The Best Makeup for Women Over 40

I recently saw a client on Facebook asking friends: “Women over 40, what are your tendencies re: makeup these days? Less is more? Foundation, yay or nay?” There, I saw other women over the age of 40 asking the same question.

If you’ve hit 40, you are likely well into your career, perhaps have a family, very busy and most likely don’t want to spend a lot of time putting makeup on. You want products that won’t disappoint you in the end. Therefore, your questions should be, “At my age, do I understand what enhances my best features? Am I happy with how my skin is aging? Do I have the right tools to make it happen?” And if the answer is ‘No’, you need to invest time into researching and finding a skin care regimen that will help you age gracefully.

First, know this. exfoliating is very important in your ’40s. It helps the cells turn over faster than they did in your younger years. Second, your makeup can only look as good as your skin. Educate and inform yourself to make better product purchase choices. Read the Beauty News NYC skin care section, and keep a watch out for our upcoming Best Exfoliators story

Paula’s Choice Resist Anti Aging Skin Care: I’m in my mid-’30s and people often comment that I look younger. I believe that has something to do with this line, which I have used for almost 10 years on myself and on my clients. And I love that it is fragrance-free.

The best face makeup products for women over 40.

Finding the perfect concealer as well as your base is also critically important, whether you prefer a tinted moisturizer or regular foundation. And yes, you should wear at least a tinted moisturizer and one with SPF, especially if your moisturizer doesn’t have one. Everything else is gravy.

Real Techniques: How can applying makeup be made easier? With Real Techniques brushes, that’s how. They do all the work and at a very flattering price. The brand keeps expanding with tools to help make the art of applying makeup easier. Real Techniques offers a complete Starter Kit for $18, a Bold Metals kit, which is the new upgraded, luxury brushes, as well as Miracle Complexion Sponges and an amazing new Brush Cleansing Palette. I can’t live without The Expert Face Brush; I apply both moisturizer and foundation with it. Also, the Deluxe Crease Brush in the Starter Kit is my secret concealer brush weapon. If you only own a few brushes that you aren’t even sure how to use, set them free and invest in Real Techniques.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer: This is a very popular concealer favored by professional makeup artists everywhere since it expertly covers dark circles and brightens the under eye area. I adore the lightweight texture and the buildable coverage. It’s long wearing and crease-proof, making it perfect for a long day at the office. If you have lines or very dry skin, make sure you moisturize well before applying.

Laura Mercier Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation: “Love” is the only word I have for this and once you try it, you will share my feelings. It’s flattering, natural, and easy to use when applied with a brush. It somehow magically gives you that “lit from within” look along with hydrating the skin beautifully, and it won’t settle into pores or fine lines.

Laura Mercier Secret Concealer: If you have normal-to-dry skin, this product is the way to go. I love to apply this concealer with the aforementioned Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush, which is actually a crease shadow brush, and watch discoloration disappear. Sometimes I don’t even need to set it!

Flower E.E. Erase Everything Ultimate Foundation: I love this foundation for since it really smooths the skin, feels airy and fresh, and offers incredibly good coverage at an unbeatable price. It also comes with its own application brush. If skin is dry, you get that dewy look, which is definitely more appealing, except during hot NYC summers!

Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder: I use this to set concealer under the eyes because it won’t settle into any fine lines in the eye area. It does have a great brightening effect, but it is by no means shiny. It’s an investment product that will last forever.

Flower Endless Wear Eye Color: I love cream eye shadows because the texture is radiant and youthful, and you don’t need a primer because the cream should set. These are easy to apply with a synthetic fiber brush.

You should feel free to experiment and enjoy playing with lipsticks, lip glosses, and mascaras. If you are interested in blush, you may need expert guidance, so an in-store visit with a makeup artist would probably be wise. Since makeup comes in all types of textures and formulas, a general rule is to stick to cream and long-lasting formulas.

Samantha Lennon, Makeup Consultant & Artist
“Your Makeup Artist”

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