Best Bets: December 2014 – Featuring Eyeko and Almay


It’s December. It’s the holidays. It’s chaos. It’s crazy. It’s shopping. It’s parties. It’s last-minute events. It’s good deeds! Ack! It’s enough to make you melt down. So, in keeping with the mad dash —or is that mad Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph?— of the season, this month’s Best Bets is the Drive-By Edition.

That is, I’m here to tell you about super quick products that will help you look your best without too much time or thought, since Lord knows you ain’t got much of that when last minute trips to Target or the mall to nab gift cards to keep on hand in case you FORGOT someone on your shopping list or all that baking of Santa-shaped cookies has you in a tizzaaaay!

As for me, I’ll be spending my Xmas morning walking shelter dogs, which I do every Saturday AM. It’s the best three hours of my week and I won’t forget the pups on the holiday.

Happy holidays, beauties! Less is more!

Spare, sparse, unruly and uncooperative brows are a no, a no, a no and a no, especially at holiday time. Eyeko, my new favorite eyeliner and brow brand, thank you very much, understands this dilemma and offers amazing solutions. The waterproof Eyeko Brow Liner Pen is intimidating, since it’s a pen formula, whereas crayons are my preferred choice for filling in the uncooperative areas. But trust me, this works on sparse patches when you use the light touch and the right touch. It looks so, so natural.

The Visual Eyes Liquid Eyeliner pen is samesies. With its thin, precision tip, you can line and craft a flick with supreme ease. I know cat eyes take practice, and usually lots of it, but this long and thin pen will truly help those that are still seeking their master stroke or those who already have it down pat. Line and go, go, go!

Eye luv you, Eyeko. Unconditionally. Wanna get married? Our marriage would last as long as your immovable formula. Mwah!

Oh, and speaking of mwahs…

Almay’s Smart Shade Butter Kiss Lipstick might make you think, “Ugh! I avoid butter, even on my bagels.” But one swipe of any of these majorly emollient, jojoba, Vitamin E and coconut oil-infused babies will banish chapped lips from your kingdom. There are equal parts color and shine in every bullet and the berry, pink, nude and red shades, formulated for light, light/medium and medium skin tones, on your pucker and you will feel revitalized and ready to face the guests at any holiday gathering! Only you won’t want to plant a smooch on anyone’s cheek, since you don’t wanna muss your lipstick! These make it fun to blow air kisses instead! But make sure to reapply after noshing on reindeer cookies, since crumb-dotted lips are never cute. Almay, when did you get so cool? Available at any mass retailer, like CVS or Duane Reade, that you pass on your way to a festive event!

Let’s stay on the lipstick path, since a single swipe or a slick really can improve your mode and your visage when you are stressed, on the go or with little time to put together your makeup! Makeup Academy’s Moisture Balms are another set of lovely, mega moist options that offer soft, sheer color. So they’re basically a tint. The seasonal Cherry is Santa-ready and the bright, bold Pink Lemonade is a non-traditional but just as bangin’ choice. Show me dem lips, ladies.

The brand’s Color Infused Balms look like your usual, average lipstick bullets, but the clear, outer core feels moisturized, while the center imparts the color. So simple, but sooo softening. Can’t beat it.

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