In my Valentine’s Day special feature ‘Self-Care by Venus Sign’ I shared insights on love languages through the zodiac including how to ramp up the Venusian areas of your life – self-worth, feminine receptivity, wealth, beauty, art, relationship, justice and sacred ecology. While Venus most often comes to mind when we think of love and intimacy, Venus is about love more broadly speaking and our understanding of her energies must encompass all relationships including friendships, business partnerships and kin groups. Venus puts a special focus on the women in our life – girlfriends, sisters, Mothers, Grandmothers. For cis-males, Venus represents both the ‘ideal feminine’ and the unconscious feminine energy or ‘Anima’ within one must reclaim to feel truly balanced and whole. That being said, when it comes to love, marriage and what we call ‘soulmate’ union – there is a much better cosmic indicator. While astral bodies like Venus and Vesta point us in the right direction when it comes to work, love and relationship – when it comes to long term union or marriage, we must look to asteroid Juno, Goddess of Marriage & Sacred Sexual Union.

Jointly ruled by Scorpio and Libra, in her higher expression, Juno represents relationship freedom, equality, intimacy and sharing. Juno harnesses mutual trust and understanding to create new, more balanced forms of partnership. Juno is that degree of sensitivity and awareness we bring to the other person in long-term, committed union. At the occult level, Juno represents tantric sexuality, soulmates and marriage as alchemical union. As Kundalini Yoga teachings state, ‘Marriage is the highest form of Yoga.’  And it is Juno whom shepherds the spiritual use of sexual energy within sacred marriage. Juno is Queen Mother of the asteroid belt’s ‘Three Gems’ alongside Vesta ‘Keeper of the Inner Flame’ and ‘Warrior Princess’ Pallas Athena. This article is part 3/3 of an Asteroid Goddess BEAUTYSCOPES series (read about VESTA here and Pallas here).

In ASTEROID GODDESSES: The Mythology, Psychology and Astrology of the Re-emerging Feminine, what I draw from in the Juno Rx by sign below, Demetra George and Douglas Bloch outline how the psychic development of the feminine as consort/wife can be symbolized by the progressive stages of asteroids Lilith, Juno and Psyche. Lilith prefers isolation and loneliness to subjugation, and in our natal charts she often represents where we are deceived or deceive in love, as well as where we experience and process feelings of isolation and separation. Unlike Lilith, Juno chooses relationship. Although she never derives true satisfaction from it, Juno evolves into a guardian of marriage, childbirth and conflict resolution. While Lilith’s volatile, ‘Women on Top’ approach is scintillating to say the least – Juno’s dedication to compromise lays the groundwork for Psyche to realize soulmate union. Astrologically we associate Juno with commitment, steadfastness, loyalty, devotion and willingness to remain in relationship within the context of separation and return.

Wifey of Jupiter, it’s egregious how much we know about Jupiter, how little about Juno. Given Jupiter’s significant size, in ancient times whole charts were read and oriented around it. Called ‘the Great BENEFIC,’ Jupiter is matched in scope only by ‘MALEFIC’ Saturn, keeper of time. Right now there’s even a NASA spaceship called Juno on a $1.1 billion mission to study Jupiter.  While astrologically planet Jupiter signifies expansion, adventure, philosophy, grace, luck and space for change – in myth, it’s another story. Jupiter destroys Juno’s Goddess cults, forbidding her to worship the feminine way, enforcing her chastity-belt-buckled monogamy while flaunting his infidelities. As Juno and Jupiter’s toxic tango highlights, with the rise of the written word came the heroic, hyper-masculine mega-lords and the demotion of female deities to brides and wives.  Goddess of Marriage, Queen of Heaven, eternal consort epitomizing the principles of right relationship, with divorce rates at an all time high – it’s no wonder Juno went MIA!

Juno, Goddess of Marriage & Sacred Sexual Union, revered for her loyalty and fidelity to Jupiter. Crowned by a glittering veil, she is often seen accompanied by a peacock and rainbow. The month of June is sacred to her. Long after we’ve forgotten Juno and her essential teachings, June remains one of the most popular months in which to wed. Embodiment of the triple Goddess, during the Age of Taurus Juno was worshipped as a cow-eyed sky queen. She is representative of the feminine passage from maiden to mother, and uses sexuality to transcend personal identity through committed intimacy. She is the perfected state of bride and consort signifying the urge for full mystical union which is emotionally, sexually and psychologically fulfilling.

Originally Juno was called Hera, root meaning ‘Earth,’ recalling the role of female deities as all-powerful bridge ensuring the fertility of land and kin. As Hera the wife of Zeus, her pairing was symbolic of the merging of two distinct and separate cultures. Like Juno and Jupiter, Hera and Zeus experienced a brief period of sexual ecstasy prior to their martial bliss erupting into a sadomasochistic combat zone. Zeus punished Hera by hanging her from the heavens, her wrists bound by golden bracelets. While strict monogamy deprived Hera of the sacred sexual customs ancient to Goddess-worship, Zeus’s disloyalties took a destructive attitude towards her cult and customs. Zeus went on to spawn many of the Greek heroes through his sexual assaults on Hera’s priestesses and worshippers (her former sisters whom she became pitted against in deadly rivalries).

When Hera was finally fully humiliated by Zeus’s infidelities and the shame and hate it inspired in her, she retreated into solitude, bathing in a spring to renew her virginity. Even as she would come to initiate more and more women into the rites of marriage, Juno was denied the same fulfillment. Which brings us to Juno’s lower expressions infidelity, jealousy, subjugation, betrayal, emotional attachment and possessiveness, emotional/sexual power games, projection and reflection, giving away our power, over-identification with partner or children, woman as malcontent and subtle manipulation. Sound familiar? Juno’s chief distortion being jealousy, her archetype expresses the need for deep sacred union as well as the range of suffering and neurotic complexes that arise when it is denied (and sometimes even when it is achieved!)

