Beautyscopes: September 2023

The long, lazy days of summer are over. Though the weather is still warm, it’s back to school, and back to business. Part of September has Mercury in retrograde, so this month might have a rocky start, but have hope, we’ll all be happier in a couple of weeks when it disappears.

Those fun and creative projects that you’ve put on hold will finally move up to the “Let’s do this!” ladder. But there could be some work or family issues that will take up some time. Don’t be disheartened Aries, just make sure you’re creating a good work/play balance for yourself. Don’t spread yourself too thin and you’ll get it all done.

There’s nothing like a good spritz of an award-winning perfume to lift your spirits and For Her Eau de Parfum from Narciso Rodriguez will certainly do that. Created by rock star perfumers Christine Nagel and Francis Kurkdjian, For Her opens up with juicy peach and velvety rose and then wafts into beautifully balanced heart notes of earthy musk, light patchouli and warm amber basenotes.

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It’s a month of ups and downs for you, Taurus. Have you been overindulging this summer? If so, take it down a notch, whether it’s overindulging in food, or partying, you can cause your body harm. Don’t be bull headed, tone it down and exercise moderation, even in exercise. You’ve got increased energy and optimism this month, so put those to good use. You can expect some past difficulties to start to subside. Enjoy!

This is the perfect time to give your immune system a boost. So do it deliciously with Chewsy 6 in 1 Immune Support. These delicious tropical cherry tasting supplements are unlike gummies which are often difficult to chew, take too long to melt, and/or stick to your teeth. Chewsy’s are 25 calories, taste delicious, and easily melt in your mouth. The immune support is packed with elderberry, vitamins A, C, & D, along with selenium, and zinc. In a month of ups and downs, these will definitely help keep you on the upswing.

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You’ve recently made some changes Gemini – maybe to your daily routine, or perhaps you’ve moved? This month you should start to see the positivity that’s been produced by some of these changes, even if some were forced. Some deep introspection will help, and clarity is going to come to you this month.

September is the perfect time to make some changes in your skin care routine, and the PhytoPeel Resurfacing Mask & PhytoTrilogy Booster duo by Tete a Tete work hand-in-hand to create glowing, clear skin. The mask contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) which remove dead skin to allow for new cell turnover, along with other botanical anti-inflammatory ingredients. The booster concentrates on more anti-inflammatory ingredients which include galangal, bisabolol and mangosteen.

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This month is a good month to shed some outdated attitudes and free your mind to new things, Cancer. In mid-September you’ll likely be finding yourself immersed in new ideas and thoughts about things in your life. It’s the perfect time to start reading a new book, busy yourself in a new hobby, change some perspective, and enjoy lively, stimulating conversations with people you care about.

When two cheeky British friends thought it was time to shed some outdated period products the sustainable company Here We Flo was born. Tired of tampons and pads that use dyes and plastics Here We Flo uses organic bamboo & cotton, along with regenerative materials and a side of snark. A little monthly humor helps those cramps go away faster. Fun fact: The tampons are packaged in a pint sized ice cream style container because one of the partners gets a craving for ice cream every time she gets her period. We can relate.

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Leo this month is about self expression for you, as well as a focus on your career. The self image you’re developing will let others know how you’d like to be perceived. This month will be easier for you to get your finances in order and make alterations to your budget easily. By the end of the month, you’ll start having more meaningful conversations with friends and creating closer bonds.

We all want luscious locks as thick as a lion’s mane, but sometimes nature needs some help. Get that help with the Hair Thickening treatments from Eufora. Products include shampoo, conditioner, serum, scalp treatment, and supplements. Buy as a set or individually and get hair that gorgeously roars!

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The beginning of September will be a time of feeling rooted in security and starting to think about long range life plans. Stay away of being defensive, and instead focus on what positive changes you can create for yourself and view things in a brighter light. This will be a month of ups and downs, and many things may not seem clear, but they will be more clarity by the end of the month. You are the organizing queen, so that will certainly help you stay focused on the positive.

