Best Bets: December 2011

The holiday season is time to shimmer, sparkle and shine at every holiday shindig and soiree you make the rounds or do a lap at. Vincent Longo’s Diamond Body Spray in Silver, encased in a darling perfume atomizer, is a skin illuminator that has the same effect as crushing diamonds into a fine dust and sprinkling the megawattage remnants on your skin and hair. Spritz across your neck, décolleté, arms, shoulders, back and/or hair and you’ll the be the 10-karat Diamond Girl of every party. Don’t overdo it. A poof is more than enough to dust your skin with diamond-like glow.

I stumbled upon a brilliant new multi-tasking product that does so much more than just add color to your lips and cheeks. This one conceals while you heal. It’s called Boo-Boo Cover Up and in addition to its super cute name, it’s a concealer and a first aid ointment. That’s a two-fer I like. When you have a boo-boo -a cut, a scratch or a nasty red bite, not an open wound, mind you- and a band-aid wont do since it could totally throw off the flow of your outfit and isn’t exactly an accessory even if you sport the Barbie, Hello Kitty or Sesame Street ones, dab a little of this miracle-worker on whatever your skin blemish. Coverage + ingredients that promote healing like aloe, chamomile and vitamin E make this tube a “must have” for your makeup bag. Use it on scars, acne or those, uh, love bites!

I used it when my bulldog’s tooth accidentally grazed my hand and the blotchy, red scratch disappeared and I didn’t feel the need to pull my sweater sleeve over the top of my hand to hide it; Boo-Boo Cover Up did the work for me. It’s also a perfect product for summer when bites are prevalent. No more unsightly boo-boos ruining your outfit.

Bella Il Fiore‘s new glosses remind me that things can be pretty on the inside and out. The line has stepped up its packaging, turning up the knobs on the glam element on its Perfect Pout Duo Lip Glosses, Shine On Lip Glosses and the Manicure Set. The boxes are ornate and very Euro-inspired. The duos feature matte gloss on one end and a shimmer shade on the other. Paris is a sexy, subtle nude with a hint of vanilla flavor; I’ve been wearing it since it crossed my desk. Hollywood is more of a look-at-me hot pink that was seen on runways. The squeeze tube Mademoiselle Shine On gloss allows you to indulge in opaque, lacquered and nude lip glory.

The manicure set is precious, and includes zebra-print tools and a sparkly pink case.

Soap operas may be riding off into the sunset (R.I.P. All My Children, One Life to Live and more) but the glowing skin and eyes that pop look favored by soap star makeup artist Jim DeMarco will never be canceled, stylistically speaking. DeMarco partnered with Three Custom Color Specialists to craft the Daytime Drama Collection, a slim, multi-tasking palette that’ll allow you to recreate the classic, never-goes-out-of-style red carpet looks you envy when flipping through celeb tabloids of watching the E! network. The refillable palette holds three pans; two are split, meaning more product and more possibilities for your look. Close Up Creme Eye Definer is a lush and luxe creme liner. I smudged on my bottom lashes to for a little drama. Me and my fair skin looked lit from within when I dabbed Red Carpet Lip & Cheek Stain on my apples, while my olive-toned best friend took her look up a notch by dotting on her lips. You can channel Old World Hollywood Glam or modern, red carpet chic with this palette. There are infinite combos and looks you can achieve. I played with this palette three times in a week and each day, my look was totally different.

Summer is in the rear view and will remain there for the next five months or so. You can pretend it’s July with either Sue Devitt’s Bronzing Pressed Powder in Beau Bronze, which is like getting a smooch from the sun and avoids that chalky, orange hue or the Gel Bronzer in Beau Dore. The latter is packed with SPF and glides on smoothly like a light concealer. It mistake-proof and melts into your skin and color doesn’t look faux or baked. Endless summer, indeed. PS: Be sure to moisturize before applying. Bronzing dry skin is a no-no.

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