If marriage is an alchemical union, a path of transcendence transmuting the ego’s separateness into the larger whole, it is Juno who presides over the marriage ceremony merging two separate selves into a third entity swathed in divine love. As George and Bloch’s astro-feminism informs, the bed in the center of Juno’s temple symbolizes the ritual reenactment of sexual consummation: SEX AS BLISS (mutual orgasm);  SEX AS MAGIC (conscious conception) and SEX AS REJUVENATION (purification, healing, regeneration). You’d miss this, if you’ve been subjected to hook-up culture, predatory sexuality, or shamed for failing to perform like an airbrushed porn star on demand. Did you know that the reflexology zones of the penis and vagina reflect each other? This means that through penetrative sex we heal major organs such as the kidneys, heart, liver, spleen and lungs.

The 19th-century radical occultist, women’s rights advocate and sex martyr Ida C. Craddock is a Juno-like crusaders worth citing. Pioneering yogini here in the West and self-proclaimed ‘Bride of Heaven,’ Craddock is known for her memoirs about sexual intercourse with angels and was criminalized under Victorian-era morality for advocating openly about sex in the context of marriage. Before she chose suicide over a life-long prison sentence, Ida privately counseled married couples on sex drawing from ancient yogic wisdom. According to Ida – who like Juno stands for honesty, integrity and equality in love relationships – the woman is the best judge of the appropriate timing for sexual intimacy. Craddock believed that a woman who concedes to the lust of her lover against her own desire ‘degrades herself from the position of High Priestess in the sacred mystery.’ In Psychic Wedlock (1985) Ida writes that for males, ‘abandoning oneself to passion makes of one a slave.’ Whereas ascetic self-denial, what she terms ‘nature’s appointed gateway to increased sense-pleasure,’ makes of him a King. This statement is echoed in Tantric sexual practices which instruct male-semen retention to afford multi-orgasmic, increased sexual pleasure for both partners.

Astrologers often associate Juno with the Moon (the ground of feminine energy) and Venus (the Moon’s active sexual expression from which Venus emerges). While our Venus sign highlights how we relate, flirt and express our feminine energy, Juno speaks to what we expect and seek in the long-haul of love. Like all asteroids, Juno reflects the subtleties and nuance which is typically swept under the rug by a Western canon which centers and glorifies male battle gods. Before the discovery of Asteroids, the only feminine significators in astrology were Venus and the Moon. When white men looked at the stars they saw themselves as heroes and villains – appointing a two mere planets to the feminine, expecting neutered versions of the Moon and Venus to hold down the whole female half. Lest we forget, indigenous Venus, in her multiform glories, is equal parts Warrior (Morning Star) and Lover (Evening Star). In effect, the asteroid’s expansive, queer trajectory represents a metaphysical ‘quantum leap’ for humanity, facilitating evolution from individual ego understanding to collective consciousness.

Under patriarchy, Juno stands up for women’s rights and is a champion of the powerless (including women, battered wives, abused children, victims, minorities, survivors). Relationship pathologies and unfulfilled needs are likewise associated with the Scorpio side of Juno – jealousy, possessiveness, infidelity, subjugation, manipulation, power games, projection, betrayal, abandonment. When Jupiter’s infidelity aroused anger in Juno, her accumulated rage was displaced on Jupiter’s lovers and their children. Juno came to symbolize the suspicious wife, cut off from her feminine roots, aborting sisterhood for toxic rivalry. Juno challenges a patriarchal worldview in which an abundance of shallow sex and saccharine romance takes the place of cosmic sex union. Juno shines light on emotions and fears that swirl around commitment. Aspiring to Libran values which assure fair and equal partnerships – Juno’s plight illustrates how power struggles and disappointments result from a failure to align ideals with reality (air sign shadow territory). Juno gave her power away to Jupiter but raged when he turned it against her. Juno represents the need for relationship and the refusal to accept unfair circumstances – even if it means rage, revenge, plotting and/or being a shrew. All the while, contained within Juno’s separation from Jupiter and hiding is the energy of return and reconciliation.

In a personal natal chart, think of Juno as the mistress of our myths and stories about committed relationship, shining a light on our need for meaningful connection as well as the gifts and challenges that we experience along the way. Juno’s sign and house suggest the qualities we seek in an ideal mate for long-term sexual union. As significator of social ritual, Juno transits can indicate auspicious timings within a significant relationship (courtship, marriage, wedding) as well as periods of crisis and separation including divorce. In a Lover’s Synastry, Juno is a primary indicator of compatibility and karmic connection. Call on Juno to bring refinement, fulfillment and intimacy to relationships based in empathy, mutual trust, equality and balance of power.

If you don’t already know the sign and house of your Juno at birth, you’ll need to download a free natal chart HERE. To illuminate asteroid Juno, select ‘Additional Objects’ from the menu and choose ‘Juno’ from the drop-down list, indicated by the ? symbol. Read on for personalized insights on the Goddess of Marriage & Sacred Sexual Union through the zodiac, with healing Juno Rx proscribed by Midheaven Or Nah.

