Best Bets: February 2013

My lips hate me in winter. I still gloss it up, which means my hair hates me, since the wind causes my strands to stick to my mouth. I’ve switched to lip crayons (see this month’s Pink Lips Sink Ships feature on pretty and pale pouts for Valentine’s Day) and cream stains (see this month’s Lip Gloss of the Month), which I often still top with gloss, because I can’t help myself. But I don’t do it 100 percent of the time.

That said, the crayons, while moisturizing at first, can dry me out, so I’ve fallen deeply in lust with LypSyl Lip Balm, made with pure Swedish beeswax. I actually don’t care why Scandinavian beeswax (or bees) are used in this product, but I love how it softens my lips and offers a moisturized base for my crayon without diluting the color too much or ruining the nub by making it mealy in texture.

Oh, and it’s packed with things that you want on your lips and skin (Vitamins A&E, coconut oil, organic shea butter and a minty fresh flavor!) Available at most drugstores.

Bordeaux, wine-stained lips shows no sign of being a trend of the past. Since the deep, rich look requires moist, chap-free lips, you’ll need your LypSyl even more when you swipe Le Metier de Beaute’s Colour Core lipstick in Uma Paro is a plummy, berry hue with a satin finish, so you avoid that overly gothic, “too dark” and intimidating look. Available at Nordstorms locations.

I’m an Urban Decay devotee, which is why, chances are anytime you read this column, their latest innovations are featured. The brand’s NAKED Skin Beauty Balm gives you that much-desired and not-always-easy-to-achieve airbrushed look. Like all BB creams, it works overtime and does more than one thing. Hydrates? Mm hmm. Primes? Yep. Adds a demi-matte sheen? Yes ma’am. The result is a translucent, flawless, velvet canvas, and a great jumping off point for the rest of your look.

The brand’s NAKED Nail Kit is another fave. It’s inspired by the best-selling eye shadow palette. So now your tips and toes can be as neautral and as pretty as your lids. The kit boasts six new and exclusive, travel-sized neutral shades. The colors are perfect for any and all seasons. Go forth and lacquer with the beige, matte colors or the gunmetal glitter and wineberry shades. Naked is anything but boring. Wear ’em now or horde ’em for all those May weddings on your social calendar. Give them to your girlfriend at Sunday brunch just ‘cuz.

Lastly, the Makeup Setting Sprays are part of a partnership with Skindinavia. Lightly mist your face after applying your makeup but before leaving the house. A featherlight touch is essential or you’ll look like a mess. We know it seems counterintuitive to spray a wet mist on your face, inviting things like runny mascara. But use these spritzes in the correct manner and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. Remember, a light spritz, 10 inches from the face, is all you need. Trust us. These sprays are not for the makeupista with a wild, wild west way of doing things. You must be careful with your movements.

De-Slick is for matte-a-holics since it halts surface shine; All Nighter stops the melt, the fade and the makeup migration that comes along with a busy life; Chill cools makeup’s surface to prevent smudging and settling into lines. It’s a dry-skinned gal’s BFF. The bottles are generously sized and portioned, so one will last a long, long, long time.

One final thing while I’ve got you hear. A new Maybelline drugstore gem I’ve unearthed is the Master Duo liner as part of their fantastic Eye Studio line. You have two options for a thick or a thin cat-eye line based on which side of the ballpoint-like tip you use. It’s also offered in a range of shades. Try Navy Gleam for a different twist if you are tired of black but want to stay in the dark family.

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Hey have you tried the BB Zero treatment?? i’m trying to work out if it’s worth it but there are so many mixed reviews! also do you know where to buy the brazilian blowout online? i can’t find a salon in Australia that uses BB brand of keratin treatment, i’ve had global keratin but it wa217#8sn&;t great. Thanks!


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