Best Bets: October 2013

Ardency Inn landed on my radar and my eyelids with their Punker eyeliner pen over the summer. They’ve now launched a full range of products that are just as amazeballs as their edgy lid liner. Now, any of my regular readers know that I am a hard rocker, but I appreciate and love pretty makeup from department store brand uptown. Ardency Inn — their name sounds like a hotel that Kurt and Courtney or Sid and Nancy would’ve destroyed– is for ladies who aren’t afraid to venture down in the Bowery, staying out late while enjoying loud music. Yeah, that would be ME!

Even if that’s not your lifestyle, you can look the part with these products.

Punker Original Smoky Shadow is a creamy crayon with divine upper and lower lid smudgeability. You can smudge a lot for rocker chick chic or line your lids for just a hint of sass.

The Punker Semi-Goth Lip Gloss is also a chubster pencil that lets you play with the black lip trend. It’s certainly a product to consider for Halloween parties, not in everyday life.

Americana Natural Lip Color Pencil is a soft, supple nude that transformed me into mod with a swipe! I paired this –it’s pigmented and concentrated– with the liner and a high ponytail. All those elements, with my bangs, made me look swingin’ 60s!

Lastly, the Modster Long Play Supercharged Lip Color in Black Is Blue is a midnight shade that only daring divas will gravitate toward. Again, also consider this shade for Halloween later this month.

A metallic, foil finish is so hot for fall. Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow and Stay All Day Liquid Eye Shadow Primer takes some finesse but you WILL achieve a shimmery, foiled lid.

The good news is this product don’t require any tools. For a wash of color, you can mix A DROP of the liquid primer, which comes in the cutest and tiniest vial ever, with the shadow in the pan provided, then dab on your lids with your finger.

Or you can apply the primer direct to the lid and then dip your finger into the shadow pot and dab a more concentrated amount directly to the lid. Finger painting!

It’s a cream-to-powder finish, and you can pile it on for a seriously foiled look – foilage and foliage this fall!! A wash isn’t really as the more intense, turnt up version. I was going for the gold with Vintage Black Gold, which gave me 14 karat lids. The brand’s signature rose gold Kitten shade was a Friday night shimmer shade…ALL THE WAY!

Available exclusively at Sephora or Stila.

Stay All Day Vinyl Lip Gloss lasts all day. No, I’m not kidding. I needed a washcloth and makeup remover to get this thick, concentrated and amazing product off my lippies! Lacquer those lips ladies. The hot pink lip trend is still, well, hot, and I thought I looked nerdy hipster chic when I slathered on Hot Pink Vinyl wearing nothing else on my face but my thick black glasses. I’ve done this before. I get compliments when I do. So I rinse and repeat.

My suggestion? Use a mirror. The color is so bright and the product adheres on what feels like an atomic level, so if you make a mistake or apply sloppily, good luck getting it off. You’ll look like you made out with someone for an hour.

Available exclusively at Sephora or here.

A good man may be hard to find, but a good makeup brush set is even harder to locate. Then the Cindy Crawford x Sonia Kashuk three-piece brush set – officially, “The Sonia Kashuk Essentials Brush Set for Meaningful Beauty” – landed in my hands. The handles are a rich, gorgeous shade of midnight blue and they are lacquered, ergonomic and grippable, thanks to their curves. They’re shaped like a lady with a bod to kill for.

There’s a flat foundation brush with softy soft bristles; a brow groomer; and a shadow smudger.

The ladies have been pals and colleagues for 20 years and they appreciate the symmetry and symbiosis of good skin and flawless makeup. These tools aid that goal and are meant to be used in conjunction with the Meaningful Beauty products.

They are limited edition, but should be available for the next six months or so. Don’t delay in snatching ’em up. For a limited time, they are an exclusive free gift with the purchase of Meaningful Beauty Advanced Anti-Aging System. Go here to get ’em. Thank me later.

Packaged in a gorgeous, gilded tube that’s thick to grip, belying the skinny-ish, curved, brush that lives inside, Dolce + Gabbana’s Passioneyes Duo Mascara conditions and curls, and adds loads of volume. The brush has a thick center and is shaped like a half-moon, which allows for precision when applying. I could reach and coat even the stubbiest lashes with the wand. I could feel the brush gripping my lashes, thanks to the way that it has a bend in its shape. It’s D+G, so of course it’s luxe. Like duh, you guys! But overall, my lashes were black as night. As makeup artist Jenna Menard tells us in this month’s In the Hot Seat, you can get lashes you crave by spending a little extra time on them. Available at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Show and tell time – watch the video below:

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Since I have fire for blood, I am not sorry to see summer pack its things and go. Sayonara, heat and humidity. I know that with cold weather and dry air comes unappealing chappage on the lips. Thank God for ChapStick, my fave drugstore cheapie, since it’s sole goal is keeping my lips uber hydrated. Hydration Lock Vanilla Creme is silky, lightweight and lickable, thanks to the sweet treat flavor, and promises to draw the moisture in from the outside, keeping lips soft for the length of your work day.

Sally Hansen created exclusive nail polishes for Rodarte’s Fall 2013 runway collection and now you can sparkle like you are a catwalker with the same darling metallics, as these limited edition laquers are in drugstores now! I painted my toes in Platinum Star (a coin-like silver) – well, my manicurist did – reserving Gold Roses for my fingers. That shade is what it says it is – a pinky gold. Who needs diamonds when you have metallics? SO, SO PRETTY!

Prabal Gurung also partnered with Sally Hansen for the sixth consecutive season, this time for fall-friendly neutrals. Loden Green – a pretty olive – and Coat of Arms – a golden shade–ensure good-looking digits. I’m in love…again. The oversaturated concept of luxe-meets-mass-market is done right here.

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