Brown Beauty with Ami Colé

I can feel it… fingertips braiding down my soft curls, dabbing hair jam to keep my flyaways slayed. Women with colorful headwraps speaking in their mother tongue, a choir of voices that feel like a distant home right here in Harlem. I’m not alone in this nostalgic memory of sharing hair practices with other Black women; Diarrha N’Diaye knows it all too well. Founder of Ami Colé, a brown-girl friendly brand, is named after her mother, Ami Colé, who owned a braiding salon, Aminata African Hair Braiding, in Harlem for decades. Diarrha created Ami Colé for deep hues like mine and I’ve been able to express myself through these dazzling products. Here’s my take on Ami Colé for an effortless everyday glow.

Oh, how I love my wild and wispy eyebrows! They frame my face, expressing my surprise, contempt, or inquisitiveness. Eyebrows are as complex as my inner soul and that’s why I use the On Point Precision Brow Pencil. The micro-fine tip makes drawing hairs an uncomplicated and quick routine with light-handed feathery strokes. It comes in dark girl friendly shades, which are labeled after packs of braiding hair (I’m a #1B). To seal in the pencil I gently apply Ultra-Flex Brow Shaping Gel. This clear gel softly holds my brows from the AM to late night convos with old friends. No touch ups needed with these two.

POP! There she goes, my Desert Date Cream Multistick. A slender tube of massive color that just makes my face POP! They’re creamy yet matte, breathable yet vibrant, and play well in summer heat. I swipe Flame, a vivid coral, onto my lips and cheeks for a blushing girl vibe when I’m feeling frisky. Dune, an earthy neutral, is my go-to for no makeup make up days. Spice comes out when I’m craving a natural mood-goth look with its plum hues (I just layer up a few times until I get the deepness I desire). For a night with my besties or boo: Hibiscus, a jammy berry that never fades even when I’m swinging around on the dance floor. I’ll never go wrong with my Desert Date Cream Multisticks.

Boss up and gloss up with the Limited Edition Lip Treatment Oil Trio. The formula is hyper-plush, ultra-shiny, and leaves my lips lustrous – perfect for kissing (humans or my mirror). Depending on my mood I have a gloss to grab: Excellence, a dusty-rose-brown suited for everyday wear from the office to a cafe, dinner, or even sitting in traffic. Bliss is a baby-pink-cream that reminds me of spring days with cherry blossoms and fresh bakery pastries. For the no-mirrors gloss, I reach for Reflection, a clear gloss and a staple for every makeup bag.

To top off my everyday looks, I can’t forget the Light-Catching Highlighter. It’s a translucent highlighter with a balmy texture that plays well under makeup or bare skin. I adore the golden flecks that impart a subtle shimmer, as if I drank eight glasses of water a day without fail. I even apply some to my collarbones and shoulder blades when I’m wearing my sundresses or tank tops. Light-Catching Highlighter is perfect for all skin tones and types, and easy for on-the-go. I’m absolutely smitten with Ami Colé.


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