Jelly Pong Pong is a cute ‘n kitschy British based make up line that’s -thankfully- available in the States! British babes Kylie Minogue, Agnes Dean and Kate Moss are fans of line, and JPP creator/founder Susan Chyi reveals that Miss Moss uses Jelly Flush in Grape Colada.

Chyi -she’s Malaysian- moved to London to study economics, but found the subject too “dry,” so she allowed herself to be wooed to the cosmetics industry, due to her passion and creativity for make up. She feels her line is special and unusual, like its name. Chyi reveals, “We wanted to name the line ‘Jelly.’ I had a very campy uncle and he said, ‘Jelly has no oomph. People won’t remember it enough, so he said to add ‘Pong Pong,’ to it, which is a term of endearment, and is a little twist! All of our products have a little twist, as well. The name is quirky, weird, and cute, like the line.”

JPP is geared for gals on the go. “I am not a make up artist. I use my fingers to apply my cosmetics, and I wanted to create a portable, easy-to-use line that comes with something special, in the package, even if it’s a piece of prose or poetry on the box,” Chyi says.


We roadtested several JPP products, and we love the portability. Everything is totable, whether you’re carrying an oversize bag or a teeny clutch, and almost every product has a mirror, and avails itself to finger application. We love the Vertigo Stiletto Shoe Palette, which contains a creamy nude eye shadow and a slick white gloss, both meant to be applied sans brushes. We also adore the Jelly Flush Cheek Stain in Peach Burbon and Cranberry Rum, both of which are in push up sticks and provide an effortless swipe of just-pinched color. The jumbo Nude & Improved is an eyeshadow base in the form of a chubby crayon and will keep your shadow put all night. Now, let’s hear about what Chyi likes most about her products…

Favorite Product She’s Created:
“The one I use the most: Supermodel Stain in Cupcake Pout. I make the lab give me a whole vat of it because I use so much that a portable size is not enough. I guess it’s a great privilege that I can ask the lab to make me a huge vat of the product,” she laughs. Indeed, ownership has its privileges.

The Jelly Pong Pong Product Every Woman Should Have In Her Handbag:
Chic Shine. It’s inspired by my mom, who was a single mother taking care of 4 kids. She constantly ran around, and had a full time job. She had combination skin, so I wanted to make something small, with a mirror, that had both a matte side and a glossy, dewy side. I want it to be pigmented, so that just a little product does a lot. It’s for the lips and cheeks, so it’s super multifunctional and it’s special to me. My mum’s favorite is Ballerina; it’s a light pink, like ballet slippers, and it is one of our biggest sellers in the UK.” We at BN heart Chic Shine in Brazilian, which gives you a choice of two lip and cheek finishes and shades. We love the mixability, the dual-purpose, and the bronzy, peachy color.


Most Exciting Jelly Pong Pong Product:
Trifle, a spongy, gelatinous lipstick that isn’t made from beeswax. Chyi says, “The texture is amazing, and it has rounded tip for a head, so when you apply, it goes on soft and smooth and it’s richly pigmented.”

Favorite Product She Uses, But Did Not Create:
Perennial editor fave, the multi-functional Smith’s Rosebud Salve, gets an emphatic nod from Chyi. “I use that all the time. The smell isn’t perfect, but I like that. I love the tin, too. I called them before created Jelly Pong Pong, because I wanted to retail the product in the UK. This was about 4-5 years ago, and this old woman answered the phone. I could tell it was a family-run business and very old-fashioned. I loved that the phone system wasn’t automated. You can tell those old-fashioned values are still in tact and manifested in the product.”

Cosmetics With A Twist?
Chyi chose a cute, kitschy, ultra femme style for her packaging, because, “it’s who we are at the end of the day. We think of a product as an entire design that no one has ever seen before. It’s a little more inspirational than your average eye shadows or blushes. We use ingredients like milk and licorice, or honey and sugar. We’re cosmetics with twist!”

Point and click at for local retailers or to order the goods yourself.

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