Call of the Amazons

The latest line for tarte cosmetics employs a product called Amazonian clay, which is not only long lasting, but it’s also sustainable. With the scorching, makeup melting months ahead of us, the products in this line function exactly as the marketing propaganda claims. Eureka!

A little background and education, though, on Amazonian clay: according to tarte, it’s one of nature’s most perfect ingredients, allowing for deep pigmentation as well as taking care of the skin. It reduces surface oil and improves the texture of the skin so products can be applied in the smoothest possible fashion. A botanical waterproofing agent is also comprised of natural plant waxes, creating an impenetrable layer that will protect your makeup from the elements like rain and from normal bodily functions such as sweat and tears.

Fusing these two technologies means your makeup won’t move when you use ’em. I put them to the test on the eve of the summer solstice, a super hot, extra-muggy day. The humidity was at an uncomfortable high, not to mention irritating and hair-ruining. (As an aside, I have poker-straight hair that’s practically Asian and could use chemicals to curl it – yet it won’t curl; humidity just dries me out and flattens me!) It was humid, wet and incredibly hot, so much so that I didn’t even want to put on any makeup, save for a whisper of lip balm color so I didn’t look hot, tired and irritated — which defined me on this particular day!

Given my particularly bad mood, I wasn’t feeling optimistic that the hype on tarte’s Amazonian clay-based products would live up to their claims.

I created a wash of shimmery pink on my lids with emphasEYES Amazonian Clay Cream Eye Shadow in Seashell Pink by dipping my finger in the pot and dabbing accordingly. It was a pretty, peachy-pink angel whisper of color.

I supplemented it with a winged cat eye, thanks to emphasEYES Amazonian Clay Waterproof Eyeliner Pot in a sooty, carbony black at 7 AM. tarte also supplies a dual-ended brush, with a fine point on one end and domed on the other, so you can copy me and do a cat eye, or you can use the domed tip to blend the cream liner for a softly smoky look. It’s a versatile brush that creates two wholly opposite looks, and I admit that I love that functionality.

I lined my inner, lower rim with the emphasEYES Aqua-Gel Liner, which also didn’t budge. At all. The intensity of the black liner rivaled by go-to, MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder, for staying power and high impact hue.

By 10 PM, the cream eyeliner was still dark, hugging my upper lash line. It didn’t migrate south. It didn’t melt off. It didn’t fade. The velvety (but not heavy) texture held up all day and not even perspiration caused a fade.

It was a five-minute look to create and one that stayed put; it was surprising that the black cream liner was so adherent.

These really are stay-all-day products and even more surprisingly, I didn’t remove a layer of skin trying to get them off at night, either! Oh tarte, how you’ve once again won my heart.

While I created a contrasting look, the products come in a range of shades, so you can do rich plums, earthy greens or warm, summery bronze looks.

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