Calling All Lash Lovers – You Need to Check Out The Lash Closet

I love the look of fake eyelashes. Being a beauty editor, I have stacks of falsies in my beauty closet and when I wear them, to either test them or to bat them on date night, I love them. Like lurve.

There’s something so sexy and appealing about full, thick lashes. Lots and lots of lashes look amaze! I wish I had the discipline to do them daily, but it’s not always feasible because life and busy schedules get in the way.

Well, I am happy to report to all you lash addicts and lash lovers out there that there is a new service that can make all of your eyelash dreams come true and it’s called Lash Closet.

Lash Closet is stocked to the rafters with all styles and all brands of natural false lashes along with lash accessories at reasonable prices. In addition to subtle doe-eyed or extreme drag queen lash options, and brands like Ardell, Red Cherry and Eylure, Lash Closet sells adhesives, skincare products and more. But the website’s focus on careful curation of best-in-lash is really something else.

You can choose from human hair and synthetic lashes of all lengths, volume and angle of curl. The prices can’t be beat, either.

Lash Closet offers subscription services and you can customize your plan in monthly or weekly, or bi-monthly and bi-weekly deliveries.

So the schedule of delivery and the styles are based on you, you and you. What more could you want from a makeup service? Since the site is so lash-focused, it can always be a resource for learning to properly do falsies.

With a month’s supply of lashes in my beauty closet, I decided to be disciplined, since the lashes were there, at hand and begging to be applied, and haven doing falsies daily. I re-used pairs of lashes a couple of times per week, and I lurved the look. It was all eyes on me and my eyes.

So if you love false lashes and how they enhance your eyes, you should make your way to the Lash Closet…stat.

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