Best Bets: October 2011


Sunset eyes are all the rage this fall, featuring burnished oranges, purples, coppers and taupes that mimic the sky as the sun fades. Make Up Forever‘s limited edition Highline Eye Shadow Palette is celebrating New York City’s West Side neighborhoods, with colors that give off the vibrancy, energy and chic of this particular pocket of the city. New York gals, rejoice! The palette is exclusively available Sephora’s new Meatpacking location, which just opened. The palette contains three regular MUF shadows and one Diamond Shadow, so you can mix a metallic with muted neutrals. The purple works best as a bottom lash liner, while the copper, taupe and beige are buildable and blendable for a looks like the sunset over the city’s skyline.

Nothing irks us more than eye makeup mistakes, especially when strapped for time! There is no longer the need to nab an eye makeup remover wipe and start over or forego makeup altogether, thanks to Andrea’s Eye Q Eye Make Up Correctors. If your hand slips and you make an errant line when trying to draw your perfect cat eye or you load up the brush with too much product and thus overdo it with a carbony smoky eye and end up resembling a raccoon, you can easily correct your errors and turns flaws into fabulousness with these miracle workers! The correctors are pre-moistened with a gentle, non-irritating eye makeup remover and they boast compact tips for better control and correction. Available at drugstores nation-wide.

Happy 20th anniversary to the queen of neutrals, Bobbi Brown! Brown’s eponymous company is celebrating 20 years of neutral lip shades with its blockbuster lip palette. The set includes the original 10 shades that Brown launched her line with, along with 10 modern, exclusive ultra bright shades that are also brown-based and offer plenty of pucker options! What’s old (we prefer classic) is new and what’s new is celebratory of the past with this “must own” palette. We love that Brown paired her signature shades with brighter, bolder options that can be mixed and customized. You will never have a bad lipstick day with this palette. Brown herself recommends mixing Beige with Atomic Pink for your own patented hue.

The palette features the original 10: Beige, Salmon, Raisin, Brown, Rose, Pink, Orange, Blackberry, Burnt Red and Red. The updates are: Coral Gables, Lady Rube, Berry Punch, Hot Berry, Watermelon, Atomic Pink, Party Pink, Cosmic Lilly, Pink Martini and
Candied Red.

Available at Bobbi Brown counters.

In our Beauty Insider column this month, Kerry Malouf espouses the virtues of Le Metier de Beaute’s Fresh Tints. We had to share them in Best Bets, too, since they are “must own.” Packaged in circular, matte finish discs, these fall formulated tints are long-lasting and winter-ready. Mystique, a frosty lilac that melts into your lips all the while avoiding the chalky, ’80s look, and Ginger Lily, the softest peach you’ll ever glide across your lips, deserve a home in your handbag. Forget an applicator brush. Swipe with your pointer finger, dab a little on your cheeks, look in the mirror and blow yourself an air kiss because they enhance your beauty. Soft, shimmery, grown up and dewy. That’s how your lips’ll look.

Clinique‘s best-selling Black Honey lip shade (it’s a universal shade that looks like a sheer, rose-wine shade on my lips) is now available as a dual-ended, Long Last Glosswear with SPF 15. It’s the sheer lipstick bullet on one end and a super shiny version of the shade as a gloss on the other. We know, we are celebrating too!

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