Best Bets: May 2013


There are few Mediterranean beauties as stunning as actress Monica Bellucci, who played Mother Mary in The Passion of the Christ. The Mediterraeneo hot mama stuns from stem to stern. That’s why Dolce & Gabbana created the True Monica Collection, inspired by the screen siren. Raven-haired babes, this new set is so for you.

The Monica Voluptuous Lipstick in Gentle Monica is wearable nude pink that was born to be worn with the smooth Eye Colour Quad in Smoky. My hair is dark and glossy, as are my eyes (not glassy!) but I have apparition-toned skin, and these items all worked in concert. I felt like I smoldered, although I wouldn’t say that aloud or outside of the space of this column, since really, who says “I smolder!” I felt it, though! Rawr!

Makeup maven Pat McGrath -love her, mean it!- developed the collection, which is meant to work harmoniously. No need to figure out how to mix and match with everything else in your MUB (makeup bag!)

Soap & Glory’s chubtastic Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick offers 3D volume lip shine – no, seriously, it says so on the barrel itself. But believe it, because this dreamy lip crayon was creamier than the usual matte sticks, and offered just a hint of sheen. Plum Jam was my jam and appeared more like a berry wash on my already pink-tinted lips. This chubby gets bonus points for the vanilla scent. Mmmm. Did they design this with moi in mind? I think so…I’m a sucker –make that “pucker”- for anything vanillian!

It’s a new season so ditch the cracked, dirty, crumb collecting tools at the bottom of your MUB. Replace cruddy compacts with Tweezerman’s Mix N’ Match Runway Collection Unbreakable Green Mirror. It’s credit-card sized, fits in most tiny clutches and bags and ensures touch ups go where they need to — no lipstick on teeth, or eyeliner mishaps where you stab yourself with your eye pencil. Yeah, and the zig-zag design is chic. Grab at your fave Sephora locale. Plus, these are essential since who needs seven years bad luck via a breakable mirror? Am I right or am I right?

Oh, and while I’ve got you here, grab Tweezerman’s mini striped tweezers in spring hues, too. Nab those little suckers aka errant hairs with these perfectly slanted tips. New season, new tools. Go ahead. Plus, you can’t deny that they are adorbs, right? Anything in a mini size is.

Rihanna is the latest pop starlet to team up with MAC, following Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Fergie and more in recent times, for the RiRi (Hearts) MAC collection. The Barbados beauty offers her take on the brand’s iconic Ruby Woo, which has been reimagined as RiRi Woo, complete with Ri’s signature stamped on the bullet. It’s a rich, rich, retro matte red. It’s an online exclusive.

BB Creams are still all the rage, due to their dual job of providing some color coverage amidst their moisturizing properties. My new absolute drugstore cheap ‘n’ chic fave is Oil of Olay’s Fresh Effects, which provides me with sun protection in SPF 15 and some barely-there color. It’s like airbrushing, only easier and more affordable. Plus, it’s just the amount of light touch coverage I want in warm weather. I get the airbrush effect without the clogged pores or feeling like there is too much [email protected]# on my face. The fresh, bloom-like scent is aces, too. Oh, and let me say that my Italian grandmother used Oil of Olay lotion every single day of her life, and she never had a wrinkle, which is why I always go back to the brand and give it a fair shake when something lands on my desk. This is available at your favorite drugstore haunts, Target, etc.

Besides, if you’ve not yet succumbed to the BB trend –don’t fight it, trust us, it’s easier this way- this is an excellent option with which to get your, uh, feet wet. If you like it, you can keep using this brand or try the department store options. I personally am in love with the ones from Clinique, Too Faced and Urban Decay, if you’re looking for a product liftoff.

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