Best Bets: March 2013

M•A•C’s Mineralize Moisture Foundation is another outstanding addition to the brand’s range. The fluid is lightweight, yet lush, and the formula has SPF and hydrates and nourishes. I like my skin to breathe in the warmer months, and I won’t step out with SPF whether it’s 5 or 95 degrees out. This foundation gives me that, without sacrificing a smooth and flawless finish. This formula meets my requirements, covering annoying blemishes, spots and imperfs without that heavy, spackled or mask-like feeling.

There’s also the M•A•C’s Mineralize Rich Lipstick, which is bigger and better. No, literally. It’s a larger lipstick and imparts more moisture because, well, parched lips suck and afflict us all year long. The science talk is boring, so I’ll skip it. just know that the company told us that the ‘sticks have a mineral moist complex that leads to ultimate hydration along with color retention. Laywoman’s terms? Lips stay soft and supple, while color remains. Wet lips often means color goes buh-bye. Not here. Every color family is repped here – pale pinks, honeyed nudes, romantic reds (Red Coquette), a bloody Bordeaux (Lush Life) and my favorite, the dusty pink Dreaminess.

Make Up Forever brings spring into Technicolor with its new palette of the same name. It combines eight colors of eye shadow – four saturated shades with self-explanatory names like Turquoise, Apple Green, Lilac and Yellow and four neutrals that also reveal what they are via their names, which are Black, White, Espresso and Beige. You can mix and match and play around with this color wardrobe. The palette mimics the switch from black and white to color in the film world in the 1930s, with oversaturation of color used to make them appear more “alive.” Don’t be shy. Don’t be scared. Try it, even if it’s popping a little of the blue or yellow along your bottom lash line. You don’t need to mix lemon and sky shades to use this palette effectively. How about tracing the top lashline in yellow? Go nuts — it’s spring!

Cupcakes are still in vogue. If you want to avoid the calories but indulge in the smell and taste of vanilla cake batter or red velvet, then stock up on ChapStick’s limited edition Cupcake Creations. They are the icing on the cake that is your lips. Cake Batter offers subtle, sheer sheen, in addition to its decadently lickable flavor and scent, while Velvet Cupcake tints the pout with a hint of crimson. I was instantly addicted to the taste and smell. Head over to CVS and stock up before they are gone. I have like six in my drawer.

One of my favorite things about makeuping is customizing and discovering new shades by accidentally pairing products. mark.’s lipclick full color luxe lipstick in Cha-Cha is a cherry red (apply over lip liner to avoid bleeding or messiness) that clings to lips magnetically, thanks to its creamy formulation, and gets a major kick from a layer of lipclick in Champagne, a sparkly, weightless, shimmery gold. They are meant to be, like Carrie and Big or Jake and Samantha!

Napoleon Perdis Magnif-Eyes mascara uses a slim wand with a skinny brush (it’s like one of those old-fashioned pipe cleaners) so you can reach each and every last lash at the root. Coat at will! Eureka.

Dior Addict Gloss is getting an upgrade this spring. We know, as if it needed one! Diablotine (#643) and Princess (#553) mimic the Swarovski crystals of the house’s Spring 2013 Couture show. Gloss, gloss

MAKE is the first color cosmetic line launching on, a for-benefit marketplace of ideas, stories and products that support the cooperative movement. And yes, it’s MUST-try! A third of all MAKE product sales will support the non-profit organization, the We See Beauty Foundation, dedicated to incubate and accelerate women-led, worker owned cooperatives.

The foundation’s first project is establishing a cooperative in Brooklyn, NY dubbed Do Good Be Beautiful, that will create and sell its own healthy cleaning and personal care products.

MAKE encourages creative self-expression and introduces a new way of interpreting and celebrating beauty. In addition to the complete range of core products, MAKE will pair two unique artists each season to create a concept collection. The first partnership pairs furniture and interiors designer Faye Toogood (who has worked with Opening Ceremony, Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen) with makeup artist Ayami Nishimura to create the New Medieval Collection.

I am in love with the Silk Cream lipstick in Cameo, a blue-toned mauve that hugs the lips. The bullet is angled and squared, and the formulation is softening and divine. The eye shadow in Purple Congo is a right now shade, perfect for the still sexy violet smoky eye. It’s still smolders, but is more appropriate for warmer months. The berry’ish, Bordeaux’ish Jakarta lipstick works best as a stain. Apply, blot, blot, apply, blot, blot, purse top and bottom lips and go.

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