Best Bets: January 2013


It’s January. The calendar has turned. Another year, more resolutions to break. Except when it comes to beauty! I often complain about my stubby, yet thick and dark lashes. While I can’t spend two-plus hours getting extensions or touch ups every month, I’ve decided to continue to play with falsies. No, not those falsies, since I don’t need any help in that department.

My fave fakes are Katy Perry’s Eylure lashes, probably because I am a sucker for Perry’s candy-coated, Bettie Page-lite aesthetic and the comic book packaging of the Color Pop Collection. They do what their name suggests: add a flash of color to the eye. I am in lust with Ka-Boom, which blue-ify the eye. It doesn’t matter if you’re a brown or hazel or blue gal. These strips have thin blue strands woven among black ones.

It’s pop art for your eyes, without being overly kitschy. They get bonus points for affordability, so you can play till your heart’s content.

My suggestion? Apply to makeup-free eyes. Let the glue set. Then add a thick stripe of liquid liner. Splurge on Boot Black by MAC or steal with Exaggerate by Rimmel.

Available at drugstores nationwide.

Screw 911, when you’ve got Fine-One-One by Benefit. It’s not a blush. It’s not a lipstick. It’s not a lip gloss. It’s both a cheek and a lip brightener, thanks to three shades (pink champagne, watermelon and coral) in one stick that custom blend into one. Sheer washes of icy pink color are perfect for January.

My suggestion? Dab on your lips with a finger for some “just kissed” lips. Dab under your eyes for a hint of glow. But don’t mix with concealer or you’ll have a fine mess on those well-mani’ed hands of yours.

Bobbi Brown isn’t simply known for neutrals. The brand has just launched the limited edition Brighten Sparkle & Glow set, including sparkly shadows and a Brightening Finishing Powder that’ll add some pep to your dull, sallow winter skin. Fake it while you can!

My suggestion? Swirl, tap and dust that brightening and finishing powder on your t-zone.

Available at Bobbi Brown counters.

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