Beautyscopes: October 2023

Fall is in the air and that means change. Mid month will bring us a new moon solar eclipse mixing the past and the present. All signs will have a month of many transformations. When one door closes, remember, another one will open. Embrace the change.

All the stars are aligned for you to be successful at work this month, Aries. So keep your focus on career and you’ll reap the rewards. Family situations could be a little rocky, so the key word for you this month is calmness. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself calm so that annoying family matters don’t fester and explode. Keep your passionate and spontaneous nature for the positive things.

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Communication is your keyword for October, Taurus, especially at the beginning of the month. Network, meet up with friends and associates and take heed of their advice. While mid month may feel a bit stagnant, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how their advice comes back to help you later in the month. Don’t be surprised if that pay raise comes through this month.

It’s the perfect month to try a new fragrance and Mezcal Flora eau de Parfum by Kelly+Jones will hit that sweet spot. Known for their fragrances inspired by wines and spirits Kelly+Jones creations are absolutely delightful to wear by women and men. No, you won’t smell like a bar, instead, they are inspired by the notes of wines and spirits. Mezcal Flora was inspired by Kelly’s trip to Mexico City where she says, “I wanted to capture the essence of sipping mezcal while taking in all the incredible aromas of the city’s famous flower market”. The notes of this irresistible perfume are tequila rose, suede musk, saguaro blossom, and pink pepper.

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Gemini, this is the month not to be flamboyant with finances. It’s not the best month to ask for a loan, nor to treat yourself to anything too over-the-top. Fiscally conservative is what’s best for right now. It’s the perfect month to amp up your exercise routine and keep yourself healthy.

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Family harmony, as well as some lovely family celebrations are in predicted for you Cancer, so enjoy it all! Former ailments will stay at bay this month though exercise, and perhaps even some yoga, will help keep them out of your life. Your professional life looks terrific, and be sure to take the sage advice from those with seniority and expertise in your field,

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When it comes to health and finances Leo, this is your month, so enjoy a mighty roar of happiness. The beginning of the month will hit you like a gorgeous gust of wind, so appreciate the breeze. But hold on there, make sure there’s consistency in action, and by the end of the month make sure you’ve created harmony and avoid quarrels in your family. Devote your attention to positive things.

A month of happiness might mean lots of social gatherings. And just the night you thought you were staying in you get a last-minute invite. You don’t want to miss it, yet your hair isn’t exactly ready for prime time. Abba Always Fresh Dry Shampoo to the rescue! This fresh smelling dry shampoo refreshes strands, adds body to flat hair, and absorbs oils using natural ingredients such as rice starch, and never any aluminum or talc. It’s a must-have in your beauty arsenal.

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This will be an excellent month for you, Virgo and you’ll get to relax and socialize. Beauty is important to you and you’re going to want to shop. But hold on for a second - your finances could get a little sticky, especially if you’re in a relationship with shared finances. So treat yourself, but don’t go overboard. If you’re single and looking for love, get out and mingle the third week of October, as the conditions that week favor possibly meeting the right person. Before heading out to socialize, relax and treat your skin to an incredible mud mask that’ll treat clogged pores, help control blemishes, and minimize the look of fine lines. Borghese is the pioneer of home masks and has been making their famous mud masks since 1985. This Advanced Fango Active is great for normal, oily and combination skin.

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This is a month for change, Libra. If you’ve been developing a social or business strategy, this is the month to tweak some change in it if it’s not been working. Think in terms of an eighteen month business project. Your sign is always concerned with balance, beauty and social connections, so be diligent in how you deal with others as you make some of these changes. While you’re excellent at making friends, be careful not to spread gossip or talk behind a friend’s back.

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It’s sometimes hard for people to read you Scorpio, as you can go from intense one minute and then gentle the next. If you’re going with a new plan at work, be sure to keep your associates informed as they don’t like being surprised. This month is going to be generally intense, so keep your cool and call on your besties to let you vent. Do get out and socialize, especially the first week of the month. The end of the month is a good time to talk finances with your significant other.

It’s the perfect time to switch up your fragrance, and adding Chai eau de Parfum by Robert Piguet is a beautiful choice. As fall is often the start of tea sipping season, Chai is inspired by the delicate scent of white tea leaves, and is combined with bergamot leaves and orange blossoms for their vivid opening notes. Add some honey – but not too much – and then a little citrus, some light florals, and a slight waft of smoke, and you’ve got a lovely new fall fragrance that will uplift your spirits.

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This is the month for group dynamics, Sagittarius. Be sure to spend some fun times with your inner circle and your popularity with the ‘in’ crowd will climb. Take advantage (in a good way) of social situations, but don’t try to manipulate anyone, they’ll be on to you. Your innate calmness will serve you well in business and friendships this month.

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Be cautious in business this month Capricorn and if new deals present themselves the second week, wait a week to think about them before signing. On the positive business side, it’s an excellent month for networking, so get out there and connect. You may have some big decisions, so keep your family close for support and you’ll surely reach some of your lofty goals.

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This is your month to shine Aquarius, so light up the sky! Your instinct to stay out of the spotlight won’t serve you, so inspire the boardroom with your new ideas which will likely be well received. And in the love department, don’t be shy about bringing some extra excitement to the bedroom because Venus is on your side this month.

Whether you’re firing up the boardroom or the bedroom, you want your hair looking fabulous. The Aquis Flip will wick away the water after shampooing quicker and more gently than a typical towel. Its proprietary hairtech with a unique weave has less friction than a classic towel and helps improve hair strength by rapidly removing water allowing for hydrogen bonds to quickly recover so there’s less breakage.

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Pisces, for you this is a month of love. If you’re in a committed relationship, you may find this is the month for renewed passion, so simply embrace and enjoy. If you’re single, you’ll experience opportunities to meet new people, and there may be a love interest out there for you. Careful here, if you’re looking for the right one, be sure they’re not just looking for right now. Listen to your instincts to guide you. Do get out there and enjoy the month with an open mind, especially since this month listening to your gut feelings will keep you on the right path.

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