Juno in Aries *Spice it Up & Go Off*

Celebrity Doppelgänger: Ana Mendieta

Juno in Aries craves a bit of spice in relationship, and not just during the honeymoon stage! Cardinal Fire Juno values freedom, adventure and the ability to initiate change as needed. If not the relationship itself, other elements of your life must feel vibrant and ever-evolving. An individualistic self-starter and pioneer, you appreciate having enough independence from a partner to allow for full self-expression. Aries, being ruled by Mars, brings qualities of passion, initiative and a warrior-like spirit to the partnership dynamic. When freedom feels stifled, outbursts of temper and anger become the release mechanisms. Autonomy which has been frustrated or suppressed for too long may also show up as illness. Aries ruling the head, don’t become that ‘housewife’ complaining about her migraines, assert yourself and don’t apologize for your needs! When you deny your own power and potency, perhaps projecting it outward onto a partner or simply experiencing it outside of yourself – this can attract domineering, even aggressive or dangerous lovers.

Rx: Masala Muffin Mix

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Juno in Taurus *True Love Stands the Test of Time*

Celebrity Doppelgänger: Rapper Kid Cudi

Juno in sensuous, luxurious Taurus requires stability and groundedness in relationship, with an extra helping of creator comforts! Your partner-in-crime must be reliable, dependable and exude the sensual quality of truly ‘being there.’ You just want to relax and let yourself feel loved and pampered, Juno in Taurus. You prioritize your peace and if all else fails, aren’t above indulging in food as surrogate lover. When financial insecurities and fears of abandonment reign, you may resort to nagging, complaining about money or retail therapy. If you don’t experience these shadow qualities consciously, you might attract a partner that mirrors them to you. Once you find that special someone, you have no problem being loyal and staying the course in a traditional marital union. Pleasing the inner adrenaline junkie is just NOT your style, nor do you take to volatile bad boys or casual, polyamorous types. Cultivating the high art of patience and persistence in relationship, take the time to appreciate the beauty and tranquility that comes from building a love which truly stands the test of time. Remember to honor your own worth as well – trusting intimately in the universe’s ability to provide you with the sweet and lasting partnership you desire.

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Juno in Gemini *Trickster at the Crossroads of Love*

Celebrity Doppelgänger: Legendary Jazz great Sun Ra

GEMINI SEASON ain’t over yet, BABY! Easiest sign to love and hardest to trust, Geminis are often billed as compulsive charmers that don’t actually know what they want from people. Call the Twins heartbreakers, robinhoods or madmen, duplicitous liars or scoundrels – Gemini excels in reconciling opposites and paradox. Coinciding with Pride Month, Gemini rocks androgyny. Often called two-faced, Gemini is actually four-faced! In fact, Castor and Pollux (twin boys associated with Gemini) were actually quadruplets, with the female pair largely forgotten. According to myth, born of Swan Queen Leda’s twin eggs came Helen and Pollux, Clytemnestra and Castor. In the sign known to straddle the heights of heaven and the depths of hell, curious that it is the female twins we can associate with some of the less seemly side of marital bonds (think Juno as shrew shadow territory). Enter Helen of Sparta, where she reigned as Queen in between abductions before causing the Trojan War. Enter Queen Clytemnestra, who murdered her husband…

In the sign of the Trickster, Juno in Gemini is seeking a partner that accepts and understands one’s shapeshifting magic. You crave a caring soul whom can help you to open up and express yourself better – someone who doesn’t find your moodiness annoying. For someone that truly is open to learning/growing on the daily, they’ll appreciate your constant floods of fun and entertainment! Highly emotionally intelligent, you expect the same or better from your other half. Strong need for verbal stimulation and exchange, you prefer a variety of activities to participate in, some with your partner and some without. A versatile union with someone who gives you a lot of room to breath is key. With humility, you may be able to handle more than one partner! Just keep the communication strong and 100% honest. A bit too fickle for more traditional types, any partner-in-crime there for the long haul gets it – accepting or at the very least tolerating your high frequency social life. As for marriage, you’re best bet is an intellectually-stimulating union which owns the wise innocence of the inner-child. Juno in Aquarius is a match made in heaven. You deserve a partner that laughs with you, has an endless willingness to learn and grow and doesn’t mind your flirtatious vibe. Seeking a dynamic and multifaceted relationship – you’re looking for someone to endlessly bounce ideas off of. Loves to babble on discussing day-to-day plans, but are you avoiding going beneath surface? Poor communication breeds nervous tension and inner mental agitation leading to imagined dialogues and tiring inner monologues.

Rx: Collagen Gummies

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Juno in Cancer *The Healing Power of Vulnerability*

Celebrity Doppelgänger: Rapper M.I.A.

Juno in Cancer wants a partner who will emotionally support them no matter what. A long-term union fueled by tender love and care, emotional intimacy, loyalty and devotion is the bare minimum. Vulnerability, nurturing, sharing food as a ritual and a strong emphasis on home life is key. You want a protective and demonstrative partner who treats you like the precious pearl you are. When emotional needs are not met, one may resort to moodiness, withdrawal or clinging. Oozing with motherly love, you show your partner how gentle, kind, loving and connected intimacy can get. Caution around codependency and/or passive aggression, is your partner really responsible for your every nuance of feeling? That’s a heavy load to bear for either one of you. Focus on reciprocal give and take. While your nurturing care is unparalleled, do not neglect your own needs in the process. Are you receiving the same level of emotional support you give? Start by fostering a sense of emotional security from within. Sign of the crab, you must learn to feel at home in your own shell first. Embrace the healing power of vulnerability in your relationships. Open up, allowing yourself to be seen and understood. Sharing your deepest emotions and fears creates infinitely secure bonds.

