Best Bets: April 2015


It’s spring. Duh. The days are longer, the air is warmer, and your makeup should be brighter. Colour Pop, a cruelty-free and cheap—as in inexpensive, not poor quality— brand makes me fall in love with color again. The brand boasts super moisturizing Lippie Stix with killer color payoff and a yummy vanilla aroma. The matte and glossy finishes are my faves and they cling to lips, so they last, even through a marathon catch up chat with a former bestie over a cup of tea. I know; I tried it.

The shades pictured on the back of my hand are: Scandy (satin, look-at-me pink); Corset (hyper glossy soft mauve); Leather (matte wine); Cookie (matte rosy nude); Skimpy (glossy pink nude). The Lippie Stix are lip candy, essentially, and they will stick to your pout during the hot, humid summer days, giving you color and suppleness, so you can leave the rest of your face bare and breathing with sacrificing glam.

Colour Pop’s Super Shock eye shadows have a spongy, creamy texture in the pot and you can apply them with your finger or the brush of your choice. They blend and buff beautifully and dry down with staying power that cream formulations often lack. Bandit is a matte brown and Friskie is a sparkly charcoal x slate hue. Pair ’em and you can create a multi-dimensional brown and grey smoky eye. You can turn the intensity up or down by diffusing color with your chosen brush.

Bite’s latest innovation is the hand-cut Buttercream Lipstick, so you get the full benefit of the lipstick’s conditioning cream center. Check out this nifty diagram.

The normally angled, signature lipstick bullet shape is rounded and flat, since the protective wax created during the lipstick-making process is, well, chopped off, and the creamy center is exposed and yours for the taking. The colors are from the neutral family, so it’s lots of rosy, pinkish nudes that Kylie Jenner would totally approve of. And they are impossibly moist in their matteness.

Since the shape is rounded, you can apply from tip to lip, but I prefer a lip brush for precision and control. Like buttah!

Speaking of control, Jane Iredale’s Mystikol pens let you get maximum control when crafting a messy and multi-faceted but sexy eye look. The dual-ended pens have a powder eye liner on one end so you can line and smudge and smoke out your eye and a shimmery, creamy hue on the other, which you can use as an all-over wash or to add some sparkle to your inner corners. I liked Onyx, which mixed black and ivory, and Amethyst, which paired dark purple with a lilac-like shimmer.

And again, since it’s summer and air is heavier and wetter, you want your face and skin to be able to look flawless at important events, like the weddings that inevitably populate the season, but you also want your face to be able to breathe and not feel caked with pore-clogging product. You can achieve full coverage without the weight via Advanced Mineral Makeup’s Liquid Mineral Foundation set with the brand’s Pressed Powder.

I know, ladies, I know. It’s two products, but they work in concert without any heaviness. I promise. You need one very small pump of the foundation. The mega creamy vegan formula provides full coverage with a tiny drop so don’t pump hard or you will end up with waste. Set it with a dusting of the powder and you have a perfect canvas that looks and feels naked. It’s a camera-ready brand, founded by film and TV makeup artist Annie Mayo, so it’s perfect for big days, like, you know, weddings or graduations.

The packaging is no frills but the product is most definitely not. It’s nearly invisible to the naked eye.

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