Best Bets: June 2013

Summer 2013 is all about orange, a trend that has carried over and on from previous seasons. It’s not going away, so rather than kick and scream or all out avoid, let’s embrace it, shall we, ladies? It may be a color that scares you off, due to its brightness, but seriously, I promise, you can conquer orange. The key detail is picking the right shade. Lucky for you, orange ranges from muted corals to bright, juicy, Vitamin C-like bursts. MAC’s All About Orange collection –on counters and available here– features lush lipsticks and totally wearable blushes! You don’t need to be a drag queen to pull it off, either.

My picks for lips are the Flamingo lipstick, a milky coral for those of you that want to take baby steps. Prefer a brighter, truer orange? Tart and Trendy looks good on all skin tones and puts the fun in makeupping.

Available at MAC Cosmetics.

The cool peach of Royal Blush is just right, no matter how dark or light you are. I know, I made a poem. That’s full service beauty editing right there, gals! Orange you glad I tipped you off to these MAC-nificent products?

Available at Mac Cosmetics.

If you want to go gloss-free in the warmer months, since sticky product in humid climates sorta sucks, you don’t have to sacrifice moisture or color on your lips. In fact, you can nix all other products in favor of lip color. Swipes of By Terry Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge lipsticks, which come in slim, mirrored tubes, on your lips for just the right amount of color and shine. Nudissimo is a pretty, pearly pink and Hot Spot is more concentrated and in a mauvy-rosy way. The sticks have a noticeable rose scent, so be prepared for that. I am not a fan of floral-scented lip products (vanilla or any foody or caramelly scent is fine) and if you aren’t, that’s your warning. But the color is so divine and precious I was willing to overlook the smell.

Available at Barneys.

Textured nails remain a hotter-than-a-June-night trend. If you like nail art with a little grit, then you will join me in at-the-altar worship of Deborah Lippmann’s The Mermaids Collection. Mermaid’s Kiss nail polish. It’s a pale, blushed pink flecked with rose and gold glitter and allows you to get in on the textured digits trend with ease. It’s not too flashy, either.

Available at

If you spend your weekends at the beach, and can go bolder and brighter, then the baby blue Mermaid’s Eyes, which is loaded with blue and silver glitter of all sizes and hues. It’s about as beauteous as the blue of the Atlantic…or Pacific, depending on where you’re summering, weekending, vacationing, etc. Both are available at Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s and other fine department stores.

Available at

In keeping with aquatic colors of the warm months, Make Up For Ever has launched a new Aqua Cream in emerald green (52). I dabbed it in my inner corners and dotted and smudged across the lower lashline for a new, summery take on smudged and smoked, but in a streamlined fashion. I also paired it with the coordinated shade of Aqua Eyes cream liner (52L) on the waterline. I really felt like a mermaid about to dive into the deep sea.

Available at Sephora.

I also paired my MUFE emerald haul with By Terry’s Color Fix Cream Shadow in Fizzy Jade, which comes in stick form, encased in a slim, long, golden tube. It’s a sage shade with loads of shimmer, so the name Fizzy Jade is certainly apropos. Apply the chubby nub directly to the lower lashline, and then smudge with your finger and keep a moist makeup remover towelette handy to sop up the fallout, because there will be shadow dust on your face, and no, you can’t chalk it up to fairy sprinkles since you’re not 7 anymore! I had mixed it with black liquid liner and matte brown Urban Decay shadow on the lashline and indirectly gave myself camo eyes, but I loved it. Battle ready beauty – nothing wrong with that.

Available at Barney’s.

Avoid makeup meltdowns and malfunctions this summer with NYX Makeup Setting Spray in the Matte finish. Dewy is fine for cooler months but you don’t want to look dewy and sweaty in summer. Set your foundation or powder with this cure-all. Yes, it’s one more step, but it’s worth it. Pinky swear.

Available at NYX.

I’ve been wanting to have a romance wit NYX’s The Curve liner since I saw it. Cat-eyes and liquid liner are hard to master. The Curve makes it easier since it fits your fingers like a pencil and you can draw the perfect, close-to-the-lash line. You. Are. In. Control.

Available at NYX.

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