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With the winter chill and dry air comes pasty skin with a dull pallor. But just because Mother Nature is looking drab during the dead season doesn’t mean you have to. This month’s Best Bets combat winter blahs and ensure that you continue to look absolutely fabulous, healthy, and alive.


Therapy Systems aid in your fight against gray ‘n dreary days with its jewel and earth-toned Winter Eyeshadows, expressly designed for the winter months, and to be layered together. All 4 colors offer rich color payoff, and can be combined for customized looks, and we found the cutest pops of color by pairing Blue Moon with Silver Haze and Evening Twilight (a burgundy) with Sandstorm, a neutral brown that goes with any/every thing. Available at


Bella Il Fiore Bathing Beauty Bronzer -packaged in a cute, vintage pink and black hatbox and equipped with a fat ‘n fluffy Kabuki brush- will give you that “just got back for the Bahamas” glow without looking like a basketball. No one wants to look all orange and faux, and Bella Il Fiore understands this concept. The line’s Roller Ball shadows -named after Elvis songs- offer quick ‘n easy application, perfect for those freezing mornings when you’d rather spend 10 precious minutes snuggled under that cozy down comforter, instead of getting up to get ready. And the vanilla flavored Kiss Me Now Lip Glosses are blindingly shiny. Even better, they’re creamy enough to prevent those dreaded chapped lips! Available at


Hourglass Color Link Palettes are designed for ladies who need to transition from day to night, in as low maintenance a fashion as possible. Packaged in a slim case that can be tucked into your handbag, the palettes, available in Dusk and Oasis, each feature six neutral shadows and 2 blushes, so you have plenty of color and finish options when creating custom make up looks. Perfect for ladies on the go, in the snow! Available at Barney’s and Sephora.


When you apply Victoria’s Secret’s Very Sexy Mosaic Blushes -multi-colored, shimmery bricks packaged in a pan- with a large blush brush, they deposit a natural glow where the sun naturally hits your face. Good To Go mixes peach, gold, and pink tones, for the healthiest kiss of color, while Afterglow blends rich rose and brown shades. Because the colors mix so flawlessly with one sweep of the brush, these blushes are mistake-proof! Available at select Victoria’s Secret Beauty locations.


Lee Graff, a corrective makeup specialist, found that to cover debilitating skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema and acne, found she had to blend 3-5 shades to achieve a match for her clients. In addition, most products that “hide” imperfections are heavy and mask like. So in 2000, Graff launched Cover FX enlisting former M.A.C. chemical engineer, Jenny Frankel. Initially Cover FX was used strictly for medical conditions, but the formulations were so lightweight and “believable”, that the line went to cosmetic retailers.

The foundation line consists of mineral, crème, water based and powder formulations. From foundation, the current line expanded into powders, bronzers, brushes, and lip sheers. Although Graff’s dream was to help women and men hide skin problems and flaws, Cover FX may be the answer to your hard to match skin tone, with 40 shades in a global color palette. Cover FX features a series of shades, numbered from lightest to deepest, (B,C,E and M) that co-relate with specific undertones or skin colors. I have a hard to match skintone, but Cover FX “M50” is now my foundation holy grail. Available at and

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