Rx: Self Heating Warm Compress

If there’s one thing Cancer folk all have in common, it’s sensitivity. Superpower no doubt – but not without a few drawbacks. Depending on how much water you have in other areas of your chart, you might spend a great deal of time crying, or withdrawing as a form of self-protection. As a Cancer rising, I find myself tearing up throughout the day! As for eye care, I recommend the Self-Heating Warm Compress by CorneaCare. Instant, gentle warmth generated by activated charcoal plus hydrated minerals.

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Juno in Leo *Loyal, Demonstrative & Royal to the Max*

Celebrity Doppelgänger: Pam Anderson

Juno in Leo desires admiration and excitement from a mate. You seek a partner who appreciates your unique qualities and contributes to your sense of self-worth. Ideally, romantic rites of courtship continue into marriage and you both take pride in each other. Expressing your love with drama as well as passion, a partner must match your intensity!  It’s natural for you to become the center of attention, just remember to share the spotlight with your other half. Being taken for granted, rejected or ignored can produce egocentric, selfish behavior – including inappropriate attention seeking. Find a healthy balance between your need to be seen and your desire for a deep and meaningful relationship. Caution around becoming too possessive or demanding in love, which blocks the creativity and joy you’re so capable of igniting. Encourage your partner’s self-expression as you embrace the rapture that comes from a bond in which both individuals feel seen and appreciated. Charismatic and humorous with a huge heart, countless suitors are naturally drawn to you.  Loyal to the end, you aim to show your partner that you’re simply the best – the royal match of the century – and improving everyday. Pleasing your partner makes you happy and you’re demonstrative and warm – expressing daily to your sweetheart how much they mean to you.

Rx: Sun Wakasa Gold Plus

Ruled by the Sun, center of the zodiac, Juno in Leo is most magnificent in its natural, solar-powered dominion. Ancients new the healing power of sunlight, and protected the climate and Earth-balance as to ensure its maximum benefits. With the ozone layer depleting, we now not only must shield ourselves from its potent rays, but have lost or miscalculated much of its rich and glorious mythology. While Leo is traditionally correlated with the heart chakra, it also has a special affinity with the solar plexus, called the ‘inner sun’ by yogis. Juno in Leo, your Rx is to feed your inner sun. That is to say, supercharge your immune system with Sun Wakasa Gold! Brought to you by Sun Chlorella® – the company named after the single-celled green superfood algae packed with health-boosting nutrients, including more chlorophyll than any other plant food on earth.  Sun Wakasa Gold is the leading chlorella drink made from concentrated algae safe for digesting. Drink it to boost immunity, promote gut health and enjoy loads of natural, streamlined energy all day long. Not only is Sun Chlorella the most digestible chlorella on the market, the patented production process allows users to get the most nutrients out of each serving. Take a shot and let your inner sun lead the way to more health, happiness and harmony.

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Juno in Virgo *Tango of Immortal Beings*

Celebrity Doppelgänger: Zoe Kravitz

Juno in Virgo seeks a soulmate that embodies loyalty, intelligence, health, routine, emotional stability and an enthusiasm for self-improvement. Embrace the opportunity for personal development that comes through committed relationship while honoring your individuality. While looking for a partner, avoid being critical or fault-finding in your quest for perfection. Virgo’s intelligence is not about perfection, but rather, process and progress. You’re attracted to those who know what they want and take action to get it. Trust in the divine timing that brings soulmates together and allows destiny connections to flourish. Open your heart and let the universe work its magic. Call on patience, trust and a belief in your own worthiness. Have faith in yourself and your ability to create the life you desire. Go forth with confidence! Analyzing interactions and communication styles, you actively work towards better understanding and connection with your intimates. Embrace growth within your relationships knowing that each step forward brings you closer to harmony and fulfillment. Harnessing Juno in Virgo’s unique power requires intentionality and an open heart. Your manifestation process has a grounded element which encourages you to be discerning in both choices and action. Relationship satisfaction requires an integration of physical pleasure and emotional intimacy. You view sexuality as a holy, transformational activity; and ‘Love’ as a ritualistic tango of two immortal beings. Feels a past-life connection with a mate.

Rx: Snail Mucin Body Lotion

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Juno in Libra *Hopeless Romantic & Fashion Killa*

Celebrity Doppelgänger: Rapper Xxxtentacion (R.I.P.)

Juno in Libra expects a fair amount of give-and-take in relationship. Libra walks on the battlefield in grace, but that doesn’t make this an easy position! Going out of your way to be fair and meet others halfway, selfishness tends to drive you up the wall. Idealism is remarkable, just watch that your mission doesn’t become so all-consuming it defeats the purpose. When needs for equality are NOT being met, you may respond with an excessively competitive or combative spirit! Libra, sign of marriage, is ironically more polyamorous than not. It’s not that you require more than one partner, but that you’re highly attractive, indecisive, seek the unattainable and treat your desires like basic needs. Is romantic daydreaming and idealization distracting you from solid commitment? Remember that nobody’s perfect, and when you put someone on a pedestal you’re not fully seeing or accepting who they are in reality. In marriage, you are looking for an elegant and modern union filled with respect, loyalty, generosity, sensuality and sweet passion! You’re also willing to stay in relationship through all matter of disputes and discord. For the right partner, you make the push-and-pull of minor power struggles more elegant and fun! Have you acknowledged all that you are truly worthy of? Are you giving too much in relationship because you love hard and fast? Good with words of affirmation and acts of service. Caution around craving constant affection, attention and validation. Are you expecting grand gestures in love at the expense of practicality? Although you put a high value on beauty, caution around falling for fake people or overindulging in superficial tastes!

