Best Makeup Bets For Right Now!


OMG! You have to try CoverFx Custom Enhancer Drops. This bottle of luminous magic will transform and upscale any product with just one weightless, silky drop. If you want major glow or only a touch of additional radiance, mix a drop or five with your basic moisturizer and viola! You get an instant tinted moisturizer.


Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Chromes are sparkly, shimmery cream eyeshadows in a tube, with a wand. They have intense shimmer and sparkle. Apply and smudge liberally — with the wand or your finger. These don’t budge, either. Gunmetal lasted all freakin’ day during a hot, humid scorcher in July. Available at drugstores.


No one does the bronzy smoky eye better than the Olsen Twins. Want Mary-Kate and Ashley’s smudged, smoked look? Beauty for Real Shadow Stx eyeshadows come in twist up pens and you can apply color directly to your lid and then smudge with your finger or a synthetic hair brush. I love the champagne-y Forever Starstruck and the golden Midnight Marathon. I will be rocking these deep into the fall.


Lancome’s Auda(City) in London palette hosts 16 shadows. Translation: Endless combos and eye looks. Fall is on the horizon, so you can feel better about piling tons of eyeshadow shades on your lids without the fear of melting makeup. This palette was inspired by London street style and its rich, punk rock heritage. There are lots of neutrals, browns, grays, and blacks in matte and shimmer textures. I can see myself hitting the pan on several shades by the end of 2016, starting with this fall.


Indie brand Jeffree Star Cosmetics launched its Beauty Killer palette this summer and while it’s only 10 pans of shadow, each generously sized square offers maj color payoff and depth. With names like Violence (plum), Rich Bitch (gold), Black Rainbow (glittery black), and Expensive (dollar bill green), it’s edgy, bold, and adventurous. This is your daughter’s or your little sister’s eyeshadow palette that you will so want to steal and play with.


While Kylie Lip Kits and Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks are all the rage in the matte trend, which is going NOWHERE in 2016, you have to try JSC’s often-sold out Velour Liquid Lipsticks. These lippies wear well and wear long. There is no drying out and no wearing off in the center of your lip due to wetness. There are some out there colors, which will be perf for Halloween. But if you want beautiful, wearable neutrals that can take you from day to night and back, rock the nude Celebrity Skin, the mauve x nude Androgyny, the pretty pink Rose Matter, and the cool-toned Mannequin.

I must note that I have read about a lot of drama in the indie beauty world pertaining to Jeffree Star. There are three sides to every story and he has his detractors and his devotees. I’m only here to report on the quality of the products.


Lancome’s Grandiose Liner has a bendable wand. So you have some give as well as some flexibility when creating a cat eye flick across your upper lashline. It bends at a 35-degree angle, giving your hand more control in mastering the oft-difficult-to-achieve flick. Yes you will get the coveted Adele-like flick if you practice with this magic wand!


Makeup remover pads aren’t something I think about a lot. I buy an oil-free makeup remover and then grab whatever wipe or washcloth is at hand. Um, that habit just got served and has changed, thanks to Kleenex Cotton Soft Pads.

These oversized squares are luxe-feeling but non-wallet-denting. The pads are made of a soft and absorbent micro-fine fabric. There’s less residue, no lint, and a more clean you. These babies take it all off — makeup, mascara, nail polish. The reverse is true — they can clean up mistakes you make while applying your daily products. You get 85 Kleenex Cotton Soft Pads for $5. Translation? A steal.

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