Best Bets: April 2014

My struggles with stubby, straight lashes have been well-documented here, so I get that not all mascaras are created equal. When a new product like Lash Sleeve mascara lands on my desk, I’m game. As its name suggests, Lash Sleeve envelops each lash in a 360-degree sleeve, sealing color in and sweat, tears, rain and whatever else out. The sleeve is locked in and doesn’t move, eradicating any fear of panda bear eyes, smudges, smears and more. Most mascaras are comprised of a basic wax + pigment recipe, but this is a water-based formula with waxes and emollients. Lash Sleeve goes on a bit wetter, so apply from root to tip, wiggle the brush and let it dry. It will only come off when you say so and when you wash your face and remove your makeup. I wore it on a cold and rainy, early spring Sunday and it didn’t migrate. At all.

Make Up For Ever’s HD Blush is finally here. The cream formula blends beautifully into cheeks (and lips) for a high def flush. Glow baby glow. That’s what I did with the 210 shade — a true pink. When you just want a hint of gorj color, this little disc of provides it.

If you have the misconception of Mary Kay as a “mature woman’s” or your grammy’s makeup brand, back up and let us help you unlearn. The company’s Mary Kay at Play, a range of bright, bold, youthful products, is aimed at a younger consumer, giving Mary Kay’s image a makeover, too! Electric Spring Baked Eye Shadow Trio offers coolness for the heat of summer, with its mix of sky blue, purple and silvery white hues. Sunset Beach, with its orange, silver and purple shades, will let you create the still-popular sunset smoky eye, which will match your tawny skin… if you tend to tan or bronze in the summer.

If you don’t plan to do a full face or a product-driven eye this summer, that’s fine. The chubby Eye Crayons let you have fun with color. Don’t waste too much time applying makeup that might eventually wear off. The babies allow you to have playful and imprecise color pops. There is a whole array of colors but I crushed on Over the Taupe.

Gel manis remain ever popular, and there are plenty og at-home options. That created the need for at-home gel polish removers. If you’ve enjoyed a long-lasting gel mani, you’ve also experienced the headache of getting the product off your digits. The battery-operated Panasonic ES-WCD30VP polish remover quickly and painlessly removes the polish, and has a filing and cuticle care attachment, too. As if the case with any tool, use with care.

Tools are just as important as the products themselves, something Urban Beauty United aka UBU totally gets. The company’s offerings are edgy makeup tools, like the latex-free Blender Baby foundation sponge. It’s shaped like Beyonce — super curvy! You can grip the waist and dab your favorite wet or dry product around the contours of your face. I can’t get enough of these spongy miracles and UBU’s has totally carved out a spot in my heart and on my counter.

The Trimming Twins Eyebrow Razors are perfect for girls like me who need a little trimmage in between waxing or threading. You can groom and shape without having to use tweezers to yank hairs, which hurt and can create pimples. But be careful and use judiciously — go easy gals! Just like you have the capacity to overpluck, you may have the same to overshape. I’ll stop lecturing.

The summer sun will be showing its face before you know so there is no time like the present to start preparing your own. Neutrogena’s UltraSheer Face + Body Stick Sunscreen in SPF 70 is a dream. Packaged like deodorant, it allows for hands-free application of sunblock. No fuss, no mess, all protection.

March Madness is over but Arch Madness isn’t, thanks to Boots. I use the Lash + Brow Perfector to keep and sweep the errant hairs in place, after I’ve waxed or trimmed ’em.

Beauty box and shave club subscriptions are all the rage and allow you to test drive luxe products. There’s a new sub club on the block and it’s one I love because it reminds you to replace your toothbrush. GoodMouth allows you to maintain the highest level of mouth hygiene for less than five bucks a month! If you’ve been using store-bought brushes, you will notice a difference, since the brushes are super soft and will feel different on teeth and gums. Don’t stress. They are following dentist guidelines. They also offer tons of shapes and sizes to fit YOUR mouth.

While we’re on the topic of mouths, you’ve gotta try ev32 Effervescent Breath Crystals. There is nothing more exhilirating than a fresh, clean, sparkling mouth and these packets help you get there, attacking odors left by food deposits in the mouth. The Vanilla Peppermint flavor is delish. You pour the crystals in your mouth, swish with tongue and cheeks, swallow and your done. Go kiss your BF after to see if he notices your sweet, minty goodness. Or swish around and then apply your fave shade of lip product and flash a grin.

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