Rx: Amber Collagen Mask

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Juno in Scorpio *The Sexually Invincible Lover*

Celebrity Doppelgänger: Beyonce

Mysterious and elusive, passionate and jealous… when it comes to Juno in Scorpio, an enviable sex life is the center of attention. Think, attraction through sexual power. Your greatest transformations occur within the cauldron of sacred love. Expect a marriage union filled with passion, not to mention a steady climate of emotional understanding and support shared between spouses. Juno in Scorpio serves an over-the-top creative force and a lot of love to family. Attracted to those who exude power, your ideal partner stands out from the crowd and oozes sex appeal. Let go of any low vibe obsessions or paranoia around cheating, affairs or betrayal. Like a pressure-cooked diamond, razor sharp intuition helps one cut through the throngs of suitors to find your ride-or-die. It is essential to find a passionate partner with whom you will enjoy intense emotions. Centering life around sexuality and eros, you seek a life-long soulmate who can take you to the depths of your desires. Relationships are deep, committed and intense – leading to regeneration when crisis occurs.

Rx: Center for Healthy Sex

There’s a dailiness about choosing the high expression of Scorpio (Phoenix rising) over the low (Crisis/Addiction/Drama). Likely, you’ve probably experienced a great deal of both in this lifetime. What’s Juno in Scorpio’s toxic trait? NOT asking for help when you need it.

Ever used sex as a drug? Are you or your partner struggling with sexual dysfunction, sex or love addiction, betrayal trauma or addiction to porn? At the Center for Healthy Sex there’s a team of dedicated professionals specializing in all of the above. With over 18 years of experience in the field, the Santa Monica based center specializes in treating sexually compulsive behaviors and addictions, sexual dysfunction as well as their root physical and emotional causes, intimacy and trust issues and much more. They also offer couples therapy and LGBTQIA2S+ Affirmative Care that addresses discrimination, expressing authentic gender/sexual identities as well as decolonizing shame and guilt. With professionals trained to understand the brutal nature of addiction, the Center for Healthy Sex is committed to excavating to the heart of your love and sex-based traumas while deconstructing the distorted thinking which fuels the cycle. Call the center today, where every client is entitled to a free, confidential consultation.

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Juno in Sagittarius *Expressive & Liberated in Love*

Celebrity Doppelgänger: Italian Actress Sophia Loren

Juno in Sag individuals desire intellectual stimulation from a partner. Known for being philosophical, liberal and open-minded; you expect that your relationships will feed your need for adventure, exploration and spiritual outward bound. Consensus on a belief system or mutually shared vision of the future is key. When said vision is not shared with a partner, rigid insistency on the primacy of one’s personal beliefs, religious fanaticism or inflated expectations can result. With clear insights into who will or won’t satisfy your needs from the jump, qualities you seek typically manifest early on in the relationship and you will quickly abort mission if the sense of fun and adventure feels lacking. Travel is a huge draw for you, with Sagittarius ruling all things foreign. You may meet a partner abroad, or be drawn to someone from a different cultural background. Either way, it’s important that the union is ultimately based on common interests, particularly, a shared philosophy about life. Requiring a lot of freedom within committed relationship, you probably DON’T vibe with the traditional definition of marriage and will need to redefine it for yourself. Like everything, you expect married life to feel larger than life. Imagine a long-term union that still feels fun, vibrant, versatile and passionate. The hope is that your partner feels as expressive and liberated as you tend to be.

Rx: Fruit Enzyme Hydrating Mist

With a penchant for the exotic, a little fruit enzyme powered hydration goes a long way, Juno in Sagittarius. From clean beauty innovator MyCHELLE SkincareFruit Enzyme Hydrating Mist instantly energizes and restores your skin’s moisture level. Diminishing the appearance of fine lines, antioxidants like turmeric and vitamin C-rich super fruit mangosteen help hydrate and provide protective antioxidant benefits. Known for their honesty, transparency, authenticity and effective, eco-friendly products – MyCHELLE is a mission-driven, PETA certified cruelty-free company and founding member of the Environmental Working Group’s Verified for Your Health program. Best known for their reef-safe sun care, MyCHELLE products are vegetarian, cruelty-free and free of phthalates, parabens, petroleum, sulfates, ureas, artificial fragrances and colors. While it’s hard to both pass the Sag morality test and feed mutable fire’s need for flavor and zest, Fruit Enzyme Hydrating Mist surely hits this Juno’s always moving target.

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Juno in Capricorn *Stand Your Ground*

Celebrity Doppelgänger: Singer/Songwriter Melanie Martinez

Juno in Capricorn DEMANDS respect. Seeking a long-term union that’s stable and organized, Juno in cardinal earth wants to make sure a partner is ‘here for a long time, not just a good time.’ Expects a partner to have as much direction and commitment to moving forward as you do. The epitome of high standards, Capricorn’s authoritative approach may dovetail with controlling behaviors. Are you demanding obedience and then withdrawing emotionally when your need for respect and stability is threatened? Seeking depth and the assurance of long-term commitment, you likely desire the security of traditional marriage. Never the ‘YOLO’ type, for some, your partnership style may even prove a bit boring! Not one to play games, nor be played for that matter – your core needs in partnership include stability, ambition and formal commitment. Brings discipline, responsibility and a focus on achievement to the dynamics of relationship. Exudes authority through presence, class and outstanding style. Perseverance and a strong sense of duty are strengths. Caution around an outsized fear of losing control, bossiness or too much focus on status and reputation. Has ‘making things official’ become more important to you than candlelit dinners and kisses? Taking to marriage with the utmost seriousness, for you it’s a sacred and social contract in which both partners support each other’s reputation, climb the social ladder and keep each other looking enviable AF!

