Best Bets: July 2013


Full disclosure. I’m a rock journalist and rock music publicist for my day job. I know, livin’ the dream as opposed to dreamin’ the live. Call me a rock chick, because it’s true, as I tend to lean towards the harder side of things, toeing life on the edge. I am won’t be seen without black eyeliner… ever. So when Ardency Inn’s Punker, The World’s Baddest Eyeliner, landed on my desk, I squealed, “OOOOH! THEY MADE THIS FOR ME!!!”

Once I finished shaking and crying, I set about applying a nice, thick line across my upper lash line. Think Adele, not Amy Winehouse, thank you. But honestly, if you want Amy over Adele, this baby will take you there. It’s a chubby tip, so a few practice runs are required to avoid raccoon eyes.

The brand is inspired by the downtown music scene of NYC, a place I’ve spent many late, late nights into early mornings, never seen without my pink gloss and smudged black liner. A full color line is launching this fall, but I’m so in love with this thick, chubby, felt-tip pen that I can’t think about that right now. I am focused. The small, marker-like tool allows for however thick or thin a line you want, based on the level of pressure you apply. Someone over at Ardency Inn really loves me.

Fierce or fun, it’s up to you. Available at Sephora.

I love Urban Decay’s philosophy about eye shadows. Shadows are like shoes – you can never have too many. The brand has added Laced, previously exclusive to its Vice Palette, as a single shade disc. It’s a velvety, pinky matte that is subtle and soft for summer. Available at Sephora.

More from the folks at UD, this time in the form of a miracle in a purple compact! I made a mid-June trip to Baltimore and its lovely Inner Harbor. Yes, it was the most humid day of summer 2013 so far, and my bangs were sticking to my forehead. So I was pretty miz about that. My look was almost a total wash…until I saw that I had zero shine in the t-zone thanks to a few swipes of Urban Decay’s relaunched De-Slick Mattifying Powder. Colorless and odorless, the rice powder-based formula ensured that my skin was flawless. That’s a lot of less. No shine. No dullness or ruddiness. Just…dry. The applicator is also magnetized to stick to the inside of the compact. Stock up at Sephora.

Did anyone else dig Kristen Stewart’s reddish eye makeup at the 2013 Met Ball? Well, if you want to try a hot pink shade without looking like you are wearing a bandit mask, as she did, I suggest Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencil in Noise. It makes a lot of noise — you can’t and should not dare to wear this if you don’t want to be noticed.

Start simple, by using it as a lower lash liner or pop in inner corners and go from there. If you’ve got the cajones, rim those soul windows liberally. Available at Sephora.

The ubiquitous BB Creams are seeing competition from CC Creams, which color correct. Before you move on to DD and EE Creams, may I recommend another quality BB from Kiehl’s Since 1851? Since the brand is a skin care gold standard, I knew I could not go wrong with Kiehl’s Skin Tone Correcting + Beautifying BB Cream. It’s summer-friendly, thanks to lightweight and buildable coverage. Whereas other BBs focus on coverage, this one is concerned with correction and sun protection. Kiehl’s was dedicated to make this a beneficial product that was good for skin, too. Science aside, I’m in. It has SPF 50 and Vitamin C, which is apparently tough to mix with pigment and SPF. Thanks, Kiehl’s lab people! You’re work is appreciated by me and my face. Available at Kiehl’s locations and Scented Monkey.

Oh, and a bonus tip? I applied this BB Cream with the pink, egg-shaped Beauty Blender sponge that a PR rep tipped me off to YEARS ago. Then Sam Lennon –our Insider columnist and makeup expert who I trust implicitly, which you should, too– kept singing the praises of this squishy little miracle. You should use this pretty sponge, since it allows you to navigate the lovely curves of your face and avoids caked on globs and blobs.

Summer beauty is simplified with Paul & Joe’s limited edition Eye Gloss + Lip Gloss Duos. You can achieve a muted, ’60s mod lip and soft, shimmery eye with Santa Monica, which pairs rose tones. I felt Cali cool, even when shopping downtown. Available at StrawberryNET.

Beach bag essentials include baby powder (it gets the sand off your toes) and any sort of hair tie. I am advocating the addition of ChapStick’s Mix Stix double-sided balms that can be worn a la carte or combined to mix flavors. Strawberry Banana Smoothie felt like Jamba Juice for my lips, while Green Apple Caramel was delectable and lickable, but with none of those pesky cals! With 11 moisturizers packed into each stick, these will soften your pout on those hot, miserable days. Available exclusively at Walgreens.

Also necessary for your shore tote is Binaca Breath Drops. Avoid melted, sticky gum with a mini bottle of this throwback. Fresh breath is a huge priority and these are two bucks, last forever since there’s 150 drops per bottle and the cool peppermint flavor is delish. Grab at Walgreens or here. If you take time to make sure your lips are conditioned, then your breath should be just as fresh!

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