end 2018 on a positive note. Reorganizing your priorities may even shed light on some extra time in your schedule to finally get started on that thing you’ve been pushing off.

Take your showers to the next level with L’Occitane’s cult favorite Almond Shower Oil. The sweet and nutty fragrance is intoxicating when mixed with the hot steam of your shower. The gentle oil is extremely moisturizing and doesn’t leave behind an oily residue. Taking the time to relax and reflect this month will be extremely beneficial to your mind, body, and soul.

L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil | $25-$42 | L’Occitane

Before the holidays kick into gear, look into taking a last-minute getaway. Work will start to slow down just enough that taking some time off won’t feel so overwhelming. Usually one to schedule things in advance, taking a spontaneous leap will prove to be more exciting than scary while opening your mind to living your life more in the moment.

As you plan and pack for your trip, make sure to keep your skincare in mind. Travelling can take a toll on one’s complexion. Rather than risk spilling toner all over your luggage look for a travel friendly alternative. First Aid Beauty’s Facial Radiance Pads will keep skin clear, even, and bright and it is even safe for sensitive skin. The pre-moistened towelettes are stored tight in a leak proof jar available in full (60 pads) and travel-size (28 pads). Trust us, your jetlagged skin will thank you.

First Aid Beauty Radiance Face Pads | $15-$30 | Ulta Sephora First Aid Beauty

It’s officially Scorpio season and that means that all eyes will be on you this month. Your vibrant and mysterious personality will intrigue and attract many new friends and acquaintances. Take the time to get together with the ones you love and try something new. Bask in the attention that you would normally tend to shy away from.

Always one to go bold when it comes to makeup, the Celestial Eye Sphere Soots from Rituel De Fille, a brand very Scorpio-esque, will give the perfect sparkling finish to all your birthday looks. Our favorite shade? Corona Borealis, a deep regal purple with a glittering finish and inky black gelee base.

Rituel De Fille Celestial Sphere Eye Soot | $38 | Rituel De Fille

November will be a huge month for you Sagittarius. You will come into new opportunities that will help to push your career in the right direction. Take advantage of any and all chances you may have to network with professionals that you look up to and admire. Ask questions this month to gain clarity on projects, tasks, and goals both personally and professionally.

Putting in extra hours at work may be necessary for you this month. Longer hours in front of the computer screen can be draining, exhausting, and also leave you with a lackluster complexion. The Aqua Reotier Water Gel Cleanser from L’Occitane is ideal for removing the day and prepping skin for serums, toners, and moisturizers. Enriched with calcium, this cleanser provides the nutrients your skin desires without stripping it of its natural oils. For added glow and moisture, follow up with the Aqua Reotier Ultra Thirst-Quenching Gel.

L’Occitane Reotier Water Gel Cleanser and Thirst-Quenching Gel | $24-$29 | L’Occitane

Get into the holiday spirit this month, Capricorn. People look to you to enliven the mood. Put a festive twist on all that you do from you career to personal life. As the year begins to wind down make sure that you take advantage of any and all opportunities to catch up with family and friends.

As you radiate holiday cheer this month make sure to add a bit of glow to your face as well. It Cosmetics’ Your Skin But Better CC+ Illumination Foundation gives your skin a natural radiance that creates the perfect base to all your sparkling holiday looks.

It Cosmetics CC Illuminating | $38 | Ulta Sephora It Cosmetics

Your career has been so crazy these past few months, Aquarius. This November take a moment to catch your breath. As we near the end of the year it’s time for you to take a long look at all that you have accomplished and all that you hope to achieve by 2019.

As you spend your time reflecting and relaxing you might as well indulge in a bit of pampering. Dr. Brandt’s Magnetight Age-Defier Mask is the mess free solution to younger looking skin. Simply apply to the face and let sit for 5-10 minutes, then glide the included magnet over the skin and watch as the mask is pulled away while lifting and plumping skin in the process.

Dr Brandt Magnetight Age-Defier Mask | $75 | Macys Dr. Brandt

Pisces, these past few months have been insane and you’re more than ready to finally just take a deep breath, relax, and catch up on your personal life. From grabbing lunch with friends or reconnecting with family over Thanksgiving dinner make sure you are truly listening and living in the moment. Take the time to soothe the soul and get lost in the excitement for the holidays and new year.

As you take a break from the hustle and bustle, it’s completely understandable that your mood this month may show through in your fashion as ‘comfortable and chill’. If or when you find the time to leave the comfort of your home swipe on Giorgio Armani’s Neo Nude Ecstasy Balm for a last minute pulled together look. The extremely moisturizing balm leaves just a hint of color that is so sheer creating the most natural and healthy looking lips. Bonus, the luxury label feels more pulled together than that old balm lost in the depths of your handbag.

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