Rx: Organic Cleansing Makeup Remover Wipes

In the name of practical, sensible, cardinal earth Juno in Capricorn, your Rx is biodegradable face wipes. Naturally and gently removing makeup, even waterproof mascara, Organic Cleansing Makeup Remover Wipes by Natracare are sensitive skin-approved! The new organic formula cotton cloth means not only making your skin care regimen more environmentally-safe and efficient, but feeding your inner flower with added organic essential oils of apricot and chamomile. In fact, Natracare cleansing face wipes enriched with vitamin E and aloe vera actively help protect your skin against daily pollution and sun damage. Free from parabens, plastic, GMOs, sodium lauryl sulfate, methylisothiazolinone and other harmful synthetic additives. A wonderful plant-based infusion, the wipes are suitable for composting and meet Cosmetic Organic standards (COSMOS). Because if it ain’t respectful of nature and supporting sustainability, it ain’t for you Juno in Capricorn.

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Juno in Aquarius *Our Lady of Independence*

Celebrity Doppelgänger: Actress Eva Mendes

With Juno in Aquarius, sign of the rebel, wizard and iconoclast – independence is paramount! You value partnerships which respect your personal space and support your intellectual pursuits. Espousing a unique and unconventional relationship style or styles, you are attracted to connections that provide radical intellectualism, stimulation and a departure from the status quo. Requires freedom to be an individual and have a life apart from the relationship. Open-minded and willing to explore non-traditional relationship forms such as open marriage or role reversals. Likewise, being denied freedom of experimentation may lead to non-committal, unreliable or erratic behaviors. Convention isn’t nearly as important to you as someone who can accept all the facets of who you are, no matter their background, style or persona. Thrives when rebellion is encouraged. Expecting others to treat you as their peer, any partner or friend must respect your individuality as you do theirs. The last thing you want to be treated like is a prize or possession. Keeping drama and egoism to a minimum, you expect the same enlightened detachment from a lover.  Those who have a strong sense of social justice or are involved in humanitarian efforts captivate you. Your commitment to equality and fairness extends beyond personal connections to influence your approach to humanity in general.

Rx: Caramel Coffee Body Scrub

Dear Juno in Aquarius, it’s time to come down from the clouds, get out of your head and into your body. Ready to inhabit your flesh as never before? Give it an exfoliating scrub-down with Justhuman Coffee Caramel Body Scrub.

A fragrant blend of coffee, ground brown sugar and olive oil exfoliates, the scrub improves blood circulation and erases cellulite for smoother, tighter, brighter skin. While you may be the zodiac’s ‘Water Bearer’ – water retention ain’t cute. Say goodbye to dull, puffy, dimpled skin and hello to radiant confidence. If you know holistic beauty, you must know Justhuman. Infused with rich peptides, biotics and actives, this irresistible new body scrub not only cleans and perfects your bod, but enables effective skin-brain communication. With their efficacious collection of bodycare products powered by neurocosmetics, Justhuman is tapping the skin’s neuroreceptors to enhance the production of endorphins and give you your best hair and skin barrier yet, from the inside out. Not only that, Justhuman products are free from all of the 900+ chemicals listed in California’s Prop 65, a comprehensive list of substances known to cause autoimmune and endocrine disorders, cancer, birth defects and various other health issues. Ready to scrub your way to the most irresistible skin you’ve ever had? Juno in Aquarius, it might just be written in the stars…

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Juno in Pisces *What’s Wrong with Rose-Colored Glasses?*

Celebrity Doppelgänger: Alanis Morissette

Desiring to realize your highest ideals through relationship, Juno in Pisces must sail to spiritual and ethereal heights with a lover. Your ideal partner connects with you on a soul level. Complete faith, commitment and mutual reverence is what gives one’s life value. Drawn to commitments rooted in spirituality, creativity and/or unconditional love. Born with loads of natural empathy. A caring and supportive partner, heightened intuition allows you to sense the unspoken depths of your partner’s emotions, creating a safe space for them to open up and be vulnerable. When idealistic expectations are not met – the shadow rears its ugly head in the form of escapism into fantasy and self-deception, martyrdom, disillusionment, withdrawal or victimization. Seeking a long-term union where both partners feel truly cared for, understood and loved unconditionally – when it comes to romance, you tend to wear rose-colored glasses. Values maintaining some level of mystery, giving others space and time to come to conclusions. You hate it when people try to box you in! Life has no script. A partner or close friend who prefers well-defined boundaries and resists merging frustrates you. Sensitive, sometimes to a fault, be weary of the emotional breaking point were idealism turns into delusion.

Rx: Leela Quantum H.E.A.L.® Capsule Petite

Living in a toxic environment you can’t quite quantify? Feeling depleted by strange allergy-like symptoms, chronic fatigue or overwhelm? Get you some quantum energy, STAT! Juno in Pisces, with spiritual sensitivity comes the need to shield.  Equipped with special healing frequencies for enhanced wellness, The Leela Quantum Tech H.E.A.L.® Capsule necklace offers a simple way to protect and increase your energy levels for an overall feeling of serenity. Envision three titanium spheres charged with pure, neutral quantum energy –  each transmitting good vibes to the wearer and enhancing the structure of water or food. Each quantum-charged capsule necklace is scientifically proven to hold frequencies of the most important vitamins and minerals for the human body, including frequencies from dozens of organic plant extracts. Designed to integrate seamlessly into your daily routine, The H.E.A.L.® Capsule Petite’s reduced size makes it especially suitable for women and children, offering both comfort and ease of wear without sacrificing any of its beneficial properties. Wear it as a stylish necklace or carry it in your handbag. Crafted with premium brass for superior frequency transmission, The H.E.A.L.® Capsule Petite contains what the brand terms primal human healing frequencies,  cosmic and earth healing frequencies, primal water frequency and nutritional biobase frequency (the latter containing almost 80 essential vitamin, mineral and organic plant extract frequencies). The fruit of extensive research, including rigorous testing and certifications by BESA and IGEF, H.E.A.L.® Capsules are not only safe, but essential medicine for the modern spiritual nomad. Embrace the power of quantum wellness by H.E.A.L.® – a brand that stands for Holistic, Experience, Abundance & Love.

