Best Bets: February 2011


The eyes have will have it this Spring, so we’re offering a sneak peak of the texturally interplay that defines Spring’s heart-stopping, romantic eye – for the most part – with Best Bets this month! Paul and Joe offerings are always romantic and fashionably packaged, so it’s no surprise that the Spring 2011 collection blossoms with inspiration from the 19th century Impressionist Art movement. You’ll still look romantically modern with the Color Powder CS parasols. These multi-toned, ultra-feminine shadows shimmer with radiance. I swirled Taffeta (072), a silky, brightening nude yellow, and tapped into my inner corners for a light-reflecting burst of va-va-voom. The hexagon floral packaging pretties up any vanity space, too.

The Academy Awards are this month and after the ceremony and broadcast, fashion magazines and blogs are alight and abuzz with “What was she wearing?” spreads, in terms of labels and lip glosses. Stila and E! are launching a preemptive strike of sorts with their Breathtaking Beauty Collectible Palette, so you, too, can enjoy red carpet glamour before, during and after Oscar season. Palette No. 1 aims for the glowing skin (Kitten All Over Shimmer), glossy lips (Guava Lip Glaze) and neutral yet smoked out eyes (Drama, Film) that the beachy California girls are so fond of when it comes to glamorous events. Even if you’re headed to the office or to a date at the museum, you’ll look like you’re about to lock arms with Leonard DiCaprio in Hollywood in front of a receiving line of flash bulbs while wearing a custom Armani creation thanks to this versatile palette.

Bedazzling and bejewling are normally reserved for teenagers and we thumb our noses at the concept here at BeautyNews, but don’t groan or roll those gorgeous eyes! Becca takes bejeweling to a grown up and fashion-forward level with their new Jewel Dusts. These playful, pure, loose pigments are named after mythical figures and fairies and are packaged in glass cubes for ease of use. Jewel Dusts are designed to enhance powder eye shadow with a kick of intense luster when used in conjunction; conversely, they offer glimmery sheen when used in tandem with the line’s Creme Eye Color. I like to use an uber-thin brush to apply the Dusts close to the lash line for a hint of sparkle and to amp up the intensity of a matte liner. The burnished, bronze gold of Xantho and the royal plum of Mazikeen look divine when paired with matte black and sparkly pink shadows, respectively.

Jenny McCarthy has been hawking EyeDews Under Eye Masks, so when they landed on my desk, I was at least a little curious. If you had a long, hard night and need to de-puff and de-stress, forget tried ‘n’ true methods like cucumbers or ice water! You can achieve “eyedration” with these miracle workers, which, when applied for 20 minutes, moisturize, soothe and soften while protecting the fine, thin skin around your soul windows! They are banana-shaped discs that you apply directly to affected areas.

The UK-based Organic Pharmacy understands that women put hundreds of chemicals into their bodies and on their skin daily in what can liberally be described as a chemical cocktail, so they answered the toxicity call with Organic Glam, the cosmetic complement to their skincare line, which is now gaining traction in America. No petrochemicals, no animal testing, no preservatives or artificial colorants and fragrances is the Organic Glam mantra, and while many lines that present themselves as healthy alternatives embrace the same philosophies, OG doesn’t scrimp on the glam. Ultra Glossy Lip Plump in Petal is an angelic pink suitable for all skin tones and all seasons and I love its heavenly, lip-hugging texture. It’s all I needed to pair with a sparkly eye. The vials of Eye Shadow Shimmer in Petal Pink and Pale Lavender are gorgeous, browbone highlighters; when dabbed in the inner corners, you can fake eight to 10 hours of sleep…easily.

The Spring will bring lots of textural interplay with matte and shimmer, namely around the eyes, so you’d be wise to invest in a cost-effective bottle of Simple’s Kind to Eyes Makeup Remover. It’s a no oil formulation, so you can apply liberally without worrying about irritation or the greasy residue that causes you to blink ad nauseum. It’s still gentle and conditioning, though! All in all, Simple’s EMU leaves no remnants of last night’s makeup, so you won’t wake up with raccoon eyes, either.

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