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Let’s face it, none of us were born with perfect skin. And even if we were born with perfect skin, it’s safe to say that over the years acne, tanning, stress, drinking, and even smoking have taken their toll on us. In my case the gift of chicken pox that I got on my sixteenth birthday has left some slight scarring on my face. Unfortunately traditional foundation doesn’t always offer the coverage that is needed to hide such imperfections and allow us to feel comfortable in our own skin. In other cases the foundation that is sold to hide such flaws seems to make the condition worse by leaving your skin looking cakey and dull. So what are we to do? Hide indoors? Spends thousands of dollars on peels or micro- dermabrasions? Welcome to your solution. [b]Dermacia Breathable Foundation[/b]. Finally there is a make-up that women can wear.

Combining cosmetic and skin care technology Barry Knapp, developer of Dermacia Breathable Foundation, is the first breathable foundation that is truly good for your skin. Specifically designed for women with problem skin, not only does Dermacia correct skin problems, but it leaves your skin smooth, healthy, and flawless. I know you think this is probably impossible, but this foundation is so amazing that it even a favorite of Rachel Hunter and Lindsay Lohen just to name a few. What better confirmation could you have that this stuff really works than the word of someone who livelihood is looking good on camera?

So, a little bit about Dermacia. The active ingredient is a patented triple-silica-gel called LYCOGEL COMPLEX with LYCD that increases the amount of oxygen that reaches your skin.

The first step in applying Dermacia is just like anything else, you must have a clean canvas. [b]Dermacia Breathable Cleanser[/b] and [b]Toner[/b] help to remove any traces of oil, makeup, and effects of the day from your skin. Both products are gentle and can be used regardless of the skin type that you have. The next step is the [b]Breathable Moisture[/b]. The Breathable Moisture comes in a small mist plastic bottle and application is easy. You spray all over your face and let set in. The Breathable Moisture literally feeds your skin with a triple antioxidant vitamin complex A, C and E which helps to stimulate collagen production in your skin (something we tend to lose as we get older). Sodium PCA and Hyaluronic Acid bring moisture and plumpness to your skin which allow the foundation to last longer on your skin. Finally Live Yeast Cells derivatives increase the oxygen absorbption which reduce any inflammation and soothe irritation.

Upon application it is a little deceiving that Dermacia could actually look and feel so light on your skin. If used sparingly you can get great coverage without feeling like you have too much foundation on your skin. Always make sure you apply foundation with a sponge. The skin on your face is very delicate and applying with your fingers can tear your skin especially around the eyes. Once applied you immediately see the drastic change(s) in your skin. If you want a softer finish, more akin to a tinted moisturizer, then spritz the Breathable Moisturizer on your skin first and the apply a thin layer of the foundation.

Whether you’re looking to cover the effects of rosacea, eczema, acne, fine lines, or wrinkles this one little product can do it all. Dermacia Breathable Foundation contains SPF 15 and is oil free and fragrance free, non-comedogenic, transfer resistant (no more worries ladies that the foundation you apply on your skin will end up on the collar of your favorite shirt), water resistant, and hypoallergenic. Whew! Can we get any better?! Dermacia also comes in 8 shades that are broken down into four kits. Light, medium, tan and dark kit can conveniently be used by women of any skin tone, ethnic background and age.

The worries are over. There is no need to choose between your appearance and the condition of your skin. Now you can have it all with Dermacia – foundation that offers flawless coverage while improving and healing your skin.

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