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Katie Cercone

Katie Cercone is an interdisciplinary artist, yogi, curator & astro-feminist based in Queens, NYC. Katie teaches GENDER TROUBLE in the Visual & Critical Studies Department at SVA. To learn more about her yoga and astro-oracle offerings, follow @parvati_slice on Instagram

This is a relatively quiet month for you ravishing rams, with your third house lit up — which means there is an emphasis on communication: learning, selling, writing, conversing, researching, and pitching, as well as siblings and short trips. You’ll be expressing yourself well and feeling creative and romantic. Mars will be in your sign for the first week of this month, so you’ll feel driven. Since Aries is known for rushing into things whole-heartedly, you can put your best for forward as you travel and roam this month with Naot’s ultra-comfortable selection of sandals, sneakers and platforms. Well-crafted to last, Naot is a brand you can trust with all of your summer plans. In fact, their shoes are so comfortable and stylish, you can wear them with dresses and forget you have them on.

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Mars is entering your sign after the first week this month beauteous bulls, so you’ll be ready to forge ahead with plans and get some things squared away once and for all. There is an emphasis on income this month, both earning more and spending more (…be forewarned). At the end of May, Jupiter entered your sign with its prosperity and expansion and will remain there until 2025, so expect more, more, more. Sensuous bulls are associated with the neck, so PRAI Beauty - The PRAI Pro Line should be on your radar. This is skincare that targets the oft-overlooked neck, décolletage, arms, and hands with 9 advanced-formula products that meet QVC’s stringent Clean Beauty standards. The Neck Correct Advanced Repair Creme and Neck Correct Advanced Repair Serum were put to the test and the results were indeed firming and uplifting. The Neck Correct Advanced Repair Creme contains niacinamide to optimize the skin’s own collagen levels, and it moisturizes and plumps skin to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. The Neck Correct Advanced Repair Seem imparts an ultra-repairing hydration boost to the neck and décolletage, and also features a built-in metal roller applicator to deliver a cooling effect to the skin.

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he first half of the month is all about leadership and new beginnings with the sun and Venus in your sign for half of the month. The second half of the month is all about income and new projects. Get ready to shine like the sun, gorgeous Gemini! Ruled by Mercury the swift, winged messenger, you’ll want those ever-moving sandaled feet to be summer-ready. One way to do that while pampering yourself in the comfort of home is with the VOESH — DIY At-Home Spa Pedicure Kit. This pampering pedicure box is everything you need to tend to your tootsies. Detox in the Sea Salt Soak, Exfoliate with the Sugar Scrub, Purify with the Mud Masque and moisturize with the Massage Butter. This kit includes a nail file for flawless shaping, too. Voesh products contain no talc, phthalates, parabens, benzophenone, or 1680+ other dubious or harmful ingredients, which enables you to care for yourself in the healthiest way, Gemini.

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The first half of the month is quiet and introspective for you, captivating Cancer, as you work behind-the-scenes on projects you intend to debut in the second half of the month. The second half of the month will also be more about romance and love. VitaSea - Vitamins from the Sea has your sun sign over it… Sun’s out, fun’s out! VitaSea has a suite of more than 10 sun protection products that combine sea kelp and other moisturizing antioxidants within their formulations to both protect and serve. VitaSea offers sunscreen lotion SPF 50, replenishing cream for face and body, Mineral sunscreen SPF 30, sunscreen super spray SPF 50, a pocket-sized mineral sunscreen stick SPF 30, and more. Packed full of antioxidants, vitamins E and C, minerals, amino acids and the goodness of sea kelp, every product is reef-friendly and good for human skin and the planet. With gentle formulas that are dermatologist-approved and tested, you’ll want to pick them up for beach and beyond. These are ideal for sensitive skin.

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The 11th house of friends and associates are lit up for you, along with communities and charities and group endeavors. Perfect for summer, luscious Leo, and for your future. Communication and self-expression will be underscored as well And anything that brightens is all about you, Sun Queen! MyCHELLE Dermaceuticals - BRIGHTEN is a summer-ready, six-product line from MyCHELLE Dermaceuticals, which is a perennial favorite here at Beauty News NYC because it garnered a Purity Award, and because of its efficacy, hydrating formulations, and thoughtful natural packaging. The BRIGHTEN line is an illuminating peptide serum and whipped moisturizer. BRIGHTEN Instantly Illuminating Peptide Serum with Vitamin C, bakuchiol, CoQ10, hyaluronic acid, niacin amide, imparts a natural glow and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines. It feels like a smoothie for your skin, and smells incredibly fresh. BRIGHTEN Illuminating Peptide-Rich Whipped Moisturizer helps diminish fine lines too, adds a natural glow for sun-kissed days, and contains hibiscus flower extract, CoQ10, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and a blend of peptides. Creamy and whipped, this feels like velvet on the skin.

