Best Bets: September 2012

This month’s Best Bets looks at the best of fall offerings! Overall, rich, bold, matte lips and equally velvety, pigmented eye looks ruled the roost.

Lush launched its Emotional Brilliance cosmetics collection in the summer but it’s never too late to tell you about its amazingness. It features lip colors, eyeliners and eye shadows meant to match your psychological needs. There is a deep-seeded reason you choose one lipstick color one day and a different one the next. You spin the color wheel and choose colors that stand out. I love that the products are in little medicine vials – even the mascara! Liquid lips, liquid liners, cream shadows! All vegan and rich in color, these babies may have hit in summer, but they were right on point with the highly pigmented color trend of fall.

Want lips that walk into a room a half hour before you do? Well, you’ll get ’em with Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick, which is part of the line’s permanent collection and is applied via doe foot wand. The matte texture adheres to lips like a stain and was velvety, but non-drying. Stila promised six-hour wear and while I didn’t set a stop watch, it certainly stayed all day. I licked my lips. It stayed. I drank 32 oz. of Evian. It stayed. I blew an airkiss to a coworker. It stayed. I smooched by bulldog Higgins goodbye in the AM. It stayed…and didn’t transfer to his coat or bleed upwards on my mouth. The ultra bright coral Carina gave me day-glo lips that were surprisingly non-garish.. Someone actually stopped me on Broadway in Chelsea and said, “Those are some lips.” I took it as a compliment.

Want a budget alternative? Topshop‘s lipstick in Mischief is just as bright, but with a creamier texture. Reapplication is necessary, but we’re cool with that. The Fall 2012 addition is to the trendy clothing store’s lip range is Pillow Talk, a soft blush shade for the more subtle lip color lover.

Smashbox Fall 2012 Image Factory Collection owns my heart and will live on my face this season. It’s “Created. Tested. Photographed” so I would recommend the ENTIRE set for fall brides, since photos are crucial on the big day. I also give it two thumbs up for the single ladies, too. I have fallen so deeply in love with the spongy, creamy, fluffy texture of the Air Blush Whipped Cheek Color in Dusty Rose (for laid back days) and Berry Bliss (for headturning ones) that I plan to wear this mousse-like blush on my cheek apples DAILY. Through December. End. Of. Story.

As a smoky eyed gal all year round, the Waterproof Shadow Liner stick is a “must carry” for touch ups. Line on end, smudge on the other. Charcoal is like BF material.

To think I’ve not yet mentioned Icon and Muse, which are separate, six panned eye shadow palettes. I created a custom smoldering, eggplant and grey smoky eye look with all the shadows in Icon and a neutral yet equally as four-alarm look with Muse. Rich and velvety. Yeah, I’m in love. I rocked cat eyed liquid liner all summer and I dove right back into the routine of a several product smoky eyes with these babies. Sometimes simple is NOT preferred, especially when the end result is what I got with these palettes.

I finished off the look with Clinique’s High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara. I got fat lashes thanks this chubby tube with the petite brush. Every last was bulked up. This is why Clinique is one of the most enduring makeup lines out there; they ALWAYS offer something quality! There is never a miss.

Rich, bold, matte and velvety lips -let’s call ’em RBMVL moving forward for brevity’s sake- are captured by Hourglass’ Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick. Like Stila Stay All Day, it cops to being long-lasting (it’s telling the truth although I didn’t set a clock to challenge the 14-hour promise due to my involuntary need to reapply lip products to feel fresh); richly pigmented (it’d pass a lie detector test with flying colors); and non-drying (no chappies here!)

I stained my gloss-addicted lips with Edition, a soft, mauved pink and had to fight the urge not to slick a clear gloss over top since I jones for shine. But I loved this stained look. The formula is infused with skin-conditioning emollients and vitamins to avoid dry outs. Empress made me look like I walked off the runway, since wine shades were everywhere. It was like velour for my pucker. Don’t be scared to try the Bordeaux lip look with this product. Just make sure your lips are in tip-top, well-condition shaped. Chapped-when-this-dark is icky and looks unhealthy.

A budget alternative to Edition is JK Jemma Kidd Temptress lipstick. It’s so soft and so pretty. Minx is brighter, but just as creamy-textured, all the while remaining matte.

Nothing looks better with rich, matte lips than clean, healthy skin. Banish blemishes with Veil Illuminating Complexion Fix for Face and Eyes. It’s a concealer and a skin treatment in a single click pen! Light reflectors work to minimize those pesky, unwanted lines. I covered a tiny discoloration on my cheek and Veil made it looked as though it was airbrushed off. Beautifuous! You can use it under eyes to minimizes dark circles or bags or to even out skin tone.

While RBMVL were all the rage on runways, don’t discount gloss or balms. I stumbled upon MISSHA The Style Glow Tint Lip Balm, which are soft, sheer and shiny. The antithesis of the dark, romantic, rich and wine-hued lip that dominated this season. Vital Pink_PK01 was a welcome change after a day of rich matteness. It also quenched my moisture thirst and my insane need for shine, shine, shine These enhance natural lip color in the most subtle way. Rose Red_RD01 glazes with that “I just ate strawberries’ sheen, while Scarlet Coral_CR01 was as juicy as an orange. I almost made this the LGOTM for September, but they are true balms, as opposed to glosses, despite their shine! They’re still a Best Bet.

LORAC PR CREAM EYELINER is a self-contained ink well where the packaging turns into the brush with a few twists and turns. It’s efficiently designed and perfect for creating clean-lined cat eyes. Plum was so pretty when paired with aubergine lips. The PRO POWDER CHEEK STAIN in Petal Pink also pledged a 12-hour commitment. I concurred when I was washing my face at 2am after a late night.

Sixties Parisian-chic meets contemporary classic in Nouvelle Vague, Le Métier de Beauté’s Fall 2012 Color Collection. Often called the ‘French New Wave,’ the films of Nouvelle Vague brought to life revolutionary style, iconic imagery and the perfect backdrop for the collection, which is mischievous. The stacked, mirrored Kaleidoscope Eye Kit also allowed smoky eyes with pops of pink — Gamine and Nouvelle are satiny and shimmery! Of course, it’s all tied together by Fin, a carbon black. The shades are meant to work together prismatically, by layering warm, cool, hot and cold. Find it in October.

Know what else is great about fall other than warm bevvies and cozy and stylish sweaters, scarves and jackets? Sonia Kashuk’s Fall 2012 Limited Edition Collections for Target. Her Lips and Tips mini nail and lip set are right on trend with the bordeaux look for, well, lip sand tips. Shrinking Violet gloss is totable and royally vampy and is perfect when paired with Lacquered Lilac polish.

I was also inspired to do a little fall cleaning with SK’s Perfect Placement Six-Piece Brush Set. Housed in a plastic cup embossed with brushes, the crisp, clean, lucite-handle brushes are the tools of the trade that get the job done (and then some) and look adorbs when sitting on the vanity and not in use.

Tote all your new products in Caboodles throwback tacklebox. It’s square, bulky and oh so nostalgic. It also stores EVERYTHING! Put it in your closet, under your vanity or buy one for your daughter.

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