Brushes and Lipsticks and Powders; Oh My!
These Bags and Cases Get You Together


You’ve chosen the right pair of jeans, perfect heels and killer jacket. Now, rifling through an overstuffed milk crate of bags probably has you tossing all your options aside, thinking, “No, stripes don’t match the shoes,” or “Brown and black – uh-uh,” or “Too summery.” Sound like your inner monologue when choosing a purse? How about choosing a makeup case?

OK, so maybe not THAT many people deal with this problem on a daily basis, but with the increasing amount of high-fashion cosmetic cases on the market, choosing a makeup bag to match your daily décor is no joke – especially if you’re an on-the-go, plane hopping business gal who has to think about packing her cosmetics for travel. In order to help you choose just the right size and style to stash your lip glasses, kohl pencils, wistful wands and bristly brush sets, we’ve compiled a list of cases for the minimalist straight onto the professional (and the makeup-obsessed wannabes.)

Pretty in Pink
Organization is key for the pink, Park Avenue Princess – or anyone else with too many lipsticks to count. Jimeale New York is making bags of all shapes and sizes, and their Soho Collection is not pink just because it’s a pretty color. In fact, the company has decided to donate 15 percent of all proceeds from purchases of their Soho Collection to “Boarding for Breast Cancer,” ( Each of their bags are named after hot NYC neighborhood streets, and the Broome Street bag is no exception. It’s priced at $24.95 and is a perfect size for the moderate makeup packer, or the frequent flyer.


The size is suitable for everyday use and with a soft interior and exterior, it can be molded to fit more than you need – and who doesn’t need more room for unnecessary but absolutely crucial cosmetic treasures? The Soho Collection of bags can be purchased online through

Vera Goes to Kensington
Whether you’re off on a flight to London’s hip Kensington district, or packing some essentials for an overnight in the NYC version of its counterpart (Chelsea), Vera Bradley’s Large Bow Cosmetic in Kensington is a posh makeup lover’s dream. The pattern is pleasing enough to make this cosmetic case pass for a purse, but holding makeup is its true fate.


With three mesh slip pockets and a wide zippered compartment, this taffeta-lined bag will stand up against all odds – even when packed with foundations, medicine and other toiletries. Bows at each end give the bag just the right amount of cute to balance its elegant look. The Large Bow Cosmetic can be bought through for $34 in about 20 different colors.

Brush It Up
Lovers of long and lean style might gravitate to a similar type of bag, including those for transporting necessary cosmetics like lip and eye pencils. But whatever your style, you’ll appreciate the Crocodile Pencil Case, from SOHO bags.


The small case which can be easily tucked into a larger bag, is available at for a modest $7.99. The bag features faux crocodile skin fabric in a pretty champagne color. For stowing touch-up pencils, this case is reptile-rad!

A limited edition, this croc-style case is too good to miss. Sephora’s Limited Edition Luxury Chocolate Croc Print Train Case is big enough to house all your goods safe and sound in the comforts of your home. But its portability and fashion-forward look make it almost irresistible to leave behind.


The big croc-case has a four-tier fold out tray and fully adjustable inner trays. An organization queen will love the case’s ability to shorten or lengthen its inner compartments for different sized products. It also features handy shoulder strap and handle for ease of travel. While many companies sell similar cases, this limited edition design stands out for its choco-croc-o look. It can be purchased for $110 through

Roll Out the Pros
When rolling luggage and makeup cases meet, the ultimate in beauty-transport is born. If all your makeup fits in one Tupperware container, this case is not for you. But if you’re a budding pro on the verge of filling a dresser with lipsticks, you need this case.


Available through, the Pro Aluminum Makeup Case comes in both black and silver and is priced at $159.95. The case has trays that can be pulled up and out of the base to hold brushes and pencils, an extra lid, adjustable tray dividers, ergonomic locks with dual keys and a telescopic handle with in-line skate wheels. For the professional artist who travels to makeup jobs all over, this rolling case is high priority on the convenience scale. If your wares are busting out of its seams, then perhaps it’s time for a studio rental – or at least some storage space.

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