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This is absolutely your 10th house career month, vivacious Virgo, so gird yourself for an amped-up month of appreciative recognition. You’ll also be dealing with partnership issues to iron them out. Purity, effectiveness, and efficiency are words you practically live by — and Bragg, which is lauded for its best-in-show apple cider vinegar has products that will likely excite you: Inner Glow and True Energy. Inner Glow contains apple cider vinegar and phytoceramides to hydrate skin and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. True Energy contains apple cider vinegar and six B vitamins to power you through the hot days of summer. These vegan, clean-ingredient capsules help with blood glucose levels, cholesterol levels, weight levels. And contain no artificial colors or flavors. Check these out and everything else the Bragg offers.

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With four planets in Gemini in your 9th house sector, you’ll be focused on long distance traveling, publishing, marketing, the justice system, and education this month, lovely Libra. This is also a fantastic month to meet a lucky new love or business partner while traveling or at a career seminar/event. The Althea Day Serum from celeb-dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban is a silky, fast-absorbing antioxidant-rich powerhouse formulated to defend the skin from environmental aggressors during the daylight hours. It’s exactly what you’ll need to brighten and build collagen with a potent combination of Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, two forms of Vitamin C, and Vitamin E, all in harmony with the Solar Synq Technology. Harmony is your keyword! You’ll love all of this brands many ultra-effective, clean-ingredient products.

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Finance, legacies, joint ventures, loans, taxes and the lottery are all part of your realm this month, scintillating Scorpio, along with inheritances, legal matters, sex, and other people’s money. Now is the time to gamble on a lottery ticket or two — or even on that person in your heart’s crosshairs. Take a chance this month and try something new, like Confetti Snacks, which are ideal for summer picnics with your favorite person, for healthy snacking at home, post-gym, and for at-work snack satisfaction. Green Curry Mushroom Chips, Summer Truffle Veggie Chips, Just Half Moons Mandarin Orange Chips (new!), and Teriyaki BBQ Chips are just a few of the creatively inspired Confetti Snacks flavors that will deliver a fresh new spin on snacking to leave you feeling guilt-free and energized. Choose your favorites, spread your picnic blanket, and embrace healthy snacking in the summer sun.

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This is a great month for expanding both your inner and outer circles, sultry Sagittarius, and for releasing. yourself from stifling contracts, joint ventures, and partnerships as well. It’s also great for the flip side, which is starting new ventures, partnerships, intimacy, sex, and even marriage. In other words: partnerships of all types are under the microscope for better or worse (your take on them). Stay protected this summer with Dermaesthetics Korean Skincare brand-new, luxurious Anti-Pollution UV Shield SPF 50 Sunscreen. This is a coral reef-safe, clinical-grade sunscreen made in the USA that offers unparalleled protection and a stunning clear and glassy skin tone, combining the best of science and luxury for superior UVA and UVB protection. The inclusion of Aloe Vera and Chamomile soothes the skin, while the advanced technology behind Collagen Peptide and Palmitoyl Peptides targets the visible effects of aging. Savor your radiant finish while ensuring the utmost sun care and effectiveness—and love for the environment, too!

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This is a month for increased health and vitality, and to eschew simply toeing the line and being dutiful, courageous Capricorn. You’ll feel inspired to try new approaches, expand your way of thinking, and to relate to people in a new way, ushering in innovation. Interacting with people in a way that’s mutually satisfying is key to your happiness this month. Another new approach: Physician’s Formula has unveiled an exciting new line of color correctors, glow serums, contour wands, skincare powder, lip colors, blush, Butter glow Bronzing Serum, and more — so stock up to start your summer glow-up journey with this hypoallergenic, safe-for-sensitive skin, and dermatologist-tested makeup brand. Physicians Formula has been the leading innovator in creating clean beauty products since 1937, which resonates with your admiration for the well-established. This collection will provide a flawless summer beauty experience through rain or sunshine, Cap.

Available: Physicians Formula

Alluring Aquarians, the first half of this month is all about enjoyment and savoring life’s simple pleasures — a day at the beach, a game on the veranda, gardening, painting, cooking — and then the second half is about getting down to business and work, so make the most of each half of this month accordingly. Your work and day-to-day life will grow incredibly busy near the end of the month and you’ll be infused with insight and creativity. Derived from Greece’s natural splendor (think olive groves in the sun, mountain herbs, yogurt and honey from a network of small Greek farmers), Korres Skincare offers a Beauty Bundle and Pure Greek Oil Discovery Kit for guests, as well as various natural-ingredient Korres skincare products such as the Korres Cleanser, their lightly tinted Lip Gloss, and the ultra-hydrating Lip Balm for sun protection. If you can’t make it to Crete this summer, Korres is a skin-satisfying option. Greece is a global biodiversity hotspot, hosting one of the richest floras per square meter… more than 6,000 plant species, in fact —1,200 out of which are not found anywhere else in the world.

Available: Korres

Peace-loving Pisces, June is a month of family, home, hosting, parties, and gathering with loved ones. Vacations and entertainment are also in the sunlight. Real estate, construction, redecorating, BBQs, cooking, and game-playing with loved ones and friends are your vibe, so settle into sweet domesticity wherever you find yourself, since you’ll feel drawn to the comforts of home. Relax with Outdoor Fellow scented candles and reed diffusers. They are inspired by the founder’s personal interactions with nature and the great outdoors, which is something that resonates with you. Bring summer’s green wilderness straight into your home with the Mountain Forest candle or /and relax and unwind with the beautifully fresh, aromatic and lilting scent of Juniper & Grapefruit. Or opt for Fire Island, Tomato Vine, Pepper & Orange, Coastal Forest, and more. Outdoor Fellow will uplift you and transport you to an array of fresh new terrains at home this sunny season.

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