Bridal Beauty – Honeymoon


Your honeymoon should be unforgettable, and that means effortless packing and little to no fuss makeup that will emphasize your sunny, post-marriage glow.

All you need to create three completely different and equally sexy vacation looks is contained in Urban Decay’s Side Show Face Case ($34; Housed in this 4 1/4″ x 2 1/2″ sleek little case are a large mirror and two perfect brushes, four shadows, three lip glosses, one lipstick as well as a versatile powder blush. Your husband will be amazed and impressed at how little you packed! Genius!

Add Vincent Longo’s waterproof mascara in black ($16; to finish off your hot honeymoon eye look and eliminate unromantic smudges or post swimming smears.

Be sure to pack Elizabeth Arden’s legendary Eight-hour Skin Protectant Cream ($14; to moisturize lips and heal dry sunburned skin This rich soothing and moisturizing cream/gel has been around forever and is fun to mix with eye shadows from the palette above or your favorite lipstick to create additional lip, eye and cheek looks.

To bronze skin without sun damage try Estee Lauder’s Amber Bronze powder and liquid bronzer in Sun Bronze for face(both $28.50; These bronzers are infused with actual amber powder for a translucent natural looking sheen.

To guarantee that the honeymoon is as romantic as it is fun bring along Fresh Fleaurs de Chocolate Shea Butter ($30; This luscious chocolate orange scented solid balm softens and melts in to skin and doubles as a highly effective intensive moisturizer for body, hair, lips and to use for massages. Yum!

Fragrance should be exotic and sensual. Comptoir Sud Pacifique makes a delightful and heady Vanille Freesia perfume ($39;

Prioritize an extra pair of strappy sandals and pack Shiseido’s Honey Cake translucent soaps ($7 each at select dept. stores). Which are unisex and can do triple duty as shampoo, body wash and face cleanser…plus, they are housed in their own jewel-toned cases with handy drainage holes for convenient no-fuss shower and sink use.

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