Best Bets: February 2014


I love comic book culture and its corresponding aesthetics, so when the Whiplash Eyelash Curler by Crave Naturals landed on my desk with its graphic novel packaging, I knew this would be the start of a beautiful relationship. I had bitched and moaned last month to In the Hot Seat subject Nina Leykind of Eyeko about my inability to get a starlet-worthy curled lash that lasts, no matter what technique (heated curler, root lifting mascara formula, etc.) She reminded me to keep curling, so this pink curler, which promised dramatic, fully curled lashes, arrived in the nick of time. The handle is ergonomic, so I was able to have control and curl at the root for maximum lift. My faith in my lashes and their ability to hold a curl is restored.

Mirage Argan Oil by Crave Naturals is a multi-tasker for hair, skin and nails. It comes with a medicine dropper and spritzer lid. I chose the latter and spritz sparingly on my pointer and middle finger. I dabbed on my face, let the excess sink into my cuticles on a bitter cold morning for a little extra moisture and glow.

If you’re still confused by BB and CC creams, don’t be. I have stumbled on something you will love — Olay Total Effects 7 CC Cream. CCs are generally lighter than BBs (coverage with skincare benefits) and they color correct. Hence, the CC! The reason I love this bargain gem? Actually, here’s seven quick reasons. 1. It frag-free. 2. It evens me out and I look flawless and almost airbrushed. 3. It has SPF. 15. 4. It eliminates any dark or sallow spots. 5. It’s not thick or heavy. 6. It works for all seasons. 7. My oily-skinned Italian grandmother used Olay daily through much of her life and never had a wrinkle. Accordingly, I am an Olay devotee.

Since I dig my dog more than most humans, I’m always down for a vegan nail polish. Color Secrets‘ cruelty-free formula is its best trait, using mica powder, as opposed to fish scales, oyster shells and crushed beetles –yes, all those are used in lacquers to create that metallic and opalescent finish you crave. My fave shades are Failure to Launch, a matte grey (for girls who use their grey matter) and the glittery emerald of Secret Garden.

The color range is massive – 121 shades in all.

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Beauty News NYC Features Crave Natural's Whiplash Eyelash Curler as a 'Best Bet' in February IssueBeauty News NYC Features Crave Natural’s Whiplash Eyelash Curler as a ‘Best Bet’ in February Issue | SproutNews Recent comment authors
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[…] Eyelash Curler was ranked #1 as an Editor’s Best Bet. Amy Sciaretto, beauty editor of Beauty News NYC was thrilled when Whiplash came across her desk. After she fell in love with the eye catching […]


[…] Whiplash Eyelash Curler was ranked #1 as an Editor's Best Bet. Amy Sciaretto, beauty editor of Beauty News NYC was thrilled when Whiplash came across her desk. After she fell in love with the eye catching […]

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