Best Bets: February 2015


Francois Nars firmly believed that skin should always look like skin. It should reveal, not hide, beauty. His brand’s new NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation claims to offer 16-hour wear and full coverage with a single drop, due to the highly pigmented, creamy formula.

I put those claims to the test and can say, emphatically, that yes, ONE drop provided full and beautiful coverage. I blended with a pink, egg-shaped Beauty Blender and it was certainly enough to allow me to create a flaw-free canvas on which to base the rest of my look. It even concealed the dark spot/discoloration on my cheek that makes me nuts. It was breathable and I didn’t feel like spackled on foundation, despite the coverage being so luxurious. I pretty much fell in love with this formula.

The NARS foundation has a complement, too, and that’s Urban Decay’s Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer. I am super porcelain, with my skin color, and this magical, doe footed wand erased any blemishes and spots that I dealt with. I don’t like to layer concealer and liquid foundation; I prefer to set any cream or liquid with a light dusting of powder. But this pairing was my skin’s dream.

Oh, and while on the subject of UD, once again, the brand innovates with its Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation. As stated, I am fair-skinned, but I wound trying Medium Light Neutral, since that’s the sample I got, and it gave me such a smooth and even tone, and added a tiny bit of sun-kissed warmth. So that was a surprise. It also comes in a purple cammo pouch, which speaks to me.

Royal Apothic’s Tinties Lip Butter is my lips…. but better. That’s the tag and it’s true. Kissed is a soft pink, and it’s all sorts of moist, thanks to a delish recipe of argan, grapeseed and sweet almond oil, along with shea butter. I banished dry, wind-battered and irritated-since-my-dude-has-facial-hair lips and added a hint of angelic pink color at once. Don’t even get me started on the vintage-looking box it came in or the looks-like-something-I-used-to-see-on-my-grandmother’s-vanity-when-I-was-little pot.

FLOWER’s That’s So Kohl Eyeliner has a chubby, creamy tip on one end and a smudger on the other and really, that’s all my black eyeliner worshippin’ ass needs. It’s perfect for lazy, grab ‘n’ go makeupping when time is not on your side. It lives in my Alexander Wang Rockie bag’s secret compartment pouch so I can pull out my secret weapon when needed. Grab at Walmart, where FLOWER is exclusively sold.

Vintage by Jessica Liebskind offerings have a bit of a rosy theme with the color offerings. Despite the name, the products are not old-fashioned by any means. They are just chic!

The Velvet Lip Crayon in Vintage Rose is surprisingly and decadently creamy, which is always nice, especially since crayons can be somewhat matte and drying. Lips are already prone to parchness in winter and you don’t need a color-depositing product to exacerbate that problem. This adds kissable softness and color, and is perf for Val Day and beyond. Mwah!

Need some sparkle and shine? Then color-rich and concentrated Sparkling Lip Gloss in Rosebud will do the trick. It glitters and glows, so eureka!

I also fell in love with the creaseless, two-color Brighten + Define Eye Shadow Palette in Lace/Caviar, which mixed a winter white with a deep charcoal shade for winter smoke out.

LAQA & CO.’s Fat Lip Pencil provides bold color and the coolest, clutch-my-heart names ever. But before I get there, I adore this brand since they employ young artists to create the packaging, which changes often. The artist get to showcase their work and they get a cut of the profits for each item sold, so support the arts and SHOP!

Now, about these fatties. I lurve them for both the slightly glossed color and hip and irreverent names. Shambolic (sheer vilolet), Jammy Bastard (bright, not-for-the-lip-shy pink) and Bossy Boots (universally wearable rose) can be turnt up or down, depending on how many swipes you choose to use. Three slicks and you get concentrated, shiny coverage. One or two swipes and then blotting gives you a more muted, stained look. Those are the swatches above, in order of how I’ve described the shades.

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