Best Bets: April 2013

It’s time to crush it…with color!

The Body Shop and Beauty News NYC want you to embrace color for the next three months. It’s fine if you’re like me and dress in all black, but let the color show on your face. The boutique’s Colour Crush eye shadows are ultra pigmented and baked with Community Fair Trade Oils, which allow for optimal reflection! Something Blue (brightest blue) and Boyfriend Jeans (hushed blue-grey, or maybe even periwinkle?) were my favorites, but not together. You can do summer smoky eyes with Grape Exposure (light violet) and Coconuts About You (softest brown.) They’re packaged in clear discs, so you can just LOOK at the packaging and your makeup gears will start turning and light bulbs will go off about possible color combos.

Hello, warmer weather. Buh-bye dry, flaky chapped lips. Well, not always. Sensitive lip skin is still exposed to the elements, like the sun or dry air, even as the temps rise. You need a good transitional lip balm and I’ve found one in the form of NOYA’s kosher and natural balms. They’re colorless but flavored (I was instantly addicted to Cherry and Vanilla) yet they coat lips with moisture and just a bit of sheen. The company’s motto is to “Live Divinely.” Well, your pout can do just that, thanks to these mmmmmmm-inducing balms.

Drew Barrymore split with CoverGirl in order to launch her own Flower Beauty cosmetics line, which is available only at Walmart. Stifle the groans and check those “Ughs” at the door, ladies. I have spent ample time with several products, which are at market, in the range and I award ’em two enthusiastic thumbs up. While I certainly don’t associate the ‘Mart with luxe cosmetics -and I prefer Target as my discount retailer 10 to 1– but a girl has to give credit when it’s due. Drew’s score is like 800, if we’re going by the credit rating scale/metaphor thing.

The products are quality – the Color Play Creme Eye Shadows are the crown jewel of the set. Named after flowers -natch- Time Willow Tell, a muted, Greek olive green, and Wild Geranimum, a golden, burnt orange, which allowed me to make beautiful sunset smoky eyes, are personal faves. These shadows looked beautiful lining the lower lash and popped in the inner corner. The texture? Rich. Silky. Perfect.

Win Some, Rouge Some Blush is a spongy creme blush that blends beautifully so you can fake that all-important flush on the cheeks.

The Zoom-In mascara is also to-die-for. You can click the top of the cap and it changes and customizes the shape of the wand to lengthen or to curl. It’s a true packaging innovation!

The prods are packaged in white-topped, clear jars with a bronze plated “Flower” logo on them, so they look as luxe as they feel. Nice going, Drewcilla!

Laura Mercier has added 14 new colors to the Creme Smooth Lip Colour collection. Don’t have time to navigate two weeks worth of new shades? That’s what I am here for, gals.

The nude Everypink Girly and the peachy Royal Orchid are gorgeous spring pinks that should last you until August. They’re light, airy and faboosh. 60s Pink is pale and Twiggy mod.

Oh, and since orange lips are the biggest trend of the Summer 2013, Belize is the shade you NEED to try if you want to get on that bandwagon. It’s not garish, is muted in concentration and is suitable for an array of skin tones. Trust me — you CAN pull off orange-like lips. Vitamin C is the way to go, from your bevvies to your lippies.

For your ladies that want to go bold and bright with “Look at my orange lips” lipstick, Body of Royalty’s Jet Setter is a really bold but wearable option. Don’t pair this with the sunset smoky eye look — it’s too much. This is a beach or boardwalk color. Pair and wear accordingly.

If you still want saturation in color but prefer something more in the red or hot pink categories, rather than orange, Smashbox has two options in its Megatint range. The cherry-esque Cerise is straddles the red-orange divider, while the super pink Punch is what your lips and tongue look like after you’ve sipped on a frozen slushy drink from a convenience store – stained and bright!

Do you love the feel of a powder but yearn for the coverage of a foundation? Of course you do and Dior knows that, which is why the brand has created the Dior Nude Compact. It comes with a sponge and brush applicator so you can customize and make choices in one slim case. You can go matte and full coverage, or oft and radiant. 10 shades, on Dior counters, snatch one up! It’s spring. Don’t hide under your makeup!

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