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I consider myself a make-up junkie. I started wearing make-up at a later age, when I was released into the stores, and I was intoxicated. Everything I saw, I bought. To this day I have a stock of make-up that could rival any makeup artist. Everything from green eyeshadow, to pearly pink lipstick, to deep red blush; obviously I’m an impulse buyer. Because of my make-up fetish, and my inability to buy products that compliment me, it was my pleasure to meet renowned make-up artist Mallory Rutledge … a make-up junkie herself. For nine years, Mallory has had a boutique in the Upper East Side. Catering to a who’s who list of celebrities as well as regular folks like you and me, Mallory has perfected the art of drawing out the essence of each individual’s personal beauty.

In December, Mallory – a long time Brooklyn-ite, decided to open up a new boutique in the trendy Park Slope area. Giving each clients a place where they can feel relaxed and at ease as they enjoy one on one consultations, her motto is quality rather than quantity.

Mallory has more than 18 years of experience. With a background in interior design, she transformed her knowledge of color and decided to use (women’s) faces as her canvas. After training and working for six years with Christian Dior cosmetics, Mallory set her sites on helping women learn to play up their individual assets, using cosmetics. Mallory gives lessons to women of all ages. She helps them in choosing the right colors and then teaches proper application. Unlike the apathetic atmosphere of a department store cosmetics counter, Mallory often bonds with her clients and develops one-on-one relationships.

Although she carries her own line, she’s honest when women come to her for advice on products they may be using from another manufacturer. She educated this writer on then adverse effects of washing your face with any product containing soap (because it builds up on your face like a filmy residue). I also learned that the best fix for dry lips is a simple stick of Vitamin E

In addition to providing guidance, Mallory offers a myriad of services. One of which is Air Brushing Foundation. Air Brushing is the technique of spraying on a combination of foundation and moisture, in a light mist. The product does not clog pores and leaves your skin looking like you’re ready for a photo shoot. Air brushing is perfect for weddings, or other special occasions because the application lasts up to eight hours.

Mallory knows that our skin changes with the seasons, so offers her Custom Bended Foundation. You might have dry skin in the winter and oily skin in the summer. With her specially formulated foundation, Mallory is able to cater to your skin’s needs all year round. Adding sun-block in the summer will protect your skin from being damaged by ultra-violet rays. Mixing in extra moisturizer in the cooler months will help protect your skin from drying. All Custom Blended Foundations have a combination of botanical herbs and antioxidants, to help create that seamless, lightweight finish.
In addition to the Custom Blended Foundation, Mallory carries a whole array of personalized make-up products. Unlike most large manufacturers, who are tied to working with one laboratory, Mallory has the freedom to work with several labs and test out many products before putting a seal of approval (and her name) on them. Everything that she carries is fragrance-free and dermatologically tested. If you look at the labels on all of her products you will see nothing but botanically based ingredients.

One of her favorite ingredients is shea butter – “it’s the new buzz word”, she told me. Mallory commented that shea butter provides a soothing, moisturizing, and protecting effect on your skin. It’s a natural emollient that mimics skin’s moisture. It’s good for everything from restructuring the first layer of your skin to protecting against skin aging by acting as a UV blocker.

I visited Mallory at her boutique, to learn from the highly regarded expert about the essentials that every woman, regardless of skin, hair or eye color, should have in her purse. Just like the little black dress that we should all have in our closet, what beauty items should every girl have in her bag? Frst pick was the Duo Concealer Pencil. One end allows you to touch up blemishes and the other end helps you cover dark circles by lightening and brightening the inner and outer rims of your eyes. It can also be used for contouring around the nose and to create an illusion of fuller lips by applying around the lips. Her second and third picks were tenderheart and sugar bronze lipsticks. Her lipsticks are a combination of color, light gloss, and hint of shimmer. Her next selection: Liquid Bronzer for Face & Body. The product contains carrot and coconut oils and once applied to your face it gives a natural sun kissed shimmer making your skin feel like silk. The oils provide an aromatheraputic quality – a cure for the winter blues! Another one of her must haves is Touch of Peach Eyeshadow. Perfect for day, to be worn alone, or used as a base at night, this light peachy/ pink eye shadow with flecks of gold, makes eyes really pop. Lastly, to finish out your look, every woman has to smell her best. The Lemon Verbena Fragrance is a clean, classic, light fragrance. The citrus-based fragrance is alcohol free and gives you that fresh spring feeling all day!

All of Mallory’s products can be purchased at her boutique, on 171 7th Avenue, in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn. Clearly Mallory’s friendly and inviting personality is displayed in the warm ambiance of her boutique. If you can’t make it to the boutique, Mallory is happy to take product orders and answer questions, over the phone. The telephone number for the store is 718-768-2771. Mallory is happy to take orders from all over the world. She is currently working on a full access website that will provide her clients the ease of buying her products on-line.

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