Best Bets: January 2015 – Featuring Clinique, Cover Girl and Giorgio Armani

New year, new you, right? Blah to that. Every day means a new your…or me. I have signatures and hallmarks, but I always try to do something different each day, whether it’s use a different body splash or try a different brand of black eyeliner. However, one product that I might find myself using until I reach the bottom of the pan? Oh, just Clinique’s Wear Everywhere Neutrals eye shadow palettes because they are everything. Take the Wear Everywhere Greys, and I am not talking about Christian and his 50 Shades, either. There are eight shades of grey, which is pretty much how life is, that offer endless shadow options and looks without having to overthink it. No rules… just blend and go. Really! You can do dark and smoky, brown and grey fadeouts, matte darks meshed with light shimmer for multi-dimensional eyes, and much, much more. Ditch the provided applicator and use your own tools. I used this Monday to Friday and came up with five totally different looks, three of which are aforementioned since I am not giving ALL of my secrets away, ladies. Aim to never have an ordinary eye makeup day in 2015 and these palettes will aid that pursuit. They come in Nudes, Pinks, Blues, and Greens, too.

A cream-to-powder formula for eye shadow is not new. However, the Giorgio Armani version, which is simply called Eye Tint, is built on the assertion that you cannot have the right color without the right texture. It has a powder’s purity, the stay put-ness of ink, and a creamy texture. The 12 shades can be layered to your heart’s content, mimicking Armani’s delicate textiles. Now, that is a dream. The shades also change their color in different degrees of lighting! This whisper-light product just gets better and better which each use. Available at Armani counters.

I’ll also try anything once in 2015. Like drugstore lip gloss. That may seem like sheer —no pun—blasphemy to luxe gloss hounds and I myself am just that. But I can only judge a gloss once it is swiped on my pinkly pigmented lips. I am harboring a maaj crush on CoverGirl’s Lip Lava, which is a metallic, iridescent and sparkly (but not glittery0 version of its Colorlicious gloss. I am too old for glitter chunks, but not for supreme sparkle. The nude x pink Lava Luster is my jam. That’s me, late night, playing with the gloss so you can see the purty pink shine in real life and real time, rather than a generic photo. That’s also my dog Higgins crashed out on the bed behind me. He doesn’t wear lip gloss.

Love it or hate it, nail art isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. While you don’t need to paint all the characters of The Empire Strikes Back on your nails, you can appreciate textured polishes, like Sally Hansen’s new Velvet Texture range. The colors go on wet and normal but they dry down OMGorgeously to a matte, muted texture, like velvet. The nude-gray Lush, which is pictured, is winter-ready but if you want a pop of color to beat the winter blues, rock the turquoise of Plush or the turnt up violet of Velour. You can play without cost or commitment. And you don’t need that added step of a matte top coat with these shine-free-and-not-gritty babies. I love that it’s one-step and two-coats. Available at drugstores.

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