Best Bets: November 2012


I am a powder girl. I prefer a swipe of MAC’s Studio Fix in NW20, courtesy of a huge, fluffy brush, to even out my complexion and cover any blemishes. I am blessed with good, problem-free skin, so I have little use for foundation, especially of the liquid sort. I find it too heavy and cakey, and my skin can’t breathe. It’s like putting a plastic bag over my face. However, I have discovered a liquid alternative that is weightless and offers the exact amount of coverage that I desire in Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup. The coverage is airy in texture and buffs out the imperfections. It’s like Photoshop…for the face.

Since I’m apparition-like, I went with 0.5 and loved the look and feel. Wende Zomnir does no wrong with any of her creations. I LURVE her and her products.

Merle Norman’s Pro Pen Eyeliner in Sharp Black is my new BFF. Thanks to the ergonomic design of the pen, which makes it easy to grip, I was able to draw a perfect line from the inner to the outer corner. I got from A to B with no detours or mistakes. The extra-thin tip hugs the lashline, so I wasn’t plagued by transference to the lid when I close my eyes, which sometimes happens due to my lid real estate not being massive or hooded. (That’s when Q-Tips come to the rescue, but not the ones soaked in makeup remover. That’s when I am left with a real mess, like I just got dumped and have been crying all day!)

I have often used the lines of the column to bemoan my eye lashes. I have issues that stem back to my stick straight, curl-resistant framers. I have had eyelash extensions (via Bella Beauty in Los Angeles) and while I want to go crazy while laying down for an hour, unable to check my Blackberry during the application, instead of relaxing, I adore the result. But I can’t always break away to salons in LA or NYC to touch them up, so I have to rely on mascara and other forms of trickery to fake lush, long, curled lashes. I have no problem with volume or thickness, or darkness. Thanks, DNA, and Mom and Dad!

I’ve been using Panasonic’s Heated Eye Lash Curler and I love it. While at first, I was a skeptic because Panasonic makes TVs and other big ticket items, not beauty tools, I quickly changed my mind. Plus, the hot pink handle is too freakin’ cute.

Oftentimes, convenience and luxury aren’t compatible when it comes to cosmetics. Bellapierre, an extra luxe mineral makeup line, has managed to bridge the gap between convenience and multi-tasking on the higher end.

I fell in complete and total love with the line’s On the Go Trios, with are perfect for traveling, gifting and keeping my Balenciaga bag light but stocked with essentials. The basic OTG Trio holding black eyeliner, black mascara and clear lip gloss, houses the products in a petite,circular dock, so you can swap and mix and match with other OTG Trios; it is a holy grail item. It’s everything you need for touch ups, emergencies and when you need to travel light. I am tucking a few into gifts for my girlfriends this holiday season.

The One-of-a-kind Bellapierre Shimmer 9 Stacks collect the richly pigmented Shimmer Powder squares in a tall, thin stack. It offers endless color choices and possibilities and takes up minimal space in your weekender, handbag or kit. They can also be detached if you want to rock a particular shade solo. But be careful when debunking them. I spilled a little of the wine shade on my kitchen table, tinting my black place mats for several days longer than I wanted! My bad, though.

Economic ergonomics of the packaging aside, I became my own makeup artist when playing with these shades. I mixed the gold shade with MAC Clear Lip Glass for custom, nighttime ready lip gloss, and dampened eye shadow buffer brush to create for my own cream shadows.
The products are available at Fred Segal in L.A.

Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company has expanded its eco chic, 100 percent non-toxic line with an organic lip balm trio that I am hearting. They nourish, they heal, they sooth. They are perfect for the upcoming winter months. Freshen up with Lavender Mint, warm up Sweet Orange Vanilla and relieve that pout with Purely Simple. I wore the color and scent-free Purely Simple and the luscious Sweet Orange Vanilla for a week and my lips looked and felt healthy and plump and I wasn’t prompted to lick or wipe my lips, due to the waxy patina that comes with balm. Nice work, Miss Alba.

fresh Sugar Berry Tinted Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15 helps you achieve the still-current bordeaux, wine-stained lip look. It looks amazeballs with both light and dark complexions, and it’s matte and creamy, giving you the plushest of lips.

Finally! False lashes you can do at home and that look natural, instead of like they were applied after you tossed back one too many.

Eylure’s new Naturalites styles (011s, 032s, 035s and 083s) are variations on the popular Eylure varieties. They are designed to create the illusion of curl and length, and meant to be reused. As long as you keep ’em clean; no eye infections, as nothing is as unattractive as pesky pink eye. They’re easy to apply, so if you are a faux lash virgin, these are the ones to start with. They go on easy.

Eylure also offers two new varieties in the Katy Perry Lashes range. Don’t roll those eyes since you may not like Perry’s candy-coated style. Instead, put false lashes on ’em. The Pretty and Darling designs are self-adhesive. They are a little more fashion forward, edgy and daring, thanks to the alternating lengths of the lashes. I suggest these for ladies with a deft hand for and experience with falsies.

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care has launched a limited edition cosmetics collection for fall/holiday/winter. The Illuminating Powder in Taylor brightened my skin, and is recommended for when you want a matte look, with no trace of dewy skin, yet you still desire some brightness. It absorbs oil, so you will be shine-free. While the line free of synthetic preservatives and scents, this had a lingering rose scent that was its sole drawback. I hated the aroma and it sometimes made me skip the product.

Lip gloss for a good cause unlike one you’ve seen? Yes! Lip Bliss is meant to elevate self-esteem and make young girls feel good about themselves by wearing lip glosses that make them look pretty, without the sexually suggestive or subversive (and cheeky) names. The powder pink shade made me smile every time I passed a mirror. I don’t mind glosses or eye shadows with kitschy, dirty names, but I agree that those aren’t always appropriate for younger girls. Moms, you will LURVE this!

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