Whether it’s on your bathroom counter or traveling with you, having your makeup organized is beauty heaven. The KST Trainwreck Makeup Case by Oliver Thomas is like having the ultimate makeup maven shine her light upon you. Okay, maybe an exaggeration, but this lightweight, elegantly quilted makeup case holds it all neatly and beautifully. Available in 15 easy-to-clean fabric colors, it has two mesh pouches, a large bottom for bottles & palettes, seven slip pockets for brushes & pencils and an adjustable handle.

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Have you been feeling a bit anti-social lately, Libra? It’s time to put yourself out there this month and reconnect socially. There could be some activity in the romance dept at the end of the month, so if you’re looking for a romantic connection, be available, but be careful not to be impulsive. Be good to yourself. Some self nurturing is definitely in order.

From the effective, sustainable and socially responsible skin care brand Phytomer comes their Summer Mist, which isn’t just for summer. Fans of this elegant brand know that their message is from skin to sea and Summer Mist contains Oligofurcellarane and Oligomer, technical words for red algae extract and seawater concentrate. You won’t be smelling like the ocean as you make those social connections, instead, you’ll be immersed in the blend of peach, water lily, orange blossom, white flowers, ylang-ylang, amber, musk and cedarwood. Spray this lovely light scent on both skin and hair to hydrate and combat moisture loss.

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With Mercury in retrograde for a part of the month, you may have some friction with friends or co-workers which can cause you some stress. Stay focused Scorpio and you can turn things around and bring harmony into those relationships. This is also the month to give yourself a little pampering and buy yourself something to lift your spirits. Your perseverance and commitment to staying positive will help you through it like the champ you are.

Treat yourself to this cool looking nylon bag from Dolce Vita. The modern lightweight Mylah bag is styled with a drawstring, has two straps so it works as a cross-body or shoulder bag, snaps closed and has an inside pocket. The neutral color works with everything and is the perfect fall pick-me-up purchase.

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Stay focused this month Sagittarius. Early in the month may be a little challenging, so practice patience and you’ll stay in the positive zone. By the middle of month, you’ll feel a weight lift off your shoulders and you’ll be energized, so do accept that party invitation, you won’t be sorry. You’re on the road to success. Breakthroughs and good career moves can happen.

Leave it to the creativity of designer Betsey Johnson to take a little black bag and make it so fun. This It’s a Party 3-in-1 chic bag can play demure or be a total attention getter due to the multi colored gems that work as a handle or can be detached and worn as a bracelet. The two black straps give you the option of using it as a wristlet, a shoulder bag or a crossbody. It zips closed and has an inside zippered pocket. Heavens to Betsey – this bag has it all!

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This is the month to spread your wings Capricorn and experience some wonderful surprises. Push against your comfort zone and your horizon will expand with new experiences, travel to new places, and your creativity and confidence will get a boost. Overall health is looking good.

You know your skin needs topically applied vitamin C, but not all vitamin C products are created equal. L-ascorbic acid is used in most because it’s the cheapest. It’s also the least effective and least stable. Medik8 C-Tetra Luxe is one that uses the effective tetrahexyldecyl...or THD for simplicity. C-Tetra Luxe also contains vitamin E for a potent antioxidant protection and evens out skin tone.

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You may be feeling more sensitive than usual Aquarius, and this could be the perfect month to detangle some complex issues either at work or with your romantic partner. Get in touch with your feelings and you could find that this is the perfect time to create important new friendships. Embrace change, reach for goals as well as fun, and get out there and enjoy life.

It’s the perfect month to try a totally new fragrance, and D’Telli eau de Parfum is perfect for him or her. This shared fragrance leans more to the masculine side with opening notes of orange blossom, heart notes of Moroccan jasmine and Arabian jasmine, and settling into base notes of vanilla and amber. The elegant gold slim 10 mm atomizer is perfect for travel or carrying in your pocket or handbag.

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Pisces, your romantic relationship could go deeper this month as you discover new things about your partner. However, be careful not to dive into disagreements as September could take you on an emotional roller coaster. Stay grounded, and don’t engage in drama. Finances are looking positive, so it could be time for a splurge.

This sweet little bee earring from Brosway is buzzing with charm. The gold tone finish covers stainless steel and has six crystals for added sparkle. It’s perfect for any outfit. Honey, this is for you!

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